Record Global Crops Ignored by Media Climate Alarmists

Written by CFACT

wheat crop

The climate alarmist echo chamber must have decided that this week will be national crop production alarmism week.

As of Monday morning at 7:00 am Eastern, the top items for a Google News search on “climate change” are top-heavy with articles asserting global warming is destroying crop production all over the world.

Yet the science is soundly settled and nothing could be farther from the truth.

In an article titled, “What You Can Do To Increase Food Security In The Face Of Climate Change,” Forbes columnist Joan Michelson writes:

“Yes, climate change affects what you eat; you need look no further than how extreme weather and droughts have destroyed harvests and increased produce prices.”

Yet global crop yields are setting new records, yet again this year. This follows the past six years being the six highest years for crop production in human history.

In fact, crop yields per acre are rising all over the world, setting new records almost every year.

The facts demonstrate the complete opposite of Forbes lies about climate change destroying harvests, creating food shortages, and rising food prices.

The columnists at always-alarmist Forbes have developed a perfect recipe for manufacturing a climate crisis.

Don’t worry about the facts; just make stuff up.

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    Carbon Bigfoot


    In the US 13MM acres were under water this spring. Many crops were destroyed by cool temperature and early frost. Before you continue to bellow about the world watch this video:

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      257 million acres of farm land in US and you say 13MM were frosty or under water, just means things were late or reduced, the rest of those acres send to have picked up the slack… Just sayin’

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    Alex DuBois


    The nasty spring weather is indicative of a cooling climate, where winter temps hang around longer than “normal.” It is a simple fact that increasing CO2 levels increases crop yield. What isn’t commonly known is that the increased yields translate to lower nutrient density unless more mineral fertilizer is used. In other words you get more calories but less nutrients, which is just one of the causes of obesity in the West. Humanity always does better with a warmer climate. Too bad it appears things are heading south.

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