Junk Study: ‘Climate change is already increasing cancer risk!’

Written by Marc Morano

Here is yet another example of ‘peer-reviewed’ junk science to fool the gullible that ‘climate change’ is the biggest threat ever. The fake scare porn herein focuses on cancer risks if temperatures rise a fraction of a degree. March Morano quotes the American Cancer Society paper as follows:

Climate change is already increasing cancer risk through increased exposure to carcinogens after extreme weather events such as hurricanes and wildfires. In addition to increasing cancer risk, climate change is also impacting cancer survival. Extreme weather events can impede patients’ access to cancer care and the ability of cancer treatment facilities to deliver care. …


Climate change creates conditions favorable to the greater production of and exposure to known carcinogens. Extreme weather events are already increasing the amount of carcinogens in communities. …

“To date, no studies have estimated the carbon footprint of cancer care…The energy expenditure associated with operating cancer treatment facilities and medical devices, as well as the manufacturing, packaging, and shipment of devices and pharmaceuticals, contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions in cancer care…Some cancer treatment facilities have begun to consider their own carbon footprint and started a process to achieve carbon neutrality. However, the proportion of health care institutions reporting environmental sustainability activities lags behind other economic sectors”


Rebuttals to the new study here: 

No, Climate Change Does Not Cause Cancer – Despite claims from new ‘preposterous’ American Cancer Society study


Cancer deaths blamed on ‘climate change’ – Now that “climate change” and cancer are being linked in a study published in the American Cancer Society journal, deaths from cancer could someday be labeled a “climate change” death.

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    Andy Rowlands


    More fear-mongering rubbish.

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      Ever heard stress causes cancer?
      Anxiety over climate causes stress which in turn contributes to the human body to become less alkaline and a little more acidic which can be a cancer marker.

      I have not read the article and am happy to be challenged although the headline could be the first fragment of truth I have read from the alarmists in a while.

      Have not noticed a comment from Jerry in a while. I hope the youngster is ok.

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    Maybe there is the possibility of some legal action here. If the fear and stress from a hoax is dangerous, shouldn’t those promoting the hoax be liable?

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