Watch ‘Global Warming Debate!’ with Joseph Postma

Written by John O'Sullivan

Canadian space scientist, Joseph E Postma, explains the false science of the greenhouse gas theory in a friendly Youtube debate. Postma’s influential peer-reviewed paper, ‘The Model Atmosphere Greenhouse Effect’ (Principia Scientific, 2011) is addressed in detail.

Postma examines why the consensus climate science model, which is premised on how a greenhouse analogy, bears no resemblance to how energy in a greenhouse is actually transported.

In the discussion Postma debunks what he refers to as the ‘flat earth physics‘ of conventional greenhouse gas effect (GHE) theory, which dispenses with the conditions of night and day and artificially models the earth as a timeless, one-dimensional system.

The widely-accepted GHE model is an over-simplification of what is, in fact, really a dynamic, three-dimensional climate system.  However, the simplistic GHE climate model relied on by government scientists requires acceptance of a false earth energy budget composed of a fudged set of averages. It does not apply the precisely measured time-variable data for the energy entering and leaving earth’s system.

The simplistic GHE averaging method creates a statistical anomaly in temperature of 33 degrees. This 33 degrees statistical anomaly (a fiction) is then wrongly attributed to be a real ‘greenhouse gas effect’ – a product of circular, tautological junk science reasoning and not what has been determined from actual, empirical data.

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