The Climate Fraud of Psychotic Bankers and Eco Fascists

Written by Terri Jackson

Psychotic bankers using children for their CO2 reduction policies (described by some as a mass murder policy).  What could be lower than using innocent youngsters for their evil aims?

On the eve of the UN Climate Action Summit in New York on 20 September 130 banks under the leadership of the governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney declared their support for the Paris Climate Accord.

The drastic measures promoted by the climate extremists will eliminate fossil fuel production and industry and manufacturing worldwide in support of their green energy technologies.

The demand of the Paris Climate Accord is to shut down  three quarters of the world`s thousands of coal fired plants by 2030 a policy which would send infant mortality up and lifespans further down in the developing world due to lack of electricity.

The increasing costs of electricity as a result of subsidies for “green” technologies even in the developed west will also lead to increasing deaths  The solution of the banks to the corporate debts, such as the two trillion corporate debt in the US, is to massively tax the population to support the green technologies with their anti  industry, anti population eco fascist system.

Thankfully, a sane US President, Donald Trump, has notified the UN that the United States is quitting the Paris Climate Accord to help defend ordinary citizens from the mass hysteria of alarmists.

Other developed nations are still lead by fools and unicorn chasers.

Their stated aim is to reduce carbon dioxide levels which is impossible as 98 percent of CO2 in the atmosphere comes not from fossil fuels but from natural sources as a result of temperature and moisture changes.  CO2 does not store heat.

Both humans and plants need carbon dioxide to survive.

Reduce CO2 and plants will die and when they die we humans will also die.  A devious and evil strategy to reduce the world population—a policy of mass murder as it has been described. Reducing the world population from the present seven billion to less than a billion.  This evil must be exposed. Too many people: so say  people like David Attenborough and the  monarchy.


                                 Man made climate change does not exist!

The so called “climate emergency” is a fraud.  Temperature data has been deviously altered by  criminal elements in NOAA and NASA and other institutions to give the impression to the gullible that the earth is heating up when in reality there has been no warming for at least eighteen years!   Man made climate change is a contrived hoax, a total fraud.  Climate change is due to the earth relationship with the sun and the galaxy as has been the case for millions of years.  Nothing to do with humans.

It is also a financial fraud.  The 130 banks that attended the communist controlled UN Climate Accord in New York in September this year have assets of about $47 trillion but are hopelessly bankrupt.  They want to distract the population from the dire situation the banks find themselves in which they could blow at any time in a crash far worse than the crisis of 2008.


Extinction Rebellion and Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command.—The facts!

This relatively new movement XR is more dangerous.  Surviving on money from the globalist George Soros (banned from Hungary) and the super rich like the Gettys it is under close surveillance by Scotland Yard.   Richard Walton of the Metropolitan Counter Terrorism Command has produced a report (67 pages long) that has revealed that XR has a “subversive” agenda  rooted in the “political extremism of anarchism” rather than just campaigning on climate change!

Well well!   Innocent campaigners on climate change indeed!    No!  Anarchists disguised as climate campaigners..    In his report Walton says he uncovered evidence that XR leaders advocated “revolution” to overturn capitalism, mass protest and law breaking aimed at achieving a breakdown

of democracy and the state—an intent many of its middle class gullible followers and even celebrity backers are unaware.  Also how many church members would approve of their hard earned cash being given to an organisation whose stated aim is to bring down the government!   (Financial contributions show Christian Aid to have given them many thousands of pounds!)

READ:  Human caused global warming—-the biggest deception in history!.   By Professor Timothy Ball Emeritus Professor of Climatology University of Winnipeg    (available from Amazon).

TJ Publications —exposing the climate fraud and its sinister connections.

                      Autumn 2019.  


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    Andy Rowlands


    Well said Terri Jackson. Deputy Met Commissioner Laurence Taylor recently said that XR is getting very close to being classed as ‘domestic terrorists’, and said they are seeking enhanced powers to deal with them. I believe they have banned any more XR demonstrations anywhere in London.

    • Avatar

      Malcolm Whitton


      The only way the police can stop XR protesters from demonstrating is by using anti terror laws against them. Let’s hope Laurence Taylor succeeds in his quest, for all our sakes.
      Anarchy is such an ugly look, and benefits nobody.

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    Chris Marcil


    xr is using the same ideas that the nazis used to bring hitler to power.

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    Every time in the history, in front of facts, there’s always somebody who has the truth in his hands !
    I’ve heard that a lot of people doesn’t trust Galileo’s theory…they believe the heart is FLAT!
    I’ve heard that a lot of people doesn’t believe millions and millions Jews was killed from nazi!

    Which of one do you are ?

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