Killing Grandma by Coronavirus False Flag

Written by Stephen Wells

The Globalists struck back. Just when we thought we had them on the ropes. The ice hadn’t melted. The Maldives hadn’t sunk. The snow hadn’t vanished. Most of all Saint Greta hadn’t avoided ridicule and criticism. Rebellion was in the air.

The Yellow vests were still on the streets in France. Gun toting 2nd Amendment activists in Virginia were showing Antifa the true meaning of a peaceful protest. The Communist Party of China was facing its most serious test in decades. Hong Kong was holding out and rebellion was spreading to the mainland.

But then it all changed. Corona virus!

The protests in mainland China were the first to stop. It wasn’t long before the streets were cleared in the rest of the world.The Chinese were protesting in the city of Wuhan. Yes that Wuhan!

In July 2019 riot police were out in force cracking down on people upset over plans to build an incinerator to burn garbage. People were already fed up with pollution in the city and feared that this would make their health even worse.

In December a new strain of the cold virus appeared in Wuhan and it was making people sick. A wet food market was blamed. It was mere coincidence that the market was near a bio security lab that tests viruses. Time for everyone to get indoors and obey the Government again. The Communist regime has such a great history of caring for it’s people after all.

Once all of the protesters in Wuhan and in Hong Kong were safely off the streets Corona virus was defeated. New cases slowed and stopped. New deaths were became like snow: “a thing of the past”! How amazing was that? Totalitarianism works! It can not only stop protests, but killer viruses too. That sound like a great two for one deal, why don’t we try it in the West as well?

Right now in Australia, where I live, it is now forbidden to travel. Not only outside Australia but within it as well. You will be turned back if you try and cross from South Australia to Western Australia. You are forbidden even to travel 130 miles from Perth to Bunbury for a weekend break.

Getting Married? No guests are allowed to attend. A maximum of five people are allowed. The bride, the groom, the person marrying you both and the two witnesses legally required to be there. So choose which parent that’s going to be for each of you, very carefully.

You’re a bit luckier if you die. 10 people can attend your funeral. Whether that includes the deceased or not is yet to be clarified! But funerals are generally outdoors, so as long as there is no hugging or weeping or anything else that might involve the exchange of bodily fluids and everyone remains at least 4 feet away from each other, you might all just avoid going to prison.

However, if you feel like having a wake after a funeral, best think again. Pubs have all been shut down. As have restaurants. Cafe’s too. Any business where people normally meet up, is no longer in business. Sporting events, music festivals, swimming pools, gyms, children’s play centers,….. I could go on and on. They are all verboten.

We are also “discouraged” from compensating for all of this by inviting friends and family to come over to our houses. As long as we comply then our benevolent leaders promise not to pass a law fining people $20,000 for “throwing a shrimp on the barbie”

But just in case we Australians fail to follow “advice” the State Government of Victoria is setting up a special police department of 500 officers to check people’s homes that are not following “social distancing” directives.

Australia isn’t alone. All across the Western world, what worked for China is being implemented universally. Europe has it even worse than Australia. In some countries it is now illegal to leave your own home for anything other than approved activities. We have effectively a few hundred million people under house arrest.

Even in the USA it appears that there is an acceptable exception to the Constitution. Shall not infringe, except if there is a bit of a worry about your Grandma getting ill. 20,000 people turned out in Virginia despite Government orders forbidding it, to defend their 2nd Amendment rights, just two months ago. But the 1st Amendment that the 2nd was written to defend; freedom of assembly and speech, has been tossed aside like a piece of used hoarded toilet paper. Who is going to defy an order to not to assemble, if it means we might accidentally kill Grandma in the process?

If you think it’s just a coincidence that all Governments across the world have responded to this fear of a Corona virus in exactly the same way, you might want to think again.

On 18th October 2019, in New York, top health and other officials from around the world, including Chinese ones, met for Event 201, where a fictional pandemic of a mutated Corona virus was simulated for the guests in dramatized news reports, before experts explained what the global response to such a future threat should be and finally by sending them all off with a nice booklet about what should be done if such a thing were to happen, as well as a cuddly toy Corona Virus memento (photo, above).

They were arrogant enough to film the whole event and stick it on the internet, because who believes conspiracy theorists anyway?

It could be coincidence. It could be that these people were just preparing for the inevitable in good faith. That we should thank our lucky stars that this conference was held just in time to meet the real challenge.

Except, along with preparing for a global pandemic, our old friends at the Rockefeller Foundation (along with many others) have also been preparing a plan for reacting to a pandemic in exactly the same way as they have been telling everyone we should be respond to the Climate Change crisis: A new world technocratic economic order, modeled on China, with all the Globalist centralized planning bells and whistles that we’ve been fighting against for years.

UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose - UCL ...

In a document published in 2010 titled “Scenarios for Future Technology and International Development”, the Rockefeller foundation in partnership with the Global Business Network, a coordinated global response to a global pandemic called “Lock Step”was presented. Significantly, in their simulated fictional response to a global pandemic they state the following:

“However, a few countries did fare better-China in Particular. The Chinese government’s quick imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine for ALL (emphasis mine) citizens, as well as it’s instant and near-hermetic sealing off of all borders, saved millions of lives, stopping the spread of the virus far earlier than in other countries and enabling a swifter post-pandemic recovery”.

Prophetic isn’t it?

All it needed to avert such global catastrophe was the abolition of those pesky freedoms we have in the West, especially in the United States. They had a good run with the “War on Terror”. They’ve been chipping away for years with “The Fight Against Climate Change”, but the dark horse in the race to enslave you has just crossed the finish line.

Global Pandemic comes from behind out of nowhere and all opposition has folded. People have literally begged for their governments to “take action” and save us all. Because God forbid that Grandma should EVAH die!

What is most depressing is the number of my fellow Climate Change realists that have gone along with this. That have berated me with literally the same type of arguments and scorn as they have been ridiculing the Greens about for years.

“What medical qualifications do you have? Oh yeah you’re just a delivery driver!” Seriously, I”m expecting one of them to post a link showing “97% of all doctors believe the Corona Virus is real and dangerous”!

Its like nothing they’ve learned about the lies on Climate Change was anything more than a cool social club to belong to. Now that Grandma is at risk, it’s time to put all that juvenile behaviour behind you and listen to the experts.

Lock-down 'putting lives at risk' | Christian Voice UK

  1. Here is the opinion of an expert. Professor Dr Sucharit Bhakdi of Germany (photo, above). Infectious disease specialist. Qualifications as long as your arm. In response to a question on what are Corona Viruses:

“These viruses coexist with humans and animals around the globe. They are the cause of very common, often minor diseases of the respiratory tract….Severe courses occur almost exclusively in elderly patients with other underlying illnesses, in particular of lung and heart”

Which people are dying from the current strain of the common cold? The same people who die every year from the common cold. Almost exclusively people who are old and have already existing severe health problems. It gets in their lungs, pneumonia develops, and what most people shake off after a bit of chicken soup and a few days in bed becomes terminal for millions of people every year.

Some skeptics of this virus’s potency point to the 250,000-650,000 people who die globally every year of the flu. But the flu isn’t the common cold. Its not a Corona virus. But both can lead to pneumonia, as can dozens of other things, and pneumonia kills 10-15 times as many people as the flu. At the time of writing this there have been 18,000 deaths attributed to this virus.

In Australia so far just eight! Their ages were 77,78,81,83,86,90, 95 and “in her 70’s”. perhaps by death number 8 pointing out that the average age of the victims was higher than the Australian life expectancy was becoming a little too embarrassing. Its probably also not worth mentioning that the youngest poor gent of the deceased also had stage 4 lung cancer. Why would that be relevant at all?

Meanwhile in the UK, one of the few places we have good data for, 25,000 people die every year from pneumonia and over 110,000 from all forms of respiratory illnesses, including the flu.

But, but,but!! Italy! People are dying in Italy! Let me transpose to Climate alarm for you. But Hurricane Katrina! Thousands died. Thousands more could die. This is unprecedented!

“People are dying! You’ve stolen my childhood. I want you to panic. HOW DARE YOU!!”

Greta Thunberg warns: "Time to panic! Why 3 Brexit summits ...

As an aside. It was revealed today that Greta Thunberg believes she and her father have contracted CV-19. They haven’t been tested. She hasn’t had any symptoms to speak of, but her father, the actor, has been a bit under the weather though. Global celebrities seem to be suffering a disproportionate infection rate. Even Prince Charles has got it.

He’s also in the correct age bracket to become a martyr to it. Someone has to take one for the team sooner or later. And William would be a much more popular King. Mind you the British Royal family is a smorgasbord of potential candidates for the role of sacrificial lamb.

The Queen must be close on 200 years old by now, Prince Philip always dreamed of being reincarnated as a killer virus. Harry went just a little bit too woke and is causing embarrassment. We could probably let the virus finish off half of them, just to bring the point home of how serious the virus really is. Best leave Andrew alone though.

After Jeffrey Epstein’s non suicide, Social media couldn’t handle that many Memes, if he suddenly popped his clogs!

Back to Italy though. The Grim Reaper is slicing through old people like a hot knife through butter! I just cant keep up! There must be a gazzillion dead by now. But a week ago, when there was just over 2,500 souls off to meet their maker, an Italian Minister made the mistake of quoting some research looking at the information about the dearly departed. It was reported in Bloomberg news:

More than 99% of Italy’s Corona virus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions…finding that just three victims had no previous pathology….the average age of those who died from the virus in Italy is 79.5”

The youngest victims at the time were 39 and both had serious health problems already, according to the report.

Does this mean that Italy has no problem right now at all? Does this mean that you deny that the arctic minimum summer ice has seriously declined since 1979?! What kind of sick “Denier” are you?

Clearly Italy has a problem. A pathogen got into their health care system and has spread through all of their most vulnerable and is taking their sick and elderly a little sooner than expected. It simply means that six months to a year from now the mortality rate for a host of fatal diseases in Italy should plummet. Whatever the thousands of old people were dying from will now be a statistic of CV 19 instead of something else.

So, yeah, we literally are doing all of this to protect Grandma. No one wants Grandma to die! Isn’t it worth imposing medical Martial Law if Grandma gets to live a few months longer? Never mind all the legislation that’s been passed around the world to allow Grandma to “die with dignity” by lethal injection from her doctor when she’s coughing up blood from her emphysema.

We value her life above your selfish desire to visit her. Social isolation will protect her from the minuscule chance that you’ll give her a cold and make her shuffle off her mortal coil before the health system can handle it.

Being alone has never been known to shorten anyone’s life after all. It doesn’t even increase the suicide rate when combined with going bankrupt and being made redundant!

Let’s “flatten the curve”. Another catchphrase that hides the fact that the measures that have been imposed upon us aren’t going to save anyone’s life. They are simply implemented to stop all the people who are going to die regardless from dying all at once.

Your government doesn’t give a shit if Grandma dies in the next 1-12 months as long as she doesn’t die in the next 1-12 weeks. Just flatten the curve. Never mind that the same thing could be achieved simply by everyone being careful around Grandma, don’t disobey!

Learn from Italy. Learn from China, washing your hands and refraining from giving Grandma a bit of tongue when you greet her (you know, Italian style) just isn’t sufficient anymore.

In 1840 William Farr (image, right) established the law of epidemics. Named after him as ‘Farr’s Law”. He showed that during a smallpox epidemic, a plot of the number of deaths per quarter followed a roughly bell-shaped curve and that other epidemics followed a similar pattern this was long before the issue of what caused diseases in the first place was settled.

Before we could do anything about them. His work gives us a scientific basis for a ‘worst case scenario” when we decide to do “nothing”.

Just as it is a travesty that Climate “scientists” ignore the laws of thermodynamics when projecting ‘A runaway greenhouse effect”, it is criminal negligence or outright fraud for supposed experts in infectious diseases to completely ignore William Farr’s insights when extrapolating an indefinite exponential rise in the death toll until every person on the planet is infected.

No disease has ever worked this way. They should know this. If they do, they should be in jail, if they don’t they should be picking up litter instead of advising Governments for huge salaries. They should probably return whatever they have been paid so far.

The reasons why diseases work the way they do shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to understand. All parasites and predators for every kind of life on Earth attack the easy prey first. The old, the sick, the weak, the very young. So when a new disease comes along, or a new version of an old disease, its going to look pretty devastating at first.

The mortality rate will be scarily high and infection will spread fast. But this NEVER lasts. Because a bug will soon run out of easy prey. Some people wont get infected at all, no matter how much exposure they have to the disease.

Others will have mild symptoms. We also here scare stories about viruses mutating. But the scare stories present the opposite picture from reality. Any virus that kills its host has a smaller chance of replicating than a virus that lets it’s host live. Natural selection gives the advantage to mutations that are less lethal, not more.

Mark Twain claimed to quote Benjamin Disraeli saying in the British Parliament;

“there are three types of lies. Lies, damned lies and statistics!”

We are certainly suffering from the third and most abhorrent of the three at the moment.

The majority of people being tested for CV 19 are people who are already sick. The vast majority of people who are infected wont show any symptoms or will simply not go to hospital to get tested. Chicken soup and soldier on. Regardless of Government warnings.

Talking of which, the goal of not overwhelming the health systems is back firing spectacularly, as hypochondria becomes the biggest epidemic of all. You simply cant raise the fear factor to 11 and not expect every person who accidentally sneezes once to rush to the emergency room. Everyone except the actual people infected with the disease you’re looking for!

So after the initial surge of deaths and infections, things level off. Even the Dark ages Black Death ran its course, and that bacteria had no reason to mutate to something nicer because it was quite happily travelling with fleas on rats without causing harm to either species.

When competent, non corrupt experts evaluate the data on this current hysteria they are scathing. Its simply not the end of the world holocaust we are being sold. Our new friend professor Bhakdi again:

“I can only say that all these measures are leading to self destruction and collective suicide because of nothing but a spook”.

So the Global Elites have gotten the better of us. They have blindsided us with a different strategy. Its been in the works for years. Right back to the Anthrax scare of 2001, laws have been quietly passed without our realizing it.

Anthrax Images - Photos - Pictures - Page 3

When enough laws were on the books in enough Countries and especially in the USA (to provide an exemption to the First amendment that was much harder to reason against) they struck. Nobody wanted Grandma to die and so hundreds of millions of people cheered in their own slavery. They say its temporary. But they also say it will last “until the crisis is over”.

How long do you think that’s going to be? And once its over, how many of the restrictions will be revoked? All of them? Or just some? And how long will it be before the next killer virus comes along? Because the precedent is now firmly established.

So what can you do? You can follow the Green Movement’s playbook. One thing they have always done better than our side is risk punishment for breaking the law to stand up for what they believe in.

Never mind that their beliefs were irrational nonsense, they successfully moved all sides of politics to appease them to one degree or another by their sheer unrelenting fanaticism. If enough of us aren’t prepared to risk ourselves in the same way, then the war is lost forever.

Most important of all the rules you can break right nowis the one forbidding you to assemble. You will not kill Grandma, if you invite friends to a BBQ, open up your pub or restaurant and simply refuse to stop living your life the way you have always lived it.

If you are fined, then refuse to pay it. If you are jailed for not paying your fine, pray that the prisons will be flooded to bursting point. Without enough people of courage ready to sacrifice their liberty in the short term, we will all end up losing it forever.

As Benjamin Franklin said

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

For many of you they have taken your livelihoods as well as your Liberty already, so what else do you have to lose?


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  • Avatar



    Going off-piste a little here but my experiences i had today illustrate to me how back in the day the Germans were fooled into hating certain sections of society. Create a disease to be eradicated , keep pushing it and hey presto the whole population bend to your will.

    The governments now know how to take complete control of the supine population.

    Really sickens me what i saw today! felt like a horror film of sheep being led to the slaughter with their dazed look of obedience.

  • Avatar

    Mikkel Kaastrup


    I think it’s worthwhile to comment that:
    1) It is quite obvious that an epidemic scare is a good potential tool for scaring both the world’s population and the world’s governments. The virus threat is well suited, and it is also, to som extent, credible.
    2) In Denmark, and I think in most Western countries, the COVID-19 hasn’t killed more than the amount of people who usually die during the “flu season”. I doubt it will happen, either, but we shall see.
    3) Consequently, the reaction of most Western countries, including in Australia that you describe, and in Denmark, where I live, in France (more drastic than in Denmark), Italy and Spain, must be considered an over-reaction.
    4) Especially I note that here in Denmark, the government has – so far – issues “orders” to close most shops and saying that more than 10 people may not create an assemply, indoor or outdoor. This is a VERY CLEAR violation of the Danish Constitution, rendering the law null and void. People are following it anyway, though.
    5) But what is interesting and decisive is: How long will the governments keep up these drastic measures? Certainly, they are being sold as temporary, and they only make sense as temporary measures, too. For me personally it would be great if they continue trough the month of May.
    But anyone not totally brainless can see that the rationale behind such restrictions (if it is indeed medical, and nothing else) falls apart if the restrictions are prolonged for months. Should that happen – well – a large number of people will react. In Denmark, for instance, there isn’t a “repression machinery” available to deal with this. I doubt many Western countries have the needed “repression capacity” either.
    So I think you’re prematurely hyping paranoia, to be honest. It’s easy to bring examples of preparations for scary virus/pandemic scenarios, for it actually makes sense for health organizations, national and international, to prepare for them – why shouldn’t they? Why shouldn’t firemen prepare for fighting fires? You only need to be suspicious if they keep pouring water on the building days after the fire is out and after the first major rainfall.
    6) I really enjoyed your book, “Confessions of a Climate Denier” 🙂

  • Avatar

    Doug Harrison


    “I think you are prematurely hyping paranoia”
    It seem Mikkel, that you think it’s OK to prepare for fires and epidemics but not so much to rebel against illegal restrictions on our freedoms to congregate and live normal lives. In New Zealand we see continuous examples of lies, damn lies and statistics all day and every day from our craven unquestioning news media who are also guilty of helping to propagate the climate change scam.

    • Avatar

      Mikkel Kaastrup


      No, I think it is more than OK, I think it is NECESSARY for people to rebel against illegal restrictions on people’s freedoms to congregate and live normal lives. I am merely saying that SO FAR I don’t think this is a permanent situation. I am as opposed as can be without killing a bunch of politicians, to illegal restrictions. I am unfamiliar with the situation in New Zealand, but well aware that the Danish government has made restrictions that are against our constitution and thus, by definition, null and void.

  • Avatar



    Yes, and here in America, the home of the brave, and land of the free, the inhabitants are all cringing in their houses while oddly believing they are free. Amazing trick these propagandists have pulled!

  • Avatar



    The question is, “Who benefits from locking down a society?”

    The answer should be obvious. There are people loving this!

  • Avatar



    …”pointing out that the average age of the victims was higher than the Australian life expectancy was becoming a little too embarrassing”.


  • Avatar



    Great gallows humor in your article, enjoyed it. Perhaps your readers would benefit from knowing one other possibility of from whence this organism could have originated, given that scientists outside China have pointed out it has some unusual segments of RNA that are consistent with CRISPR or other manual interventions. If that gets your attention, back up and watch the entire discussion of what a witness claims he heard in a 2005 meeting and related to Bill for this video, shot in 2010. The context of wars etc. is obviously dated but the same players have tipped their hand with much gematria and symbolism around Wuhan, Event 201, Gates, Seattle, and other things that have gained the full attention of coincidence theorists.

  • Avatar

    John Fuller


    And what about Bill Gate’s contribution – ID2020?
    If society under viral threat trades personal freedom for the sake of Grandma, then, when in the years to come [or sooner] you can’t get into a cinema/restaurant without an ID chip implant [with your vaccination details – as well as bank, etc details], then Grandma gets the flu jab.
    I’m a healthy 71 yr-old and I don’t want a flu jab.
    “The 2016-17 vaccine increased the risk of H3N2 illness among UK elderly by 68%….”
    That’s an exerct from
    And here’s another bit:
    “They do not mention “negative vaccine effectiveness”, the increase in risk of illness from influenza and non-influenza viruses associated with (or caused by) the vaccines. (Cowling, Clin Inf Dis 2012;54:1778) .They do not mention that a vaccine “effective” in one season may increase influenza risk in a subsequent season. (Read about “antibody-dependent enhancement” to understand one explanatory mechanism).”

    It’s a bitter irony. The younger people, through compassion falsely generated through fear inducung propaganda, are curbing their freedon. But ultimatey they are being cynically used as a tool to cull the old, and to demand the introduction of globally mandated vaccines.

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