The Essence Of Identifying the ‘Climate Change’ Fraud

Written by Dean M Jackson

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The most qualified scientists in fields such as physics and chemistry have been doing their bit to expose the botched physics and chemistry of government ‘climate science.’ Below we provide some pointers for readers looking to be better informed.

Greater than 94% of the energy contained within nitrogen and oxygen are unaccounted for by the ‘climate change’ narrative, informing us of the massive scientific fraud taking place, the purpose of the fraud to further weaken the West’s economies (see graph of atmospheric gases below, right).

Nitrogen and oxygen don’t absorb much infrared radiation (IR) emitted from the ground, and What is the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere? - Quoraassuming they absorb 100% of thermal energy from the surface, constituting approximately 5% of Earth’s energy budget, we’re left with a massive energy deficit for nitrogen and oxygen.

This confirms that those two molecules derive their energy from thermal ground/ocean emissions instead.

But since the ‘climate change’ narrative identifies such emissions as not thermal but IR, we have proof that the energy being emitted isn’t IR but thermal because nitrogen and oxygen absorb a miniscule amount of IR.

Nitrogen and oxygen obtain 5.1% of their heat energy from thermal energy emanating from the surface,* and another .078% of their heat energy from outgoing infrared radiation,** leaving an energy deficit of approximately 94.8%.

I’ve asked NASA twice regarding the energy data discrepancy, but, naturally, there can be no reply, which is what I received…deafening silence.

Scroll down to the May 15 (2019) posting at NASA’s Facebook Climate Change site …

NASA’s reply to my initial comment:

Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are the only factors that can account for the observed warming over the last century”

My last comment, to which no reply is given:

“NASA Climate Change, hello out there! It’s been a week now and no reply! What’s the holdup? We need to know where nitrogen and oxygen obtain the vast bulk of their heat energy in the troposphere. It’s a simple question for NASA who has the answer at the mere tap of a computer key. Why is NASA shy?”

Carbon dioxide is a denser molecule than either nitrogen and oxygen, approximately one-third denser due to approximately one-third less heat energy contained in the CO2 molecule,*** which informs us that carbon dioxide cools the atmosphere by displacing greater heat retaining nitrogen and oxygen molecules.

The missing energy levels for nitrogen and oxygen direct our attention to another aspect of the scientific fraud taking place: Misidentified outgoing energy types. IR is assigned an energy magnitude of 358.2 Wm2, and thermals 18.4 Wm2. The opposite is closer to the truth, where IR is assigned 18.4 Wm2, and thermals 358.2 Wm2.

See Earth’s Energy Budget diagram: 18.4/358.2 = 5.1%

** “Still the net global OLR [outgoing longwave radiation] reduction of oxygen and nitrogen together is with 0.28 Wm -2…”

<code>  .28/358.2 = .00078 = .078%

“Gases are easily compressed. We can see evidence of this in Table 1 in Thermal Expansion of Solids and Liquids, where you will note that gases have the largest coefficients of volume expansion. The large coefficients mean that gases expand and contract very rapidly with temperature changes.”



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