On the Cusp of the Next Grand Minimum?

Written by Russ Steele

One of the signs that we are on the cusp of the Next Grand Minimum is an increase in the number late spring frosts and early on set of winter frost and snow.

The Bonsetreporting world wine production ‘to hit 50-year low due to extreem weather, even though they failed to mention it was due to severe spring frost.

Here are estimates of the drops in wine production by country:

• Italian production will fall 23% to 39.3 million hectolitres.

• French production will drop 19% to 36.7 million hectolitres … its worst harvest since 1945.

• Spanish production will be 15% lower at 33.5 million hectolitres.

• A hectolitre is 100 litres, equivalent to about 133 standard 750mL bottles.

The BBC may blame ‘extreme weather,’ but back in August the French agriculture minister presented a more honest picture, saying that the losses were “mainly attributable to the severe spring frost.”

Bitter cold struck twice within a week in April, ravaging fragile shoots and buds.

Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Hungary also experienced hard frosts this year, and were worried that wine harvests could fall by 30%, even up to 60% in some areas.

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Waiting for the early winter cold. Stay tuned.

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    As with anything to do with climate, timing is the big unknown, however all the evidence about the timing of cold periods (ice-ages and little ice-ages) leads inexorably to the conclusion that there is one due ‘soon’. How soon is ‘soon’? This solar cycle, or the next one, or after the next solar maximum?
    In other words is it within a couple of years, within 11 years, or closer to 40 years? Who really knows? What we do know is it is that it seems to be very likely with the lifetime of the current generation of children.
    It will be a great catastrophe when it happens, thus far the current generation is doing nothing to prepare for such an event, indeed they are hindering any effort that may help.
    Easily maintained dispatchable power generation grid is being replaced by overly complex structures of many communications methods linking unreliable wind and solar generation. The simple grid system is fast becoming an unwieldy and less efficient multi-system morass. Wind and solar, even with battery assistance, will not survive extremely cold weather well either. And nor would battery powered vehicles.

    I believe we shall see a cold snap within the next 18 months or so. But it will only be a warning shot before warming slightly again, however it is a taster of what will come a little later. If things carry on as they are doing, very little will happen, the AGW diehards will write it off as a freak occurrence, and the ever resolute IPCC will forge ahead with pillaging the world’s wealth as western governments vacillate.

    Rick: “We’ll always have Paris. ”
    Casablanca (1942 Film)

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