Substance Abuse Causes Mental Disorders

Written by Sarah Williams

Many individuals that are diagnosed with substance use disorders also have mental disorders. Many people use drugs to medicate or alleviate the symptoms of different illnesses. For instance, some people use euphoric drugs trying to ameliorate depressed feelings.

Others use alcohol to alleviate anxiety symptoms. Although this is a common technique, it does not help.

Essentially, abusing drug can cause more harm than good. Although substance abuse can mask an illness, it can lead to the development of mental disorders. Thus, drug abuse can cause a mental disorder instead of bringing the relief they are taken to bring.

Mental Problems that Substance Abuse can Cause

Some people search for the phrase ‘rehab near me’ or ‘one-stop drug rehab locator — find drug rehabs nearby’ when they realize that substance abuse is causing mental problems. Rehab is a treatment facility that provides counseling and therapy whose aim is to help a person recover from addiction. Different rehab centers provide treatments for different addictions. Their programs may also vary. That’s why a person should be careful when choosing a rehab facility.

Some rehab centers provide dual diagnosis and treatment. That means they can treat substance abuse and mental disorders. And, these are the best facilities for people struggling with mental illnesses caused by substance abuse. Research has shown that substance abuse can cause many mental illnesses.

These include:

  • Deliriums
  • Persisting amnestic disorder
  • Psychotic disorder
  • Mood disorder
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Perceptual disorder
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sleep disorder

Anybody with any of these conditions should search for the phrase ‘drug rehab near me’ and seek immediate assistance. That’s because most co-occurring conditions will not get better if not treatment is sought. Instead, they will worsen and continue to cause more problems and even death in some cases.

Why Substance Abuse can Cause a Mental Disorder

Mental disorders are different. Similarly, they come in different ways. However, several general reasons can lead to their development.

These include:

  • The overall health of the drug user
  • The addictive substance that is taken by a person
  • The amount of drug taken by a person
  • The duration for which a person uses drugs

These are some of the reasons why sweeping generalizations can’t be made when it comes to determining why substance abuse leads to mental disorders. What’s more, mental illnesses can look different among sufferers.

For instance, research has shown that perceptual disorders and psychosis can develop in a marijuana user. That’s because the active ingredient in cannabis, THC, can disrupt the brain’s chemical networks that connect different brain sides. This disruption leads to loss or dropping of information. Consequently, a marijuana user may exhibit symptoms that are similar to those of people with a psychotic or a hallucination disorder.

Similarly, amphetamine and cocaine have been linked to psychotic disorders. However, their effects are felt when taken for a long period and in large amounts. Additionally, depression has been associated with the drug amount that a person takes. For instance, taking a large amount of heroin or other euphoric drugs can lead to depression. Nevertheless, searching for the phrase ‘drug rehabs near me’ online and seeking help in one facility can mark the turning point in the life of an addict.

Treatment for Mental Disorders Caused by Substance Abuse

An integrated approach provides the best treatment for dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. This involves the treatment of mental disorders and substance abuse simultaneously. Treatment for a mental health problem can involve group or individual counseling, medication, peer support, and lifestyle changes. Treatment for substance abuse, on the other hand, can include withdrawal symptoms management, behavioral therapy, detoxification, and support groups that help a person maintain sobriety.

After searching for ‘inpatient drug rehab near me’ and choosing a facility, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that there is always hope for a better future. No matter how bad the situation seems, anybody can recover from drug addiction to lead a sober, healthy, and happy life. The most important thing is to get sober and follow through the treatment process. Relapse can happen and this should not discourage a person. Instead, they should get support and encouragement from peers and family.

The Bottom Line

Substance abuse can cause different mental disorders. However, individuals can recover from both substance abuse and co-occurring mental disorders. The most important thing is to search for ‘drug rehab centers near me’ online, choose the right facility, and follow through the treatment process. This may not be easy for a person that has been living in addiction for a long time. However, anybody can recover from addiction and lead a healthy, sober life as long as they are ready to seek professional assistance and determined to overcome the problem.

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