UK’s First 5G Court Case — And The People Won

Written by John O'Sullivan

5G mobile data trials

New court ruling in Britain upholds right of people to know of the dangers of unproven 5G microwave technology. In Gateshead, UK Recorder Nolan QC refused to ‘gag’ anti-5G campaigner, Mark Steele.

5G is the fifth generation cellular network technology that provides broadband access for mobile phone users and others.

The judge asserted that “The public have a right to know” whether the next generation of wifi communication, relying on directed powerful microwave energy, causes cancer and other health risks.

The concern is that there is very little, if any, scientific research into how the powerful microwaves from the cell network can impact human health. To work a vast network of local antennas are connected with the telephone network and the Internet by a high bandwidth optical fiber or wireless backhaul connection.

Like existing cellphones, when a user crosses from one cell to another, their mobile device is automatically “handed off” seamlessly to the antenna in the new cell.

Sherrene Roselea

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has discovered in a recent investigation that human skin acts as a type of receptor for 5G radiation, drawing it in like an antenna.

No fewer than 26,000 Scientists Oppose 5G Roll Out.

The outcome is a bitter blow to Gateshead Council. They had hoped to use the court appearance to ridicule Steele’s status as an ‘expert’ despite his claims that prestigious Harvard University now support his 5G fears.

Gateshead Council has strenuously denied secretly using 5G – most notably in an infamous viral Facebook post.

The Council had disingenuously distributed printed leaflets stating that Mark Steele is spreading pseudo science urging the local community to:

“Please be assured that there is no scientific basis or credible evidence for any of these scare stories about street lights causing cancer and other illnesses.”

But Judge Nolan QC found that the Council misused Police Powers to gag Steele and ordered them to pay £11k to cover court costs. During the hearing, Steel had denied the council’s claim his behaviour had gone over the top.

Outside, Mr Steele said he had “acted proportionally”.

“The children in my locality are bleeding from the nose – they are suffering from this technology,” claimed the Percy Gardens inventor.

Watch the 2-minute summary video above or on YouTube here.

Steele is supported in his activism by a growing number of independent scientists, including those at Principia Scientific International (PSI), a registered UK non-profit dedicated to exposing false scientific claims.

Graham Steele, brother of Mark had written to PSI for support:

“My Brother Mark is in Court Thursday 10am Newcastle Moot Hall, he is fighting an injunction gagging order, that the Local authority has obtained against him and using it to have him imprisoned for speaking out about the 5G secret deployment by Gateshead Local Authority.”

In response senior PSI scientist, Dr Klaus L E Kaiser agreed citing the lack of scientific studies into the effects of 5G on living organisms:

” I do share concern over the 5G system, simply because there appears to be an utter lack of in-depth tests performed in order to ascertain its (presumed) safety. In comparison, the many detailed scientific studies and reviews on “chemicals”, like BPA, aspirin, and many other widely used substances, all number in the thousands. The volumes of such are true mountains while the sum of safety studies on the 5G systems may not even count as a molehill. That fact alone is most astonishing!”

Dr Kaiser has written two articles on the matter:  “5G Wireless Broadband and how (not) to Boil Eggs” and “Recommendations for 5G Communication Systems Testing.”

Judge Nolan stated Steele had put a “tremendous amount of research” into the 5G debate and that his voice should be allowed to be heard.

The ruling is especially important being that the allegedly secret 5G rollout in Gateshead is set to become a key public interest issue. The court’s decision will be regarded as a landmark case for other people to start using this Court’s ruling to challenge their Councils.

Already, campaigners in Surrey, Westminster and Luton are planning legal challenges against these allegedly toxic Microwave EMF arrays newly installed on their own LED streetlights.

Dr Kaiser endorsed that sentiment declaring:

“In my opinion, the obvious lack of concern over the 5G radiation vs. the current 4G system can only be explained by a similar lack of understanding of the much higher photon energy of the 5G system. As mentioned in my article (above), this is akin to equating benign visible light with skin-damaging UV radiation.”

Dr Kaiser, speaking on behalf of PSI, assured Mr Steele that we will work together “for the common good”.

Principia Scientific International is planning more articles exposing  the risks of mass roll outs of untested 5G technology and the shocking ignorance among policymakers.

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    robert bailin



  • Avatar

    robert bailin


    please save australia from 5 G-WE SHOULD HAVE CHOICE FREEDOM OF DEMOCRACY

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    Martyn Reuben


    How, specifically, do I leverage this Court’s ruling to challenge my own Council and encourage others to do the same to their councils? Martyn (

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    Maureen Foster


    There have been warning for years about 5G from David Icke!! Looks like he’s right again!!

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    Muhammad Arshad


    Would you share full text of the Court’s judgement please? Good to see responsible judicial activism for the welfare of the community at large.

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    We are trying to fight the implementation of 5G here as well, and I’m wondering if the judge commented on the safety of 5G – if so, that could be a useful transcript of the judgement for us to have.

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    James Hilton


    Scientist Mark Steel is an international hero for wrestling with this 5G gorilla -a true Dāvid and Goliath struggle in our times.

    Mr Steel, thank you so much sir for courageously speaking truth to power.

    God is on your side.


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    Cynthia Forshaw


    Thoroughly agree with pulling back on more powerful means of cell-phoning. Until we get it completely across that it is dangerous….please use your Moby only on speaker…Hold it no-where near your Head.

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    claudia reid


    Why has your 2-min. video been disabled? Did Facebook do that? Thank you for all your hard work fighting these dangerous 5G plans.
    Re:cell phones- buy an anti-radiation cell phone case, if want to hold to head or on body, or better yet use speakerphone. Use “air tube” headsets, don’t use typical ear buds that can cause acoustic neuromas (ear drum tumors that can cause deafness). Use landline phones with coiled cords-much safer than wireless, though anything electrical has magnetic radiation, which some people are sensitive to also (low EMF phone at: / Turn WiFi off at night & buy a special box or sack to cut radiation 90%, protection clothing exists too. “Opt-out” of any smart meter that an electric, gas or water co. wants to put on your dwelling., because of the hazardous increase in microwave radiation & the “dirty electricity” it puts on your wiring & outlets. Over 3800 published scientific studies show deleterious effects on health from such radiation (Doctors’ website:;; Documentary:;;; etc.
    Try to reduce your exposure to man-made radiation as much as possible. You don’t want to become electromagnetic-hypersensive- it’s a reported nightmare!

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    Just a few facts about the man that you may need to take into account.

    An ex pub bouncer who shot a girl? He has no evidence that he is a weapons expert or a scientist and he has links to all the 5G pushing agencies.

    Gatekeeper anyone? Read the article and then make up your own mind.

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