WHO Bans ‘COVID CURE’ But it’s On Their ‘List of Essential Medicines’

Written by John O'Sullivan

Well, the truth is now out – the World Health Organization (WHO) is either incredibly corrupt or incompetent (or both).  Why? Because the WHO has halted its trials of Chloroquine because it’s “not safe.” However, the drug is on their “Model List of Essential Medicines.

Conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact as WHO, funded by Bill Gates (the billionaire who wants to vaccinate 7 billion people), bans the cheap, safe and effective treatment that doctors are successfully using with thousands of COVID-19 patients.

The WHO is helping propel the media’s war on Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine by stopping clinical trials of the drug as a treatment for the coronavirus pandemic on the grounds it may be unsafe.

However, the cheap drug (costing under $5 a dose) is listed as an ‘Essential Medicine‘ by WHO. As Wikipedia (that servant of globalism) tells us:

“The WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (EML), published by the World Health Organization (WHO), contains the medications considered to be most effective and safe to meet the most important needs in a health system.[1] The list is frequently used by countries to help develop their own local lists of essential medicine.[1]”

“Chloroquine was discovered in 1934 by Hans Andersag.[5][6] It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the safest and most effective medicines needed in a health system.[7] It is available as a generic medication.[1] The wholesale cost in the developing world is about US$0.04.[8] In the United States, it costs about US$5.30 per dose.[1]”

Therefore, it is reasonable to infer this drug is officially “the safest and most effective medicine in a health system” if we are to believe WHO.

But as we reveal below, the vaccine industry is budgeting to get a whopping $4,500 for a round of their COVID-19 treatment.

Unlike any vaccine Bill Gates can rush on to the market, the side effects of Chloroquine are well known as it has been used safely for over 75 years. So safe, in fact, it is among other drugs on the WHO list of approved medicines. To now claim it is somehow unsafe for treating patients with COVID-19 makes a mockery of WHO’s safety rating system.

The WHO ban has been quickly followed by similar reaction in the French Government. This week we reported, ‘France Bans Hydroxychloroquine For COVID-19 Patients.’

The French government cancelled a decree permitting hospital doctors to administer hydroxychloroquine as a treatment to patients suffering severe forms of coronavirus.

Among the slight differences between Choloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is that Hydroxychloroquine has a better safety rating, according to MyWebPharmacist.com.

These bans were triggered by a study, published last Friday in The Lancet medical journal, which claimed that there was an increased risk of death when the drug was used for patients with COVID-19.

Either The Lancet study is junk science or WHO (and most of the world’s medical experts) have been wrong about the drug for decades.

***fun fact***

Chloroquine is the synthetic version of quinine, an antimalarial drug derived from the bark of the cinchona tree. Quinine is a key ingredient of tonic water which was invented to make this centuries-old but very bitter malaria treatment more palatable. If you drink gin and tonic you’re ingesting a natural form of Chloroquine! They called it ‘The British Empire’s Secret Weapon.’

Earlier this month we reported on a ‘Huge Rise In Hydroxychloroquine Prescriptions For COVID19 In France.’  So impressive have been the results from French doctors using the treatment that prescriptions for the drug shot up by a phenomenal 700%.

As reported by La Provence, a study looking at the 466 million French prescriptions written since the pandemic began in France, show a huge spike in doctors prescribing the drug. In the last week of March, for instance, over 10,000 people were prescribed hydroxychloroquine in Marseille alone.

French professor Didier Raoult, biologist and professor of microbiology and director of IHU, Marseille, France.

French doctor, Didier Raoult–head of the IHU, the Institute of Infectious Diseases in Marseille, had such impressive results with his patients that the news spread rapidly on social media, but was quickly and systematically downplayed or misreported by mainstream news outlets (more evidence of conspiracy).

After Morocco and Algeria began using HCQ, a trend break and sharp reduction in their COVID-19 case fatality rate occurred.

So impressed was President Trump about the drug’s success he mentioned it on his Twitter feed to the chagrin of Big Pharma and msm hacks.

As a surge of impartial U.S. medical professionals witnessed the positive effects of the drug they also stood up to be counted, as we reported in, ‘American Physicians And Surgeons (AAPS): Hydroxychloroquine 90% Effective On COVID-19.’

In a letter to Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) presented a frequently updated table of studies that report results of treating COVID-19 with the anti-malaria drugs chloroquine (CQ) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ, Plaquenil®).

We reported:

“The antiviral properties of these drugs have been studied since 2003. Particularly when combined with zinc, they hinder viral entry into cells and inhibit replication. They may also prevent overreaction by the immune system, which causes the cytokine storm responsible for much of the damage in severe cases, explains AAPS. HCQ is often very helpful in treating autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.”

Peer-reviewed studies published from January through April 20, 2020, provide clear and convincing evidence that HCQ may be beneficial in COVID-19, especially when used early, states AAPS.

Unfortunately, although it is perfectly legal to prescribe drugs for new indications not on the label, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that CQ and HCQ should be used for COVID-19 only in hospitalized patients in the setting of a clinical study if available. Most U.S. states are making it difficult for physicians to prescribe or pharmacists to dispense these medications.

We are increasingly entering a bizarre situation where grassroots medical experts are calling out so-called prestigious international and national authorities on what appears to be a conspiracy to suppress ordinary citizens accessing cheap, safe and effective medicine. The reason for all these shenanigans?

Chloroquine and Hydroxycholoquine would cost a few pennies per dose, they are generic medicines and thus do not offer a lucrative money spinner for Big Pharma. Forbes took a punt at calculating ‘Pricing Of COVID-19 Treatments And Coronavirus Vaccines‘ (Joshua Cohen, May 11, 2020).

According to best estimates, drug companies could:

“…charge up to $4,500 for a round of treatment and still be cost-effective, according to an analysis by the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER). Prices near the upper bound of the ICER estimate are unlikely to be acceptable for most markets outside the U.S. where prices are usually negotiated with a national health authority.”

Being revealed are the many conflicts of interest by key players in the response the pandemic. Key figure in the federal government’s response to the pandemic  scamdemic is Dr Anthony Fauci who has a key connection to Gates via his wife, Christine Grady.  Another ‘boom’ in the story – the strong tie in to China – is covered in depth in the ‘Amazing Polly’ video below:

Dr Fauci is inexplicably tied to Bill Gates and Gates is a major donor to WHO. Gates is regarded as a eugenicist on a mission to bring about massive reductions in global populations.

So it is all a mix of profits and population control, according to a growing number of skeptics. Among those skeptics being the current US federal government as revealed in our article: ‘Big Pharma OUT: US Military Takes Over CV-19 Vaccine Hunt.’

Mindful there may be a vaccine scam in the pipeline, President Trump initiated “Operation Warp Speed.” Henceforth, the U.S. military will oversee all work on a COVID-19 vaccine as  the US rushes for a safe and reliable treatment for the coronavirus.

In command is General Gustave F. Perna, head of U.S. Material Command and will be very familiar with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

Many citizens would rather trust a U.S. army four-star general than the self-serving Bill Gates and his lackeys in the World Health Organization to deliver a vaccine/treatment costing just a few dollars, as opposed to the $4,500 the likes of Bill Gates and his Big Pharma would demand.

About the author: John O’Sullivan John is CEO and co-founder (with Dr Tim Ball) of Principia Scientific International (PSI).  John is a seasoned science writer and legal analyst who assisted Dr Ball in defeating world leading climate expert, Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann in the ‘science trial of the century‘. O’Sullivan is credited as the visionary who formed the original ‘Slayers’ group of scientists in 2010 who then collaborated in creating the world’s first full-volume debunk of the greenhouse gas theory plus their new follow-up book.

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    Joseph Olson


    Late Friday afternoon, May 22, the New England Journal of Medicine reported that Gilead’s Remdesivir was no better that the placebo it was tested against. The report was unpunished for three days, to give insiders time to dump their CDC pumped stock.

  • Avatar

    Fred Golden


    I think you are clearly a bunch of flaming assholes

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      What’s wrong, do you hate the truth?

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        Andy Rowlands


        Wassup Fred?

  • Avatar

    K Kaiser


    Hello John,
    Thanks for putting this together!
    Clearly, the WHO (and associates) speak with two tongues.
    Best regards,

    • Avatar

      John O'Sullivan


      Thanks, Klaus. We know we are over the target when the ‘Freds’ of this world take umbrage.

  • Avatar

    Ken Hughes


    To instigate a recording system that allocates cause of death to COVID 19 on mere suspicion, but then to ban a drug on the basis of it causing extra deaths in COVID patients, is ludicrously inconsistent. On the one hand the WHO are ramping up the death rate by biasing cause of death toward COVID, but on the other hand we are being asked to believe that somehow, they can identify these tiny number of extra deaths NOT due to COVID 19 but caused by this drug?

    You can always expose deceit by identifying inconsistency. That’s how you can always tell when someone is lying.

    • Avatar

      John O'Sullivan


      Spot on, Ken!

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    We know how the WHO operates-

    “The ARTE documentary „Profiteers of Fear“ from 2009 shows how the mainly privately financed WHO „upgraded“ a mild wave of influenza (the so-called „swine flu“) to a global pandemic so that vaccines worth several billion dollars could be sold to governments around the world. Some of the protagonists of that time are again prominently represented in the current situation”

  • Avatar

    Dr Roger Higgs


    Thank you John. From what I’ve read about their role in the virus scandal/farce, and what I have personally observed of their personnel, procedures, and extravagant travel (flights, hotels, meals) around remote Pacific islands, the UNITED NATIONS World Health Organisation is no less wasteful, inept and self-serving than the UNITED NATIONS Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change …


  • Avatar

    John O'Sullivan


    Yes, Roger, the parallels between how the WHO and IPCC operate are striking. In return, all we get from the UN is ever more corruption and junk science.

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    John, your work is sloppy. You make all sorts of errors and misquotes and misrepresentations which lower trust people have in the alt media. Get it together. (Eg, “Dr Anthony Fauci who has a key connection to Gates via his wife, Christine Grady”… Noooo, Polly is saying Grady’s connection to Gates is via Fauci.)

  • Avatar

    John O'Sullivan


    Josh, Thank you for agreeing with me that Fauci, Grady and Gates are connected. Please feel free to cite other examples for readers to examine.

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