Video: Dr Tim Ball on Importance of Michael Mann Lawsuit

Written by PSI Staff

In 2011 Dr Tim Ball famously said of Dr Michael Mann – notorious ‘hockey stick’ graph creator – that he “belongs in the state pen, not Penn. State.” Seven years and millions of lawyer dollars later, Dr Ball explains why defeating Mann in court will topple the vast global climate fraud conspiracy.

Transcription of  video (up to 3:00)

The following short transcript is verbatim of the first 3 mins of the video:

Interviewer 1: On is a court battle that we’ve got Doctor Tim Ball on talking and Michael Mann losing and having to give Tim Ball some concessions. Now, obviously we can’t talk about all of the concessions, but this is about Michael Mann the hockey stick guy that completely manipulated statistics and data to create a false rise in CO2

Interviewer 2: Well, and as this article says, if Mann’s data is pristine and irreproachable why hide it. If Mann were to lose to Ball anytime soon then Trump’s scepticism would be entirely vindicated and the case for a defunding and dismantling of the Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA) proven as fiscally prudent.

Dr Tim Ball: That… the disclaimer here: I know John O’Sullivan who set up the Principia site and I know I wrote a foreword and a chapter in one of the books they produced called Slaying the Sky Dragon.

John O’Sullivan comes from his anti-government [stance], very legitimately and unfortunately, it’s not until you’ve actually directly personally experienced that; challenging the government – that you realize how nasty they can get. I mean the… you guys here you know. You talk about it; you have a sense of understanding. But Voltaire said it’s dangerous to be right when people in authority are wrong. Never was a more true word said.

Now John O’Sullivan was married to an American woman who worked in the penal system in New York State, she got raped by prison guards and they covered it all up and John fought it. He now lives in England. I’ll say no more. So John knows very well how nasty these things can get – that anyone that dares to challenge the authorities. And so, Principia was set up for that reason, and John was the one that helped me set up the PayPal so people could help me financially so, that’s my disclaimer with that.

Interviewer 2: and the stakes are huge.

Doctor Tim Ball: Oh, huge.

Interviewer 2: They’re absolutely huge.

Doctor Tim Ball: It’s all true.

Interviewer 1: For viewers, there’s a graph, there’s a picture of the both graphs on the article if you want to go to the article then click on the YouTube link.  Yeah, but Adam’s just brought it up. Look at the vast difference between these two graphs and how crazy it is when you manipulate statistics and stuff to…you use the statistics to create your conclusion rather than allowing the statistics to create the conclusion. You use the… you’ve already arrived at the conclusion that CO2 is bad, and we need to prove it how we do approve it?

Well, we massage the data, we flat out change the data, these two graphs are…

Interviewer 2: very different!

Interviewer 1: very different, very different!

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    Al Shelton


    Dr. Ball has done a huge service to true science.
    His work and articles are greatly appreciated.

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    Alan Stewart


    Three word summation: Donate! Donate! Donate!
    You should be afraid of Dr. B losing.
    ‘I have more fear of the Climatistas solutions that their apocalyptic predictions.’

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    Judy Ryan


    I think Professor David Karoly in Australia should also be a bit worried. While he was editor of AMOJ he published a paper stating significant warming in regional SE Australia based on what the evidence indicates is equally dodgy data.

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