Pandemics Are PERSONAL

Written by Joseph A Olson, PE

You might not have relationships with victims of industrial pollution, or open air nuclear test down winder cancer clusters.  Disease might seem a random event you’ve been lucky enough to avoid, however pandemics are different.

Declared pandemics are rare, once in a century events, but no individual or family is untouched.  My maternal grandmother lost her mother, father and little brother to the 1918 Spanish Flu.

She bravely, never mentioned her orphan childhood, but that fact left me longing for answers.  A few years ago a friend gave me a copy of The Great Influenza, by John M Barry.

I often read good books cover to cover, but have never finished a book, only to realize that my preconceived opinions had tainted my understanding of the first half of the book so much that I immediately reread this book.  The missing element in this pandemic is cofactors, but before we discuss those, a quick overview. 

Barry is an impeccable researcher, his book has 450 pages, with an additional 80 page bibliography. No summary article can do it justice, but a great 20 minute video will introduce the subject. “1918 Spanish Flu History Documentary” at Chromosome8 website.

Now a brief discussion of the Barry mentioned cofactors, with some additions.  First is the total lack of quarantine in America.  Next is the Espionage Act of 1917 banning any antiwar propaganda, which included any mention of disease.  The horrible housing, feeding and transporting of inductees, as mention in the video are cofactors.

These soldiers were then subject to poison gas attacks, further weakening their immune systems. The next problem was any understanding of this pathogen.  Bacteria were visible with optical microscopes, but the sub 400 micron diameter of virus left this pathogen undiscovered until the invention of the electron microscope in the mid 1920s.

Pandemics are cyclical, as recovered victims are immune protected and cannot spread disease to new hosts.  We know the greatest pandemic in written history was the Bubonic Plague, 1346 to 1353, killing 200 million, and the next recorded pandemics were the H2N2 of 1889, 1956 and 1977.

The Spanish Flu was H1N1, which occurred again in 1950 and in 1977.  We will cover more of this in a moment.

The Wilson Flu of 1918 was a war crime against America.  This Princeton puppet won in 1912 with 41% of the vote, and in 1916 with 49% of the vote on the slogan, “He kept us out of war”.  Woody was inaugurated on March 4, 1917, but on March 1, a mysterious “Zimmerman Telegraph” was intercepted, claiming Germany would grant Mexico the southwestern United States if they declared war on the US.

Germany was in no position to aid Mexico, Mexico was in no position to occupy a single border town, and this false flag would be proven false within a month.  Regardless, Congress declared war, signed by Woody on April 4, 1917.  The Espionage Act of 1917 was expanded with EO#2594, creating the Committee on Public Information, which seized all US German language newspapers and all German language library book.

Flipboard: Walmart introduces gym memberships at $9 a ...

Over 30% of Americans had proud Germanic roots, so Woody increased his terror campaign.

The Trading with the Enemy Act was used to seize all assets of Austrian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, German and Romanian related Americans until the end of hostilities.  Following the war, a portion was returned, the rest given to plutocrat bankers.  Another horror of Woody’s war was on the other side of my family tree.

These pioneers came from Norway or Tennessee to central Texas in the 1850s to be farmers or carpenters.  My great grandmother, Jean had two younger brothers, uncle Red and uncle Jake.  On summer morning, I asked grandma Jean about the Vietnam war, and to my surprise, this patriotic lady said she hated war.

When I asked why, she explained that she and her younger brothers sowed cotton in the spring and picked cotton in the fall.  In the winter she sewed tents for a US Army contractor.  The family was delighted when her older brother returned from the war.  On the horse drawn buggy ride home, this uncle refused to comment on the mysterious, glamorous nation of France.  After repeated questioning he broke down in tears.

“If I cannot forget what I saw over there, then life is not worth living”.

Two weeks later, he fatally shot himself.  PTSD was an unmentioned war crime at the time.  Now, back to the additional Woody Flu cofactors.

Another  missing cofactor in Barry’s book was COAL DUST.  Increasing use of steamships, steam locomotives and steam driven factories had caused an exponential use of coal since the 1850s.  By 1900, the US was producing 57 million tons of anthracite and 212 million tons of bituminous coal every year.

A portion of bituminous coal was baked to produce coke, necessary for production of Carbon steel. Coal use rose to 645 million tons by 1920.  Coal was the most common heating system in the north, and clouds of smoke hung over cities for months.  This is not an indictment of coal, only of the unregulated discharge of byproducts.

My grandmother’s family were English immigrants, my grandfather’s were German, all moved to western Illinois in the 1850s and both families fought for the Union in the Civil War.  In the 1930s my grandfather was diagnosed with CWP, Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis, see NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV/CWP.

The only cure was to move away from that climate, and south Texas seemed far enough away.  There are however, other pandemic cofactors.

While it is possible to reduce the number of cofactors contribution to infectious disease, the allopathic claim is that portions of the pathogen can stimulate an immune response.  There is a huge difference between naturally “acquired” immunity and artificially “impressed” immunity.

Acquired lasts a lifetime, impressed requires boosters and is often ineffective.  Acquired measles, mumps and chicken pox were a summer ritual for centuries.  Moms would bring healthy children to play with strange, sick children, then, when sick, other strange healthy children would come play with you.

These diseases are easy to identify, MUMPS has swollen cheeks, fever, MEASELS has red rash, fever, CHICKEN POX has itchy blisters, fever.

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NO parent would have simultaneously exposed their child to two, or all three of these pathogens, the combination would likely be fatal.  However, we are forced to believe that multiple exposures with the MMR vaccines are benign. The vaccine syndicate admitted that there were near zero complications from mumps, but the injections were a “convenience” for busy moms who couldn’t be bothered for a few days.  The USS Navy, Fort McHenry was quarantined for 122 days at sea in 2019 with a mumps outbreak, among a fully vaccinated crew, see Business Insider, May 2018.  Evidence is mounting that ANY past flu vaccine, increases the severity of the WuFlu.


Investigative reporter, James Corbett at, has a great documentary on How, and another on Why Big Oil Conquered the World.  This gives interesting insights in the Rockefeller origins of the snake oil, allopathic medicine cult.  His “The World War One Conspiracy” series adds to the evils of the Woody Wilson administration.  As the Chromosome8 documentary shows, the 1918 Flu was really the Woody Wilson Pandemic.  In addition to gagging reporters and transporting infected troops, the anti-Hun hate caused some Americans to react violently to their German-American brothers.  Another family anecdote will explain this domestic terror.


But now another, unaddressed cofactor was radiological tissue damage. Radio was a relatively new, and not widely used factor during WW One, however radio and radar were ubiquitous during WW Two.  Radar operates in the microwave band, and it was soon discovered to be very dangerous.  The original microwave ovens were called Radar Ranges and they heat by exciting the water molecules within a food.  Place a potato in the microwave, in minutes it is warm to the touch, but steaming inside.  The FCC has ruled that this “5G radiation has no surface warming” in limited time tests and is therefore safe.  Space X is planning to place 42,000 low Earth orbit satellites in the next few years.  This technology was activated in Wuhan just prior to the outbreak, and studies show interference with Oxygen-hemoglobin exchange in 5G environments.   Self-luminous, Radium dial watches first appeared in 1917, and the radiation poisoning was a cofactor for these workers.  William Walker, the brave hard helmet diver who saved Winchester Cathedral, died of the Spanish flu in 1918.  Oil free compressors for divers were not yet been invented, a possible chemical cofactor.



Woody Wilson’s information war arrested hundreds of editors and reporters and demonized the Huns. In 1918 my twelve year old grandmother lost her family.  On April 5, 1918 my twelve year old German-American grandfather would get another lesson.  A German-American immigrant, Robert Paul Prager, by all accounts a loyal American, applied for a high paying, union coal mining job with an Italian controlled union.  He was rejected, and blamed ethnic prejudice.  A group of 200 miners promptly marched him to the edge of town, in Collinsville, Illinois and hung him.  A dozen were indicted for his murder, their trial lasted five days, the jury deliberated for ten minutes.  All of the participants were exonerated as “patriots” and town of ten thousand learned a lesson in patriotism, mob rule and the justice system.

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Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius suffered a plague, named after him in 165 AD which killed an estimated 10 million Romans.  There is a great video on this, “The Aurelius Pandemic” at the Daily Stoic, which has this great quote


There is no problem, that we cannot make worse.


Yes, grammar nannies, double negatives are a no-no, but the motto could easily be applied to our government, or political parties.  Tedros, the leader of UN World Health Organization is an unindicted war criminal who spread cholera in Ethopia, prior to his WHO appointment, see “Who Makes WHO” video by Mark Freisen.  Another cofactor in 1918 was the use of recently approved aspirin to control fever.  Elevated body temperature inhibits bacterial and viral growth, and is part of the body’s natural immune system.  Defeating this mechanism, or overdosing with this natural willow tree derived product can be fatal.


Plants are subject to insects, grazing animals and a number of pathogens including fungus, mold, bacteria and virus vectors and have developed chemical defenses.  One family of chemicals are the Alkaloids, which include caffeine, nicotine, strychnine and quinine.  Quinine is derived from the bark of the South American cinchona tree, and has been used by natives for thousands of year to treat malaria.  Quinine also treats the corona virus, and the commercial Hydrochloroquine is derived from this natural product.  The problem with this HCQ cure is that ten pills only cost one Euro.  If there is no BIG profit for BIG pharma, then the lapdog CDC and FDA have a BIG problem.  The video, “Virus Task Force, Birx-Ukraine Connections” by Amazing Polly has some troubling information on the UN-HIV slush fund.



In 2003 scientists released the human genome plot of our DNA.  Bioweapon creators quickly exhumed Spanish flu victims and extracted this super killer RNA.  They were disappointed to discover the common H1N1, but in Oct 2005 they published this genome as well.  Then the mad Frankenscience killers went to work with CRISPR gene splicers to produce Gain-of-Function pathogens. It is interesting that the lab modified Cov-19 virus was granted a patent, and a month later the same company got a patent for a vaccine cure. The WuFlu is one of these manmade creations, but far worse are in the 53 known BSL-4 labs and dozens of clandestine labs on our planet.


The further you dive into our Wonderland of Lies rabbit hole, the uglier it gets.  We must accept as fact that a powerful cult exists on Earth, determined to rapidly reduce the planet population to below 500 million.  For this 0.1% psychopath class to accomplish this 95% reduction, they must depend on a loyal 1% as lieutenants.  If you are one of those anti-human lieutenants, you must ask yourself….if they would kill 95%, why not 96%….is there not one of these warlords that wants your wife, your children, or your castle.  Then ask yourself, DO I FEEL LUCKY.


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You are here today because your ancestors endured natural disasters, predators and manmade famine, plagues, pestilence and war.  Our ruling elite control these Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and are planning on using all of them.  To our feral government, you are a tax slave.  To our monopoly bankers you are a debt slave. To our parasitic pharmaceutical industry, you are a medicine slave.  To our military, you are a cannon fodder slave.  To each other, we are each a beautiful creation on the loveliest planet in the Milky Way galaxy.  Your family history maybe lost to time, but we are all now writing our history of this simultaneous plague, depression and war.  We must cure

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    Joseph Olson


    Further research on the elite wargaming on this intentional bioweapon release,

    Operation Dark Winter, June 2001 > predicted anthrax attacks and Iraq WMD
    Scenario for Future Technology, 2010 > narrative management
    Clade X Pandemic Exercise, May 2018 > virus pandemic potentials
    Not a Drill, Hypothetical Pandemic, Sep 2018 > by Wheeler Center, Australia
    Event 201, Oct 2019 > 5 hour enactment of CORONA pandemic
    (all were by John Hopkins and CenterforHealthSecurity, except as noted)

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    Brian Kibel


    The World keeps referring to the virus as a standard, once in a Century event. IT IS NOT. It is a WEAPON manufactured to kill. It cannot be eradicated- it is with us for the foreseeable future. A second virus (also manufactured) has been introduced- this will cause infection without the fatal consequences. It is also permanent-it has also been engineered to persist. The only way to stop the deaths is to expose the population to the second virus. This you cannot do by shutting people away. To stop this pandemic select people who show the symptoms (the non lethal type!) and integrate them into the population as soon as possible.

  • Avatar

    Graeme Mochrie


    An interesting bit of family history from the USA. I did not know much of this and am looking forward to reading more history.

    From reading that I did a couple of years ago, it does appear that much of the way or society functions now had its roots in the USA in the late nineteenth early twentieth century. JD Rockefeller seems to have painted the backwash to the modern world. He did this along with a group of tycoons, like Andrew Carnegie with trusts and endowments that would ease the way for their monopolistic developments. These allowed hand picked people to be in key institutions like universities and school boards, controlling the curriculum and stifling thinking. Despite anti trust laws and the breaking up of certain businesses, large sections of the economy were born from these tycoons. If you control the media, the universities, the schools, banks… There is not much else left.

    Mussolini once said that Italy didn’t have fascism, it had corporatism. For over a century, the USA and increasingly the rest of the world has been in the control of corporations. A sort of Nazification, or mafiaisation of society. With so much in the control of so few, we should I suppose be grateful that we are allowed for the most part to exist. Somehow we have allowed a God class to emerge. We must be grateful everyday that the thunderbolt does not smite us.

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