This Super Rich ‘Fact Checker’ is Censoring Inconvenient CV-19 Facts

Written by Jim Hoft

Globalist tech companies are moving at light speed to eliminate medical doctors who expose the truth about the COVID-19 pandemic. A key actor in deleting all such content is a rich, politically-motivated China-linked woman, Flora Teoh (photo, top).

The YouTube-Google CEO announced recently that only World Health Organisation (WHO) approved talking points are now permitted on their platform.  All other videos not approved by the China-dominated health organization are being removed. See this video example:

Two doctors in a video with millions of views who see patients daily also suggested the virus has spread widely in their California community.  This phenomena has also been reported in Boston, Miami, Santa Clara, Chicago and several European countries. Their video was deleted.

Via an earlier post on TGP:

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi said their facilities have tested over 5,200 patients for the coronavirus throughout the county, making up for over half of all testing in Kern. According to their data, the death rate of the coronavirus is similar in prevalence to the flu. Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi have extrapolated their numbers based on visits to their specific Urgent Care facility, not the general population and thus may have overestimated infection numbers, though underestimating mortality rates, in California.

Ms. Flora Teoh is from an affluent family in Singapore. Her family is Chinese and has mainland China ties. It’s unknown if they were or are part of the Communist regime but Ms. Teoh’s lifestyle was excessive.

Miss Teoh traveled to Europe first class and stayed at luxurious hotels.

We discovered that Ms. Teoh obtained her PhD in Singapore in 2017.  In October 2017 she held a post-doc at the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR).

Ms. Flora Teoh was let go there after ten months because of ‘poor professional fit.’

In 7-2018, Flora joined Asian Scientist Magazine as an intern but was let go after two months due to ‘performance-related’ issues.

In Singapore, Ms. Teoh used her connections to get into the Dragon Boat races there:

Teoh is affiliated with multiple international organizations that are sponsored by Facebook, Google, MacArthur Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, the Open Society Foundations, and Omidyar Network.

In November of 2018, she joined Science Feedback, a crypto Facebook affiliate as a science editor.

Her assignments for 2020 have been to:

  • Monitor and control political discourse related to science
  • Gatekeep and censor ‘conservative’ scientific content
  • Promote media that is aligned with ‘progressive’ science

Flora Teoh is a contributor to several ‘fact-checking’ organizations such as, International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), and the International Data Verification Network, which aims to promote ‘good’ journalistic practices by fighting the dissemination of what they term fake-news. IFCN is a project of the Poynter Institute for media studies that was created in 2015. Poynter gets its funding grants from entities such as: Google, MacArthur Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, the Open Society Foundations and Omidyar Network.

Teoh’s organizations are part of an international ‘progressive’ data verification network that is supported Open Society Foundations (Soros) and the Omidyar Network (Pierre Omidyar).

Omidyar is also funding the ‘Defeat Disinfo’ AI Information Warfare Platform to fight President Trump’s Covid-19 narrative. Both Soros and Omidyar have also sponsored The Intercept, a publication that released documents stolen by Edward Snowden. In 2018, they also launched the Luminate platform that has distributed over $314 million to finance ‘progressive’ journalistic projects around the world. Health Feedback is one of these projects.

Ms. Teoh is far left.  She bragged about reading corrupt former FBI Director Jim Comey’s book:

Ms. Teoh’s writings as a “Science Editor” for entities like Facebook and Google are infected with her left wing bias:

Ms. Teoh is the typical far left “Factchecker” used by entities like Google and Facebook.

She has a sketchy record and connections to China, George Soros and the Gates Foundation.

There was no way that two California doctors of immunology were going to get a fair assessment from Ms. Teoh, Facebook, George Soros or the Gates Foundation.

Facebook is now openly using far left operatives with links to China and Soros to silence US Doctors in the field!

This should not be legal.


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    Andy Rowlands


    This doesn’t surprise me at all. As I showed in my own article today, most of the so-called ‘fact-checkers’ have been chosen because they are left-wing or extreme left-wing, so it appears anything that is not of that ilk is routinely being labelled misinformation.

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    Carbon Bigfoot


    We have beavers in Pennsylvania that have choppers like hers. (sarc)

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    Andy Rowlands


    With a name like Flora, perhaps we should nickname her Margerine or Buttercup 🙂

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    They’re not allowing me to post right now on Facebook. Got a bunch of posts that have been marked “false” but they only limited viewing before. Now I can’t post at all to my public page – I feel it’s selective because I am able to post to my family and friends page. They’ve gone way too far. COVID is far from being a settled issue – it’s too new – and still, no one is allowed to voice any different opinion. Prager U had a polar bear video pulled. Another hotly contested issue. I’d use “Minds” instead, but nothing links to it and having to go to another site is time consuming (unless you have super fast internet)

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