Scientists Prove Man-made Global Warming a Hoax

Written by John Nolte


Far-left ThinkProgress reports that scientists have finally proven that the theory of man-made Global Warming is a total hoax.

Of course, no one will admit it, but that is exactly what has happened. A new scientific study shows has revealed the following:

Current CO2 levels of 410 parts per million (ppm) were last seen on Earth three million years ago, according to the most detailed reconstruction of the Earth’s climate by researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and published in Science Advances.

Yes, you read that correctly, three million — million — years ago CO2 levels on Earth were the same as they are today, but there is one major difference between three million years ago and today…

Three million years ago, we humans were not driving cars or eating the meat that requires cow farts; we weren’t barbecuing or refusing to recycle or building factories; there was no Industrial Age, no plastic, no air conditioning, no electricity, no lumber mills, no consumerism, no aerosols.

In fact, three million years ago, there were probably no human beings on Earth, at least not human in the way we use that term today. And yet…

CO2 levels were the same then as they are now…


But I thought humans warmed the planet? That’s the hustle we’ve been sold for three decades now — you know, that WE are the problem.

We have also been told the problem is DEFINITELY NOT a billions-year-old planet running through cycles where the temperature might fluctuate a bit. Oh, no, that could never be it — so stop saying that could be, you Denier.

Well, what about the Ice Age that occurred thousands and thousands of years before the Industrial Age.

Shut up, Denier.

And yet…

According to the study, scientists also discovered that during this period of Global Warming “there were no ice sheets covering either Greenland or West Antarctica, and much of the East Antarctic ice sheet was gone.”

How is this possible 2,999,971 years before Arnold Schwarzenegger bought his Hummer?

It gets worse:

Temperatures were up to 7 degrees Fahrenheit warmer globally, at least double that at the poles, and sea levels were some 20 meters (65 feet) higher.

How is that possible 2,999,945 years before Americans moved to the suburbs and lit up the charcoal grills?

Naturally, even in the face of a study that totally debunks the whole concept of man-made Global Warming, ThinkProgress is sticking with that hoax but is also forced to concede the following:

The good news is that the Earth does not warm instantly, and mile-thick ice sheets melt even more slowly. So the temperature rise will take several decades, and tens of feet of sea level rise will take hundreds and hundreds of years.

But-but-but-but Alexandria Ocasio-Crazy told me we only have 12 years!

And then ThinkProgress drops this anti-science stink bomb:

That means the choices we make now can affect the rate of rise and determine whether we blow past 65 feet of sea level rise to beyond 200 feet.

Because, because, because Orange Man Bad:

Even worse, the climate policy agenda President Donald Trump is pushing — actions that include rolling back U.S. laws that reduce carbon pollution and abandoning the Paris climate agreement — would lock us in to such high CO2 levels, sea levels would rise a foot per decade in just a few decades.

No, actually, what this study proves is that there is nothing we can do to stop  the Earth’s naturally occurring climate cycles. Even the worst of the worst, even the most maniacal pushing the Global Warming Hoax admit that, at best, we can only cool the planet a couple of degrees, which will do next to nothing if the planet is determined to again warm itself by seven degrees, as we now know it did 2,999,998 years before the Bad Orange Man approved a couple of pipelines.


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    Ken Hughes


    ‘pity the article didn’t expose the fact that global mean temperatures (whatever they are), have been much higher in the geological past than they are today. Let’s hit them with everything. That rising CO2 lags temperature increase, not leads it.

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      Right you are Ken .. not only have mean temperatures been much higher in the past, they have also at time been higher while atmospheric CO2 concentrations were lower than today. How can they possibly explain that?

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        What about other greenhouse gases. Like Methane.

        You’re selfish and blind.

        • Avatar

          Herb Rose


          Hello Kit,
          Methane is naturally produced on the Earth by biological and chemical processes. It is easily oxidizable (catches on fire) and in the atmosphere will quickly be turned into H2O and cO2 by the sun. (If the sun can break down CFC which will not burn how fast will destroy methane?) The methane produced in the Earth by plants, cows, chemical reaction will all eventually find its way into the atmosphere where it will be destroyed (Unlike Neptune where the energy from the sun is to weak.) Contrary to what you’ve been told methane is not vented into the atmosphere in great quantity but is gathered to make detergents, paint resins, and plastics. I am sure you complain about the non degradable plastics that are made from methane and do not go into the atmosphere too
          You are ignorant and vocal..

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        I pity your ignorance and short signed nature

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    Roger Payne


    How can they explain CO2 levels related to anything much? Answer: could it be hat in fact we know very little indeed about the vast forces involved in climate and its variations and cyclic patterns? So any such real study would have to explore sun cycles, moon orbital variations, earth axial tilt and orbital shifts, gravity, earth tectonics and shifts, undersea volcanic activity, the interrelationship of the planets in the solar system and how the large ones affect us, cosmic rays, electromagnetic forces, the expansion and contraction of the earth due to gravitational pull, etc. Just for a start. Then add on computers which involve all those factors, then they can begin. But settling for CO2 and so on is much easier…..

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