Recommendations for 5G Communication Systems Testing

Written by Dr Klaus L E Kaiser

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This is a follow-up to my recent post on “5G Wireless Broadband and how (not) to Boil Eggs.”

As I had tried to point out, there is a one-plus order of magnitude difference in the photon (electromagnetic wave, EM) energy between the current 4G communication (4G) and the proposed 5G systems (5G).

Due to the higher attenuation in the atmosphere and the expected increased communication demand, like from and to your fridge, dishwasher, and just about any other “to be internet connected” household appliance (even mouse traps ?), of the 5G waves versus the 4G system, the 5G system will require an ubiquitous coverage. In practice, that means a 5G transmission tower “on every city block” or so.

What’s at Issue?

As stated in my previous post, this is not only a question of human health. It goes much further than that. The more powerful EM wave energy (30-80 GHz of the 5G vs. 3-6 GHz of the 4G) requires a novel set of long-term assessment testing on a variety of species that could be affected by it, even if it were eventually proven to be of no concern in any testing.

However, WITHOUT ANY SUCH TESTING, the proposed roll-out is nothing but a giant world-wide experiment on the human population and any other living organism.

Most folks just seem to think that 5G is barely different from 4G, therefore – what’s the worry?

Considering the substantial and time-consuming tests that are required for the licensing of any new drug, that often take years to complete, one would think that similar stringent testing requirements would be demanded prior to a country-wide establishment of highly energetic EM wave transmission systems.

Sadly, that does not appear to be the case.

Much of that common indifference appears to stem from reasons like:

  • The common desire to have a WiFi connection everywhere and for every item (e.g. mousetraps, etc.).
  • The greater download speeds of anything on the net, taking seconds rather than minutes for a larger data file.
  • To facilitate the “autonomous” and “electric” vehicles that are touted as the “the future of driving.”
  • To facilitate other up-and-coming “robotic” inventions and appliances.

Obviously, when you are in a hurry to get on the next rocket to the Moon or Mars and forgot to start your WiFi-connected appliance, you can do so from far away then, no sweat.

In reality, such inventions are highly futuristic, require much time to “program” each appliance or gadget by the individual user and, basically, are more like “inventions looking for an application” rather than the opposite.

The question at hand is how to test the (widely presumed) safety of the 5G radio-wave dousing that’s being in discussed.

Well, what could be better testing grounds than some of the world’s famous zoos?

Zoos as Testing Grounds

Surely, if the novel system is safe to all creatures on earth, why not get actual confirmation in a next-to-real environment? And what could be better suited than some of the world’s great zoos for that.

Major zoos, like in San Diego, Toronto, Beijing, and so forth have thousands of live specimens (usually in pairs, or whole families of different generations) of hundreds of species. The list below is only a small fraction of the entire biological universe represented in zoos. They all have many species of the animal kingdom, including amphibians, birds, invertebrates, mammals, reptiles, plus assorted plants.

It’s been claimed that collectively, the world’s zoos hold some 15,000 animal species (including fish).

Of course, any such tests ought to include a couple of generations, at least. With the gestation period of (African) elephants being ~650 days, the whole testing may take a while. Just imagine the additional income of the zoos that are willing to have their area doused in all that presumed-to-be-safe electromagnetic energy field (EMF), day and night, 365 days a year, for two years or longer.

Surely, the 5G-technology behemoths that hope to reap vast amounts of dollars with this development would be quite happy to fund a few transmission towers, say one per every 3 to 5 hectare area, to test the presumed safety of the systems.

To the Specifics

It has been postulated that the density (number of transmission towers per area) of the 5G will have to be much greater than that of the 4G technology system. The reason for that are both the higher attenuation of the higher frequency EMW in air and the increasing demand for uninterrupted “connectivity.” The latter is of particular importance for the “autonomous” vehicle (and other “robots”) that may soon prowl your neighborhood, day and night. In fact, there was a suggestion that “5G could require cell towers on every street corner.

My Proposal for Testing:

  • The density of 5G-transmission facilities (5G-TF) in the zoos ought to be no less than one TF per five hectare of area where there are any animals.
  • The 5G-TFs must be powered to simulate the expected future actual energy of such (both wavelength and output energy).
  • The 5G-TFs must be controlled by independent operators, in double/triple blind studies, at random intervals and for random time periods.
  • The 5G-TFs are to be used solely for testing purposes until completion of the studies.
  • These 5G-TFs must be transmitting and receiving data in a realistic manner, i.e. what can be expected to occur in fully operational systems of that kind.
  • The participating zoos are required to provide accurate, time & date logs of any unusual behavior by any of the zoos occupants and staff.
  • The participating zoos must submit daily reports, delineating any unusual events or occurrences of any sort.
  • All data and analyses resulting from these tests must be made public in a timely fashion, collated and analyzed at the end of the tests by independent scientific establishments and made freely available for public inspection.
  • The major purveyors of the 5G-technology must fund the entirety of 5G-TF installations, recompense the participating zoos for the additional staff and work required to participate in such studies on an advance-payment schedule and must conform to other rules and/or laws.

Only – and only – after such tests and studies have confirmed the safety of the 5G system(s) can they be permitted for world-wide deployment.

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