The Winds of Change

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul

In this Age of Mendacity it is easy to suggest to a whole populace that a trace gas, Carbon Dioxide, is warming the Globe. Such an idea is clearly complete and utter rubbish to any man who is ‘awake’ and considers what it really means. It is a great sin to hypnotize the masses with an idea simply for the sake of material gain in the form of subsidies or government grants for Universities.

It is clear to any thinking man that there is no such animal as a World Temperature, and those, who pretend to us humans that we must somehow keep the global temperature to within 2º Celsius, are lying through their back teeth.

There is no such entity as a Global Temperature, average or otherwise, and there is no way that human beings can control this non-existent fantasy. That is why it is such a relief to listen to the Meteorologists forecasting the Weather.

Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Meteorology can appreciate their difficulty in arriving at a correct forecast for a few hours or a day ahead, or even for a few days ahead. Even more daring are those like Piers Corbyn of Weather Action (photo below), who make longer range forecasts, but in each and every case the forecaster presents facts in the form of charts and diagrams, so that we can see for ourselves the isobars, the fronts and the wind direction and the force of these same winds.

These are the data on which the forecaster makes their forecasts. What we can see is the evidence and if the forecast is sometimes wrong we can appreciate that the data itself is confusing.

In this age of mendacity the Meteorologist stands head and shoulders above his fellow scientists, forecasting Global doom and perilous climate change. Even politicians, renowned for their ignorance of scientific matters, join in the bleat that they are also in the fight against Climate Change. Little do they realise that they are only parading their lack of acumen.

While the Press and the BBC and CNN genuflect to the idea that emissions of Carbon Dioxide are warming the Planet, they neglect to observe what is the truly great miracle of the atmosphere and that is that Nitrogen and Oxygen are transparent to radiation. That is the truly great miracle of Nature.

The radiation from the Sun pierces our atmosphere and collides with the earth and the oceans, and as everyone knows with the very modicum of Physics, when infrared radiation encounters mass it produces heat. Water Vapour in the form of clouds, as we all can observe, scatters incoming radiation and causes cooling.

The ‘Greenhouse Gases’ far from warming do precisely the opposite. Oh yes, Svante was correct, they do absorb infrared, but they are also the sole means of emitting it to the voids of Outer Space. Carbon Dioxide is a coolant.

So the miracle of our atmosphere is that it is 99% is transparent to incoming and outgoing radiation. So how does the air get warm? I have already dealt with this in recent articles. The air can only get warm through Conduction, since we know that Nitrogen and Oxygen are transparent to Radiation, while Convection carries warmed air up and away, whereupon the air cools as the molecules separate and the air gets thinner.

Furthermore as the air gets thinner there is more ‘nothing’ between the molecules – Avogrado’s law. And ‘nothing’ that is ‘vacuum’ cannot be warmed.

What the Meteorologists show us every day is the effect of wind. Their charts show, in yellow, masses of warm air and pale blue for cold air. We can then see that while the air in the Sahara is warmed by the hot sands, this same air can be transported by winds far to the north, even to the British Isles. On the other hand cold air from the wastes of Siberia can also be transported by the wind all across Europe and the British Isles.

These forecasts are reality. This is weather that we can all experience. We can judge just how far the forecast is correct. So the Meteorologist is exposed to immediate judgment.

The present consensus is arse about face. It is not the ‘Greenhouse Gases’ that trap heat, for the whole concept of ‘trapping’ heat is erroneous in the first place. Heat cannot be trapped. It is Conduction that heats the great mass of the air, Nitrogen and Oxygen, as long as the day is long. The radiation from the Earth is relatively slow and feeble, acting upon a risible 1% of the atmosphere. Global Warming and Global Cooling take place concurrently as the Earth rotates upon its axis.

Human Beings are sensitive creatures. If the air is too cold they experience this as heat loss. Their bodies are losing heat at a faster rate than they are creating it in the factory of their bodily functions. On the other hand if the atmosphere gets too hot, then human bodies seek to perspire, to bathe or to shower, well aware that evaporation means cooling. In the same way many houses are now equipped with thermostats to keep room temperatures at an even number, compatible with human needs.

However it is not to be forgotten that all heat has to be generated – 1st law of Thermodynamics – and that gases do not generate heat, least of all Carbon Dioxide. Secondly, all heat by itself flows from hot to cold. Wherefore, thank whatever God or Gods may be for our incomparable Sun, source of heat and light.

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    As a common lay person, relying upon my education and subsequent experiences, to guide my reasoned understanding of the World, this essay from Anthony Bright-Paul, gives me a decidedly warm feeling in the seat of my pants, accompanied by a great sense of relaxation in my brain, as all my past doubts and questions dissolve away. All the facts it relies on are verifiable. Such experiences as this have come my way before; it is the ring of reliable authentic observed science, absent all the quackery we have been force fed. Thank you, Anthony.

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    Dianne Patti


    Recommending this to all! The rock-solid science is So readily comprehensible.
    Your case is an irrefutable defense against age-old fraudsters who have been bilking the people for centuries.
    Thank you, and please keep it up!
    –retired science teacher

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    T L Winslow


    No matter how loud the U.N. IPCC and its sycophants shout, CO2 has nothing to do with global warming. The great con game of the CO2 Greenhouse Gas Warming Theory is to turn physics upside down and backwards and hope pikers don’t smell a rat. The only source of daily heat to the Earth’s surface is the Sun (other than the pathological case of geothermal energy). Without an atmosphere the Earth would bounce between +/-280F daily like the Moon, visible light energy down to the surface during the day, thermal radiation up into space during the night. The atmosphere substitutes convection, which because of its great weight and height takes time and acts like a capacitor, moderating the surface temps to livable values. CO2, water vapor, and who knows what else might absorb the little remaining infrared radiation from the surface, but that just heats the atmosphere more on its way into the infinite heat sink of space. None of that heat can return to the surface, sorry, it just makes the air lighter and up it goes.

    The warmist scientists try to bamboozle us with imaginary “steady state” thermodynamics, which doesn’t apply to an ever-changing dirurnal situation. Worse, they try to fool us into thinking that because a molecule absorbs radiation at certain frequencies, it’s not actually absorbing it but reflecting it like a mirror, ping ping ping. All absorbed radiation does it heat the molecules up some based on heat capacity, and the only emitted radiation will be via Planck’s Radiation Law, which because of the Stefan-Boltzman T**4 Law will be like a cigarette butt in front of a furnace. Even more so because as air rises it adiabatically cools via entropy, which is known as the lapse rate, a mere glance at the profile making any global warming con game cash its chips, sorry, there are no heat pipes in the sky to turn heat around to the surface and melt sea ice or cause forest fires. Sure, if things could be stopped in time, with a real glass ceiling around the Earth like a greenhouse, all the warmth in the atmosphere could eventually back down to the surface and create a steady-state warm Earth, but that dog don’t hunt it’s reality TV. Up goes the warmed air to be dissipated in the great heat sink of space.

    Thus, instead of Greenhouse Earth, it’s actually Stovepipe Earth, a lonely planet surrounded by one huge infinite heat sink that threatens us with icy death if it were not for the Sun and the temporary blanket of the atmosphere. We are free to shoot as much CO2 as we want into the air, esp. since all our combined efforts only raised it from .03% to. 04% so far, like who cares.

    Let’s say that CO2 levels could be pumped to 1200 ppm (.12%). Then plants would flourish like all heck, and we could feed the teeming billions. And suck more CO2 out of the air, replacing it with O2 and H2O, making us need to inject yet more CO2 into the air. I’m sure the U.N. doesn’t want THAT 🙂

    Maybe if CO2 levels were something huge, say 20%, the fact that CO2 has a greater molecular weight than O2 and N2 would create a low-lying layer that would maybe act like a blanket and keep the surface warmer. The U.N. wouldn’t want that either, namely, a Paradise Earth with Hawaii-like shirtsleeve weather year-round 🙂 Of course, we’d probably choke and die from CO2 poisoning anyway 🙂

    The worst and most desperate warmist con game is back radiation, a deliberate Byzantine mathematical fiction foisted to create a second Sun in the sky, what do they think we have stamped on our foreheads, the word DUMBASS? Heat cannot crawl back down a chimney and heat the pot, sorry. It’s going up and won’t be coming back as long as the chimney is open to the outside. Even floating glowing cinders in a chimney won’t emit enough infrared radiation to light a spare twig in the fire below.

    If I were the govts. that gave money to solve this fake problem of CO2, I’d demand my money back. Oh, that’s just it, it was never their money. 🙂

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