What do scientists think about ‘Real Science’ claims against climate change?

Written by TL Winslow

When you say “scientists and researchers” you should mention the name IPCC to be transparent. As always there’s science, the kind done by patent clerks in their spare time, which rocks the boat and is put through hell until its truth wins out, and Big Science, skyscrapers full of cage hens laying eggs to their owners’ specs, often using real science as a punchline for political purposes to aid their effort to take over the world.

These kind of scientists are never permitted to rock the boat, and are usually muzzled so they can’t blow the whistle on the inside doings. The IPCC is today’s premier cage hen organization.


Tony Heller is not a cage hen. He’s a walking encyclopedia of Earth’s climate history and climate science who knows more than any building full of them. Not wanting to become yet another cage hen owned by the leftist environmentalists and climate communists of the U.N. and their politician-run IPCC global octopus of kept scientists, academics, and journalists, he stays independent, speaking truth to power and exposing the dirty laundry of NASA, NOAA et al. from his perch in NOAA HQ town Boulder, Colo.

Heller has uploaded a long sock of videos loaded with inconvenient facts exposing the IPCC octopus and their CO2-driven AGW hoax, building up to 60K subscribers. No surprise, the IPCC minions spend little time seriously studying his criticisms, much less publicly admitting their errors, but instead studiously ignore him while creating a miasma of distrust that he’s just a “climate change denier” and not even to be looked at. To anybody on the sidelines, that’s evidence that they know he’s right.

Heller sometimes uses the nom de plum of Voltaire, er, Steve Goddard, an apparent snipe at NASA Goddard, one of the main IPCC cage hen buildings.

Real Climate Science

It’s too bad that the IPCC has hijacked science to deny the existence of Nature’s ironclad Second Law of Thermodynamics when CO2 emissions are involved. Their CO2 AGW hoax is mutli-layered, deliberately calculated to fool the non-scientific public, and even many scientists. I have blown the hoax wide open, and lay out the solution in my Quora articles. Don’t hate me because I have a beautiful mind. Learn the truth that will set you free and thank me later.

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Heller is not the only smart independent scientist who questions the IPCC narrative and has to suffer their ice cold glare.

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    Bevan Dockery


    The trouble is, Zoe, the bureaucrats controlling our politicians make sure that the knife does not get anywhere the butter.

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    Michael Clarke


    It seems that the malady that has beset the alarmists is getting much worse. Found this Wednesday.
    All they needed was a computer model and then to fiddle with the input data until the model delivered their required result!
    It does rather beg the question of where they expect to get employment when the real data is revealed!

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    Bill Butler


    Using Tony Heller for a climate reference is the equivalent of asking Mafia mob bosses/consiglieres/capos to uphold law enforcement.

    Tony Heller is a malcontent who has a long history of fabricating false information. For example, he has lied about his name (He used to pretend his name was Steve(n) Goddard and that “Tony Heller” was another person.) and continues to lie about where he lives. He pretends he lives in Boulder, CO, but he actually lives in a HUD subsidized (low income) 704 sq. ft. apartment in Columbia, Md. Something has happened in his life to cause him to turn against the technological world that he was once a part of.

    Details and evidence at http://www.durangobill.com/GwdLiars/GwdGlobalWarmingStoppedIn1998.html

    Those individuals who believe him do so because Heller promotes what they want to believe – and not what real world evidence shows.

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      Tony being a con man is probably the reason he can easily recognize other con artists. He doesn’t understand the physics, but he understands when the facts are being manipulated.

      In a war, you have to appreciate your allies. When the war is over, we can choose better friends.

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