Study: CO2 Climate Impact is ‘Effectively Unmeasurable’

Written by Kenneth Richard

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A new study (Stallinga, 2020) assesses the climate sensitivity to rising CO2 concentrations is just 0.0014°C per ppm. Dr. Peter Stallinga has published a comprehensive analysis of the Earth’s ‘greenhouse effect.’ He finds an inconsequential role for CO2.

Doubling CO2 from 350 to 700 ppm yields warming of less than 0.5°C (500 mK). Feedbacks to warming are likely negative, as adding CO2 may only serve to speed up natural return-to-equilibrium processes.

As for absorption-reemission perturbation from CO2, “there is nothing CO2 would add to the current heat balance in the atmosphere.”

Image Source: Stallinga, 2020

A portion of Dr. Stallinga’s paper worth highlighting – which he mentions only in passing – refers to the early history of the Earth’s greenhouse effect paradigm.

K. Ångström receives little attention as a pioneer of the conceptualization that warming and cooling result from radiative imbalances within a planetary ‘greenhouse effect.’

About 120 years ago, Ångström (1900) contradicted the oft-cited Arrhenius (1896) – the atmospheric physicist referred to by proponents of anthropogenic global warming.

Ångström suggested Earth’s greenhouse effect is already saturated in its current (1900) state, and therefore increasing CO2 will have “no effect whatsoever” on climate (Stallinga, 2020).

Ångström’s conclusions were largely ignored.

Image Source: Arrhenius, 1896 and Stallinga, 2020

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    Charles HIgley


    “As for absorption-reemission perturbation from CO2, “there is nothing CO2 would add to the current heat balance in the atmosphere.””

    Why is it never mentioned that CO2 only has three absorption peaks, equivalent to black body temperatures of 800, 400, and -80ºC?

    The first two would only be busy during sunlight, absorb incoming IR and re-emit it in all directions, thus actually short-stopping some insolation and sending it out to space, creating a little cooling effect.

    The -80ºC peaks would be active all the time as every on the surface is warmer than that. It would serve at night to try to bring the atmosphere down to -80ºC. This is clearly a cooling effect and which is why it is called a “radiative gas.”

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    The sad thing is that at this stage the cult with their mob mentality have completely given up on being swayed by science. People like Bezo’s giving billions to fight a non existent problem just to be popular with his elite friends while the rest of us struggle just to get along. The odd thing is the cult following don’t understand that what they are asking for is annihilation of themselves to save the elites. It’s pretty much laughable how stupid the general public are.

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    It is unmeasurable because it does not exist!!!

    A so-called “greenhouse effect” is impossible in this universe. It is a violation of many physical laws that govern our universe. Just like you can’t get blood out of a turnip, you can’t get heat out of a magical gas! … seriously, what does it take for morons to realize this?

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    That’s just it squiggly until someone tells these morons( general public) they just go on believing this nonsense. It appears that even a small amount of intelligence in the public is to much to ask for, as J Postma says 95% of people just want to be told what to do. It’s like they keep voting for one corrupt political party over another expecting a different out come. The very definition of insanity.

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