Lethal CDC Vaccine Safety Fail: Massive Lawsuit Coming!

Written by John O'Sullivan

CDC fails to produce in court proceedings ANY studies which backed its claim that vaccines  “Do Not Cause Autism” – therefore they intentionally and dishonestly mislead the public into taking unproven vaccines. Hard-hitting follow up lawsuit is soon to come!

Robert F Kennedy’s recent court victory was so important insofar as it established the fact the CDC lied for years about something they claimed they had proven scientifically, when they had not.

The CDC  were exposed for fraudulently claiming the science of vaccine safety was settled, when in reality there was no such science. THAT’s the story.

In March 2020 Robert F Kennedy’s successful motion was filed to force the CDC to provide the studies that prove the statement on their website “Vaccines do not cause autism.”

They were exposed as not being entitled to make any such claim because they failed to show the court they had undertaken any safety tests. They merely lied and deceived the public on the matter.

Cynically, the CDC had ignored Kennedy’s FOIAs for over a year as they did with swine flu.

The court documents in the link below show that all the  CDC were finally able to provide was a mere 20 studies (some weren’t even relevant) merely to comply with the FOIA requests.  None of these documents contained any scientific evidence to back the CDC’s discredited safety claims.

Kennedy has made clear his team so far has been simply laying the groundwork for a much larger case to come,  They have a legal strategy as yet undisclosed.

Some readers had not realized that this case was from two months ago and had been reported on but very few –  beyond legal experts – recognised the huge importance of the final ruling ( see PDF link below).

PDF (3 Pages): ICAN on CDC Failure 5 March 2020

A previous court win was the case which forced HHS to admit there had not been any safety studies submitted to Congress (as mandated in the NCVIA 1983) for the past 30 years.  The mandate, which provided HHS assume legal liability from vaccine manufacturers, required a task force to be created with reports on improvements to vaccine safety every 2 years to Congress.  NEVER HAPPENED!  So how can vaccines be “safe and effective”??  They don’t have a freakin’ clue!

PDF (3 Pages): Stipulation-and-Order-Fully-Executed

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    Joseph Olson


    PlandemicMovie(.)com > purged by FewTube, banned by FakeBook, deleted by TwitWit

    The Truth that just won’t die….find a copy and share !

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    John Doran



    Right-hand column, 2nd article down.
    1st peer-reviewed study, vaccinated kids, more illness, 470% more autism.

    Autistics generally do not reproduce. Vaccines & autism are a depopulation strategy.

    I’m halfway through reading What Really Makes You Ill ?
    Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong
    by Dawn Lester & David Parker, who have put in 10 years work in research.
    Slaughters vaccines, denies germ theory, but loves Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring ?
    demolishes man made warming/climate change.
    Any feedback mucho appreciated.
    It’s a whopper, 777 pages, including 39 pages references & bibliography.

    Site belongs to G. Edward Griffin, chap who wrote The Creature From Jekyll Island,
    an expose of the US Fed & our Western banking system.

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    John Doran


    PlanDEMIC The Movie: wwwbrighteon.com/45c1558c-4163-4961-9f92-11c7c4c1af21

    26 mins.
    Dr Judy Mikovits out Fauci (rhymes with grouchy) as a plagiarist, thief & mass killer

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