The Orwellian Era Of NASA Climate Pseudoscience

Written by Jamie Spry

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HE who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” – George Orwell

BEFORE NASA climate was captured by radical environmentalists (Hansen/Schmidt et al) and sold their soul to the widely debunked “97% of scientists believe that CO2 is the climate control knob” groupthink virus, they knew perfectly well that the sun controlled Earth’s climate.

AND, before the new-NASA-activists rewrote climate ‘science’, the National Aeronautics Space Agency boldly (and correctly) noted that “Other important forcings of Earth’s climate system” such as“clouds, airborne particulate matter, and surface brightness [have] the capacity to exceed the warming influence of greenhouse gases and cause our world to cool.”

FROM the above NASA article that disappeared around 2010 :


The Sun is the primary forcing of Earth’s climate system. Sunlight warms our world. Sunlight drives atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns. Sunlight powers the process of photosynthesis that plants need to grow. Sunlight causes convection which carries warmth and water vapor up into the sky where clouds form and bring rain. In short, the Sun drives almost every aspect of our world’s climate system and makes possible life as we know it.

Earth’s orbit around and orientation toward the Sun change over spans of many thousands of years. In turn, these changing “orbital mechanics” force climate to change because they change where and how much sunlight reaches Earth. Thus, changing Earth’s exposure to sunlight forces climate to change. According to scientists’ models of Earth’s orbit and orientation toward the Sun indicate that our world should be just beginning to enter a new period of cooling — perhaps the next ice age.

However, a new force for change has arisen: humans. After the industrial revolution, humans introduced increasing amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and changed the surface of the landscape to an extent great enough to influence climate on local and global scales. By driving up carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere (by about 30 percent), humans have increased its capacity to trap warmth near the surface.

Other important forcings of Earth’s climate system include such “variables” as clouds, airborne particulate matter, and surface brightness. Each of these varying features of Earth’s environment has the capacity to exceed the warming influence of greenhouse gases and cause our world to cool. For example, increased cloudiness would give more shade to the surface while reflecting more sunlight back to space. Increased airborne particles (or “aerosols”) would scatter and reflect more sunlight back to space, thereby cooling the surface. Major volcanic eruptions (such as that of Mt. Pinatubo in 1992) can inject so much aerosol into the atmosphere that, as it spreads around the globe, it reduces sunlight and cause Earth to cool. Likewise, increasing the surface area of highly reflective surface types, such as ice sheets, reflects greater amounts of sunlight back to space and causes Earth to cool.

Scientists are using NASA satellites to monitor all of the aforementioned forcings of Earth’s climate system to better understand how they are changing over time, and how any changes in them affect climate.…/what-are-the-primary-causes-of-the-earth-system-variability


“HE who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” – George Orwell


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    David Dirkse


    I miss:
    1. seafloor vulcano’s (3 million )
    2. ocean currents
    these may be controlled by planet orbit positions, changing heat distribution. Upwelling of deep water may cause little ice age?
    No upwelling causes warming?
    Planet orbits controlling both solar activity and ocean currents may provide explanation why earth climate correlates with solar cycles.

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    Michael Grace


    To control the narrative is the goal, Furnish sufficient data to create belief is the means. Most data is insufficient or fraudulent.

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    John Nicol


    Much is made by NASA here and by climate “Scientists” that particulate matter and clouds reduce by reflection and scattering (Mie Scattering by particles of diameter D much larger than a wavelength; Rayleigh Scattering for D of less than a wavelength) leading to an albedo of 0.3 or an absorptivity of 0.7. lt should be pointed out that there cannot be such an “albedo” without a similar emissivity of the earth’s surface – it is a matter of very simple physics that emissivity = absorptivity. Thus the radiation law for the surface of a hot body, is actually eSigmaT^4 where e is the emissivity and sigma a constant equal to 5.67 x 10^-8. From this the equilibrium temperature of the earth is NOT the claimed 255 K (-18 C) but the temperature obtained from that law with e=0.7 which is 278 K. This is before taking account of the effect of the heat retention by a thermally active land/ocean sphere with a totally inert atmosphere – inert because without the presence of the “greenhouse gases”, the air CANNOT radiate energy, even though it can absorb energy through conduction when in contact with hot land.

    The thin shell airless, model used by climate people to demonstrate the claimed “effect öf carbon dioxide is totally wrong and does not represent reality. John Nicol.

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