MSM downplaying record lows in the Netherlands

Written by Argiris Diamantis

Two days ago, we had the coldest September 23 ever measured in the Netherlands. This year March 17 was also the coldest March 17 ever recorded in the Netherlands.

The national weather institute KNMI makes global warming propaganda by stating this 2018 summer was the hottest in the Netherlands in 300 years.

However, Dutch temperature records are based on the De Bilt weather station that dates from 1897. The thermometer of this station has been replaced several times and in the course of so many years the (urban heat island) UHI effect has increased, but no downward temperature correction has been effected to compensate for the UHI effect.

So record highs are quite meaningless and record lows are very meaningful. Yet the MSM is paying lots of attention to these record highs and downplays the record lows.

Argiris Diamantis is a long-time contributor from the Netherlands.