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Principia Scientific International is first and foremost a point of reference for all scientists (and science-related professionals) on scientific matters that appear controversial or are spotlighted in the media. Wherever possible, we provide our members with a reliable port of call to ascertain the facts behind the news stories to better judge whether information being presented by third parties is accurate information and reflects a balanced view of all facets of the subject. We have a published mission statement and are committed to openness and transparency in our work (abiding by the principles of Karl Popper).

Who Are We?

Principia Scientific International (PSI) has thousands of qualified scientists, STEM professionals, engineers and related experts among our members. With more than 6,500 subscribers to our regular newsletter we reach 300,000 to 600,000 readers per month (as of March 2020) and are growing month by month.

Check out our online list of select members. More than 100 of our members hold PhD qualifications, one Nobel Physics prize nominee and a past president of one of the UK’s royal colleges are among us.

But we are not elitist – we are for everyone who supports the traditions of the scientific method against the rise of non-verifiable and potentially biased ‘post normal’ science (PNS).

As a rapidly expanding fledgling science association we are constantly adding to our website functionality and member services. We actively encourage anyone to join and membership is entirely free (although we do suggest a nominal donation of about US$25 – 100). The benefits of registering include:

  • Automatic delivery of PSI’s periodic newsletters to your mailbox until/unless you unsubscribe
  • Peer support on a range of science and professional matters
  • Access to expert advice
  • Full and unrestricted use of our internal search engine
  • Preferential publication and peer-review process using our innovative PROM system

Between addressing topical science stories, we will be diligently compiling and updating our database of contacts in all branches and levels of science. Thus we will be increasingly pro-active and in a position to facilitate the needs of ever more scientists to engage in the issues when they hit the headlines.

We aim to keep the major science stories on our radar so we can, as necessary, give topical and informed feedback to our members and other interested parties. We also encourage members to post their views and feedback in the #comments’ section below our daily news articles.

Workshops, Meetings and discussions

PSI hopes to make available select members of our team to attend events, conferences and news interviews as and when it is prudent and when scientific issues are hitting the headlines. PSI’s extensive network of contacts brings together a vast array of international scientists from a wide variety of scientific institutions.

Engaging as much as possible in open, unfettered discussion of how science is being covered in the media our experts address what the scientific community can do to ensure the public has access to high quality, evidence-based information.

Support & Editing Services for Science Authors

Do you need a clear, objective and professional second pair of eyes? As a lone writer/researcher, it can be an enormous challenge hard to identify flaws in your own work. We know writers – particularly those relatively new to the craft – can benefit from having a skilled helper assess their material before submission to third party publishers.

At Principia Scientific International we pride ourselves on the high standard of our authoring, editing and publishing. Our seasoned staff has gleaned vast experience in the publishing business and are able to offer assistance in the creation and editing of papers, books and other materials for distribution. Our fees are competitive and flexible.

Author Submissions as Articles or Papers for Peer Review

We operate strictly as a non-profit as per UK regulations. As such, we ask members to be realistic insofar as use of PSI for publishing and maintaining author submissions on the website costs time and money.

If you wish to have papers peer-reviewed there are three ways we can assist. Either:

(a) Full service: We secure for you one or more written reviews from PSI members with PhD’s in a relevant discipline. On this basis we would require a minimum of $200. Your paper will then be published as a ‘PROM paper’ on the site as per:

After no less than one month in the PROM open feedback system – dependent on the feedback from other site users – we will consider permanently promoting the paper(s) to our ‘PUBLICATIONS’ section.

(b) ‘Pay as You Go’:  Informal, ad hoc posting of your submissions, in style and format compatible with our daily news articles (we may edit as required to generate the widest possible readership and feedback). For this we would encourage regular nominal donations to cover our costs;

(c )  Free & Easy: At any time you choose, send unsolicited material to us in a format compatible with our site’s main page articles. We will consider posting, strictly at the discretion of the editor (totally free to all);

Writing Services, How Much Will it Cost?

We can assist you in writing your next book or science paper. Do you require a critique service of a short science article/study or a full heavy book edit? We provide a full range, all priced accordingly. See below:

Support for Scientists and Policymakers

As well as general advice and support to scientists undertaking media work, PSI provides formal media training with a focus on particular subjects which we know will make the news. For example, PSI provides advice on how to explain the way science works on arcane issues to do with peer review and uncertainty in science.

As an example, our first major publication illustrates (below) that the hotly-debated climate change issue at international level is causing much confusion and uncertainty about the reliability of scientific research. World scientists in this field are now at the crossroads and PSI expertise may have a role to play.

Support to Journalists, Media Outlets

Aside from being a valuable channel of information on top media stories is also looking at ways to support non-specialists looking to delve deeper into complex science stories. We are publishing a series of books specifically to explain for non-scientists some of the more complicated science and concepts.

Our first book, Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory is now available free to registered member and has received endorsement from a wide range of reviewers, scientists and respected commentators in the field of climate science.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage scientists and the public to better understand the importance of principled and transparent approach to research and learning; to access accurate, evidence-based scientific information about the stories of the day.

PSI is not beholden for its funds to any corporation, political party or undisclosed source. PSI functions on the income generated from its members and stakeholders ostensibly via book sales, consultancy fees and unsolicited charitable donations.

PRINCIPIA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL, legally registered in the UK as a company incorporated for charitable purposes. Head Office: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX. 

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