Taxing Air: Facts and fallacies about climate change

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Taxing Air:Facts and fallacies about climate change authored by Australians Professor Bob Carter and John Spooner with Bill Kininmonth, Martin Feil, Stewart Franks and Bryan Leyland is a welcome new skeptical publication due for release on July 1, 2013. PSI is delighted to showcase it and reproduces the flyer as follows:
Taxing Air by Bob Carter and John Spooner
In this accessible and beautifully produced full colour book The Age’s brilliant political cartoonist John Spooner and leading environmental scientist Professor Bob Carter combine with colleagues to answer a series of critical and highly controversial questions about the politics and science of climate change.
Could it be that the emperor has no clothes?
But is it possible that instead the so-called consensus science around global warming – produced by lavishly funded research institutes, and with its own international political lobby organization, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – is wrong?
Are human industrial carbon dioxide emissions causing dangerous global warming? If so, then climate change would indeed represent one of the great moral challenges of our time. All you ever wanted to know about the science and politics of global warming but were afraid to ask. Accessible, clearly written and illustrated with simple scientifc illustrations, and accompanied by Spooner’s wry and telling cartoons, Taxing Air answers — without the spin, evasions or propaganda that pollutes most offcial writing on climate change — every question you have about global warming but have been too intimidated by the oppressive ‘consensus’ to ask.
Just 8,000 years ago, there was virtually
no summer sea-ice in the Arctic Ocean
Sea-level rise is natural, and declining in rate
Australian rainfall has not decreased over the last 100 years
A previous Australian drought lasted 69 years
By catchment management, the Murray-Darling Basin now
contains almost 3 times as much water as it held naturally
Global air temperature has not increased for the
last 16 years, despite an 8% increase in CO2
Global ocean temperature is also steady or cooling slightly
Australian territory absorbs up to
20 times the amount of CO2 that we emit
The CO2 tax will cost about $1,000/person/year; and rising
The result of reducing Australian CO2 emissions by 5%
by 2020 will be a theoretical (and unmeasurable)
cooling of between 0.0007O and 0.00007O C by 2100
No scientist can tell you whether the world will be
warmer or cooler than today in 2020
Just a selection of the fascinating facts provided in answer to more
than 100 basic questions about global warming and climate change
that are covered in the book.
Persons ordering prior to that date at, and prior to bookstore availability, will receive a personally signed copy of the book.
To request a review copy or arrange an interview with Bob Carter or John Spooner, please contact: (03) 9036 6390 or Robert at
‘I could not put Taxing Air down … Responding to vested interests, western politicians have already wasted trillions of dollars to frighten people with lies about industrial carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, today’s global temperature lies well within life’s limits – indeed, the present-day is cooler than much of previous geological time. The gas of life rather than a pollutant, atmospheric carbon dioxide has nurtured all the forms of organism on planet Earth for many hundreds of millions of years, as is so clearly explained in this beautifully written and illustrated book.’
Professor David Bellamy, OBE, President, Conservation Foundation, UK; Trustee, World Land Trust (1992-2002)
‘Taxing Air is an outstanding contribution to the growing literature that examines and calls to account the climate alarmism of the past two decades. … it provides an accurate, easily understood explanation of the many scientific and technical issues that comprise today’s climate science. Equally important, it examines the history and exposes the duplicity of some of the individuals and organisations who have vested interests in creating and maintaining horrific visions of an imagined global warming future. The book would make a splendid gift to certain members of the climate science establishment.’
Dr. Art Raiche, CSIRO chief research scientist (retired)


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    Well I’ll tell you the world will probably be slightly cooler around 2020 to 2027 if you were to take a mean of those 8 years compared with a mean of the 8 years from 1998 to 2005 inclusive. This is deduced from my analysis of natural cycles, and is in keeping with an archived projection which I first made nearly two years ago. So far, so good.

    The statement “by 2020 will be a theoretical (and unmeasurable) cooling of between 0.0007O and 0.00007O C by 2100” cannot be supported, because it is based on greenhouse / radiative forcing concepts which incorrectly deduce that carbon dioxide warms. But it doesn’t as I have explained [url=]here[/url] and I estimate that all the existing carbon dioxide has a net cooling effect of about 0.002 C degree.

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