Inside The Climate Change Money Machine

Written by Dr Jay Lehr

green money machine

For far too long the public has been deluded into believing that groups whose titles indicate their efforts to protect our environment are the Davids in a battle with the Goliath industrial complex of our nation.

They tell a story of protecting our air, our water, our forests, and our wildlife.

In the past 20 years with few exceptions, a central theme on which their fundraising letters and advertisements depend is the need for money to stop the existential threat that a rising temperature from the carbon dioxide emissions from the use of fossil fuels is causing.

Ron Arnold and Paul Driessen, authors of the 2018 book Cracking Big Green, learned to read IRS form 990 included in the annual reports of non-profit organizations.

They focused on the readily available year 2012. You can be sure the dollars they found to have been received that year have increased in the more recent years of climate-change hysteria.

Here is what they found to have been the incomes of some of the major well-known groups in 2012 alone.

  • The Sierra Club took in $97,757,678
  • The Sierra Club Foundation took in $47,163,599
  • The Environmental Defense Fund took in $111,915,138
  • Natural Resources Defense Council $98,701,707
  • National Audubon Society $96,206,883
  • National Wildlife Federation $84,726,518
  • Greenpeace USA $32,791,149
  • National Parks Conservation Association $25,782,975
  • The Wilderness Society $24,862,909
  • Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection $19,150,215
  • But those are the medium-sized incomes, here are the biggies:
  • The Nature Conservancy $949,132,306
  • Greenpeace International $406,000,000
  • Wildlife Conservation Society $230,042,654
  • World Wildlife Fund $208,495,555

The picture the green groups make of the big bad energy companies like Exxon-Mobile and BP is that of gigantic sums of lobbying money to keep the government on its side. This is not true.

They do not spend even a small fraction of the sums listed above in an effort not to be driven out of business.

These companies and their competitors, rather than battling the Green Ideology, spend money to join them by embracing wind and solar energy, even energy from bacteria as well as efforts to pump CO2 emissions underground.

But the money the above environmental groups take in is not the whole story of their gigantic power.

They work their magic through a program of lawsuits against the government which the government settles rather than going to court and thereby giving the groups success in their goals without reducing the funds in their coffers.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s report “Sue and Settle: Regulating Behind Closed Doors, shines a long-overdue light on the back-room manipulations that are now common between Big Green and the Environmental Protection Agency.

It works like this.

A private environmental group sues the EPA to issue new regulations by a date certain. The agency and the environmental group meet behind closed doors.

In the typical case, the government agrees to do whatever the activist group wants because for decades the EPA has been peopled by men and women who have long had a relationship with the ideology of the activist groups.

There are no messy congressional hearings, no public comment period, no opportunity for parties that will be adversely affected by the deal, to have their day in court.

Still better for them, in most cases, you the taxpayer are paying the litigators legal fees.

In addition, the international banking community is a major part of the green money machine. It has financed the world’s rush to solar and wind projects regardless of there dim future in providing economic energy across the globe.

Germany’s Deutsche Bank, Switzerland’s Credit Suisse, America’s Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Saks and nearly all their competitors are knee-deep in the billions of dollars spent by the global warming industry.

F. William Engdahl, in a perceptive essay titled ‘Climate and the Money Trail’ in the Journal NEO, published on September 25, 2019, said:

“The links between the largest financial groups, central banks, and global corporations, to the current push for a radical climate strategy to abandon the fossil fuel economy in favor of a vague unexplained Green Economy, it seems, is less about a genuine concern to make our planet a clean and healthy environment to live.

“Rather it is an agenda, intimately tied to the UN Agenda 2030 for a “sustainable” economy, and to developing literally trillions of dollars in new wealth for global banks and financial giants who constitute the real powers that be.”

We must recognize that today’s radical environmentalists are not attempting to solve problems but instead are calling for changes in our political system, in the reach of our laws, our methods of agriculture and industry, in the structure of capitalism, the profit system, international relations and definitely in education.

They are now working toward these goals with the best-financed lobby in our history. Global warming and climate change just turned out to be the very best mechanism to achieve these goals.

Portions of this article were excerpted with the permission of the authors and publisher of Cracking Big Green by Ron Arnold and Paul Driessen. It is a stunning expose of the modern environmental movement and its hidden financial masters.

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    Tom O


    The conclusions being drawn by this article are very nearer “spot on.” Too often I have read about how the “scam” is all about transferring wealth from the rich nations to the poor nations. that has never been a factor.

    It may have been presented in such a way as to get poor nations to sign on to the program, but it has always been about depopulation and a three caste system in the world. The first caste is, of course, the very wealthy, the architects of how the money flows. The 2nd caste is the enforcers. They live at a level of opulence considerably below the elite, but far above the 3rd caste, those of us that will struggle to insure that the rich get everything they want while scratching out our own existence.

    It will not surprise me to find out that decisions will be made based on DNA and those born to the poor will be sterilized and/or terminated at birth if they don’t show promise, though there might be other tests involved as well. and when I say promise, I don’t necessarily mean they appear to be genius or gifted, for “grunt” workers, you won’t want them to be too capable of thinking. If they are just smart enough to be trained and to be able to retain that training from one day to the next, that will be good enough. Not perhaps the future you had envisioned for your children, I am sure.


  • Avatar

    Andy Rowlands


    I think this hits the nail squarely on the head. It’s all about power over people, world governence, subjugating populations with ever-increasing government regulation under Socialism / Communism, and the climate scam is the pefect tool to allow them to bring this about. Tim Ball has been warning about this for years.


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