Zero Emissions Almost Here?

Written by Viv Forbes

Planes parked up, cruise ships anchored, airports deserted, tourists not touring, supermarket shelves bare, Disneyland shut, borders closing, motor races cancelled, no fans in the stands, smelters and factories closing, travel banned…

…. oil and coal prices crashing, stock markets plunging, businesses closing, bankruptcies rising, hotels and motels unoccupied, politicians panicking, barbies cold – – looks like zero emissions is almost here.

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    Peter F Gill


    I am slowly clearing my unanswered emails now that I am forced to stay at home. I now have less than 500 to go. So there could be a silver lining?

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    Flu-type viruses are more effective in cold weather. So summer time in the Northern Hemisphere will bring an end to the panic–“Semi-Global Warming”.

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    Brian James


    Mar 13, 2020 See an Empty World Cleared by Coronavirus

    The coronavirus pandemic is shutting down museums, theaters, and clubs. It’s forcing fashion shows to reschedule and talk shows to play to empty seats.

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