They Live as our Scientists

Written by Joseph E Postma

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My favorite movie: “They Live”

Because I feel like I am dealing with some sort of clandestine freak aliens pretending to be our scientists, who stare at me and blink:

“There’s nothing wrong with flat Earth theory. There’s nothing wrong with the Sun not creating the climate. You’re a denier crank scientist flat Earther yourself for disagreeing with us.”

And I stare back thinking: “I can see what you are. I can see what you actually look like. With my mind. But that is a nice human suit you’re wearing.”

Movie scene where person discovers the plot, talking with a clandestine scientist:


“You’ve treated the Earth as a flat plane here. You’ve then spread incoming sunshine over the entire surface of the Earth as an input, thereby diluting solar heating down to a -40C input where sunlight can’t actually create the climate. And then because of doing that, you’ve invented this alternative idea of a greenhouse effect, which isn’t how an actual greenhouse functions but you nevertheless call it that, where the climate is created by greenhouse gases that you then want to tax us for and use as a vector for controlling the world’s economy and the global population…”

Skin suit:

“Yes. Yes, that is what we have done. Now don’t be a denier, or else we’ll call you a crank, run you out of your career, and call you a flat Earther.”

Could be a great sci-fi flick…

Graphics contributions invited!

An edit of Mark Dice…just watch it:

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