Tx. Pharmacy Board Backs Off on Restricting HCQ Prescriptions

Written by Kim Roberts

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy issued a new rule that no prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine could be dispensed without a diagnosis, then changed their tune.

Dr. Ivette Lozano, who has been in medical practice for over 20 years, was shocked to learn in March that she would be required to share her patient’s diagnosis with the pharmacist before prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin would be dispensed.

On March 20, the Texas State Board of Pharmacy issued a new rule that no prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine or azithromycin could be dispensed without a diagnosis “consistent with evidence for its use.”

“Never before have we had to turn in a diagnosis with a prescription,” Lozano told The Texan. Lozano has seen about five to six patients per week for coronavirus. “They see a dramatic improvement within six to eight hours,” Lozano said.

Dr Lozano video below – she explains to gathered crowd:

Health care attorney Matt Rinaldi said doctors have called him concerned about the requirement. He said the rule does not violate HIPAA regulations because patient information can be shared for treatment purposes.

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    Tom O


    Gutsy lady, in many ways. First, to practice medicine the way it was intended, to face patients who have “the dreaded disease,” and to treat them with a protocol that has been working for her as well as other doctors. And then to take to the platform and lay it all out in the public forum. Not enough of them, but a growing number of doctors willing to finally tell us some truth.

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    Joseph Olson


    “Remember the A La Mode Review” at principia-scientific(.)org

    The Open Texas rally at Dealey Plaza, where Dr Lozano delivered this speech on Saturday May 9, 2020. On Monday, May 11, I contacted every member of the Texas Senate Health & Human Services Committee about this rally. On Thursday, May 14, I sent my “Remember” article to the members. On Friday, May 15, the pharmacy (monopoly) board reversed their decision.

    This medical mafia extortion has got to stop.

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