New Book: Sky Dragon Slayers: Victory Lap

Written by John O'Sullivan

From some of the world’s most eminent scientists and three years in the making comes The Sky Dragon Slayers: Victory Lap.’ This 400-page, full-color volume is the world’s most in-depth debunk of the scientific cornerstone of man-made global warming.

This important new work is the essential accompaniment of the authors’ first book Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory’ (2011).

The Sky Dragon Slayers: Victory Lap.’ not only brings up to date all the compelling science of the first book, it contains important new revelations that expose the deliberate fraud and downright incompetence of a clique of government-funded climate researchers.

The release of this astounding tome,  exposing the lies and errors that brought the world’s leading economies to the precipice of economic suicide, will be welcomed by all free-thinkers and supporters of transparency in government science.

The most astonishing revelation of the book is the crushing fact that the best empirical scientific evidence proves that carbon dioxide (CO2) can work only to COOL earth’s climate. As such, it is innocent of any claims concerning man-made global warming.

Dramatically exposed is ‘world-leading climate scientist‘ Dr Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann.

Political Brambles: Dr. Tim Ball On Climate Alarmism

Revealed is the name of the secret billionaire backer who generously donated $700,000 to Ball’s enormous legal fees. While further revelations point to a coordinated plan to systematically bring dozens of the worst climate fraudsters to justice.

First among the authors is retired Canadian climatologist, Dr Tim Ball fresh from his eight-year, multi-million-dollar courtroom victory in the ‘science trial of the century.’ Dr Ball defeated the now humiliated Dr Michael E Mann, who refused to reveal in open court key data behind the UN’s iconic ‘hockey stick’ graph, for which Mann bragged won him a Nobel Prize.

Dr Mann is now dragging his feet over complying with the judge’s order to repay all Ball’s legal costs, currently standing at around one million dollars! 

For 20 years heralded among his peers Mann’s reputation is now in tatters. World governments and the UN had relied on Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ graph, which claims to show ‘unprecedented’ modern global temperatures due to human emissions of carbon dioxide, to promote stringent emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

But the victorious Dr Ball, who has long claimed Mann faked his data, was vindicated by the courts. Mann’s discredited ‘secret science’ is consigned to the trash, cynically concocted to help fool the world’s governments into pursuing expensive and unnecessary carbon tax policies.

Dr Ball, a heroic servant of open, transparent science is joined by no less a giant in the skeptic cause than Dr George V Chilingar who has published hundreds of scientific papers and books and holds many prestigious international awards.

As co-author of The Sky Dragon Slayers: Victory Lap.’ Dr Chilingar (pictured right) has the finest pedigree. He has been slaying the myth that CO2 drives climate since publication of his first paper on the matter in 2008. With Cooling of Atmosphere Due to CO2 Emission (co-authors L. F. Khilyuk and O. G. Sorokhtin) Chilingar’s work remains unrefuted in any peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The paper’s authors investigated the effect of CO2 emission on the temperature of our atmosphere. Their computations, based on the adiabatic theory of greenhouse effect, shows that increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere results in cooling rather than warming of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Chilingar has been a prominent scientist exposing the false science of the greenhouse gas theory and rightly joins the only international body of scientists, researchers and related professionals dedicated to defending the traditional scientific method on the issue of the carbon dioxide climate fraud.

Joining these stellar scientists as co-author of The Sky Dragon Slayers: Victory Lap.’ is Dr Pierre R Latour (pictured right), an internationally-acclaimed expert on carbon dioxide who was recently given a prestigious life-time achievement award for his contribution to science.

The authors were assisted by a seasoned backroom team of researchers and editors from Principia Scientific International (PSI) with many years’ experience and knowledge.

PSI is now in partnership with Energycite Inc. which has formed a separate non-profit entity Climatecite Corp. registered in Nevada as a 501( c ).

By this means we will apply charitable donations to help progress our joint mission for provision of powerful scientific materials exposing climate fraud, available for use in the US 2020 Presidential elections.


Buy the paperback version* now on either:  $29.95  £29.95

*The ebook will be available for sale soon.

PRINCIPIA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL, legally registered in the UK as a company incorporated for charitable purposes. Head Office: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX. 

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    Anthro gw is very cold.


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    Peter Daley


    More strength to the the voice of true science denying the myth of gaseous pollution behind climate change.


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      So, global cooling is not climate change?


  • Avatar

    Tom O


    400 pages, $30. It may be a wonderful book, but will it change the average believers mind? Not at that price or size. It is, I am sure, a very good book at getting fellow disbelievers of man-made climate change to say “Ah ha!” Until, of course, they read the part about CO2 cooling the climate just as they were saying in the 1970s, and thus man made climate change will again be seen as “real” as the world continues to move towards a colder climate, and it will be ” all our fault,” and we need to give up carbon fuels.


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    Tom Anderson


    Even if the book does not reach the average reader and voter, it will succeed if it persuades the dominant lukewarm skeptics that the laws of thermodynamics cannot be scanted as easily as running a red light. . All discussion to date has been based on the catastrophists’ “pretend” physics, a logically consistent but realistically unmoored construct of convenience. It bears no relation to the principles of blackbody radiation, on which the great deception is supposedly based and which succeeds, I think, on the lazy compliance of educated but otherwise incurious specialists. In my experience, the giants of skeptical side are either baffled by, or unconvinced of, the physics advanced by working physicists. On one website any reference to gravity as an influence on the atmosphere and climate is strictly forbidden.
    I must register my doubts. I was not impressed with the original book and hope the sequel does not make the same mistake of failing to begin with first principles of blackbody radiation in its historical context and carefully develop the analysis from the Planck-Einstein theoretical concept to the Earth and its atmosphere as concentric radiating spheres (with the outer sphere not a shell but a gas of molecules).
    Skeptics will never prevail, in any event, unless and until they get the underlying physics right. Until that time, debating the NASA and Kiel-Trenberth schematics is playing the alarmists’ game, which they will always win.


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