Principia Scientific International (PSI)

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Please read our ‘Mission Statement.’

Principia Scientific International is legally registered in the UK as a company incorporated for charitable purposes. We are a ‘Community Interest Company’ overseen and regulated by Companies House.

We serve the public interest in providing educational resources freely in the fields of scientific inquiry. Principia Scientific International CIC is about transparency and truth; the only publishing international science association shunning political advocacy and defending the traditional scientific method, as extolled by Karl Popper.

The essence of genuine scientific inquiry shall exemplify the sui generis, or the abiding maxim that goodness is indefinable and exists in science only insofar as the pursuit of truth ought to be our abiding goal.

Our members feel a moral duty to preserve the traditional methods of open scientific inquiry free from persecution, ridicule and censure.


The Association is indebted for its name to Sir Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica that signaled the modern legacy of the English Scientific Method, often shortened to just the traditional Scientific Method. But also we give thanks to British philosopher G. E. Moore and his 1903 book Principia Ethica that cautioned us as to the dangers of the ‘appeal to nature’ and the indeterminate construct of moralism; thus objective science is best served searching for truth rather than ‘goodness.’


Over the past two decades there has grown a widespread perception of increased corporate and governmental meddling in science; disenfranchised specialists have sought to be heard in the one forum not yet entirely constrained by the gatekeeping mentality of self-serving politicians, media and publishing outlets: the Internet.

With the Internet as our main, but not exclusive, medium of operation we shall redress the balance and by our strength in numbers, advance the work of science authors and advocates seeking to distribute important new ideas/theories untainted by subjective ideology. To achieve our goals it is essential for us to seek to form a large, international subscriber-based association whereby those of talent and merit In this cause may receive this association’s technical, financial and moral support.


PSI aims to promote best scientific practice in the community; to defend the interests of the members, to educate specialists and non-specialists about new theories and refinements in best practice; to disseminate amongst our members, domestically and internationally, news and views for the betterment of their knowledge and performance.

Isaac Newton Dansk: Sir Isaac Newton Français ...

Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) (Photo credit: Wikipedia )

Our specific objectives include:

  • Promoting the broadest possible dissemination of impartial science information untainted by politics or corporate interest in as many languages and to as many nations as possible
  • Advancing independent, non-affiliated scientific discoveries unencumbered by political ideology or corporate financial interest.
  • Providing impartial scientific advice and evidence to international policymakers, news outlets and the general public
  • Being a cost effective ebook publishing service to our members at preferential rates for their personal and career advancement
  • Offering financial support either by grant or loan, to authors in science who we believe have potential to advance the association’s core values
  • Discouraging inappropriate or unconscionable scientific methods by exposing them where they are proven to exist
  • Publicizing our successes via the Internet and mainstream media as appropriate (including television, books, radio, film).

PRINCIPIA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL, legally registered in the UK as a company incorporated for charitable purposes. Head Office: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX. Telephone: Calls from within the UK: 020 7419 5027. International dialling: (44) 20 7419 5027. 

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