In The Green Reich, We Are All Jews

Written by N. Dass

This is a book that everyone must read. It is brief, to the point – and utterly frightening, for it lays out the end-game of environmentalism, which will affect us all, if we blindly keep empowering it, as we are now so gleefully doing.

People often wonder how Hitler was allowed to come to power and carry out his plan? Just look at the way you vote, the way you think about humans and this planet, why you want to go green, what you demand from politicians you elect when it comes to the environment.

If you are honest about the answers that you arrive at, you will understand how evil becomes institutionalized and therefore massively murderous. Hitler famously said that he had planted the seed and no one could now predict how and when it would grow back again.

Environmentalism is that Hitlerian seed, sprouted and flourishing, and which is now so eagerly being nurtured to maturity by people who naively believe that they are doing the right thing. And once the process of evil is locked into place, its mechanisms always follow through to their bitter end. Such is the dire warning of this timely book.

The author, Drieu Godefridi, a Belgian philosopher, writes in the grand tradition of Émile Zola’s open letter, J’Accuse! Like Zola, he has shoved before our complaisance a defiant open-letter to humanity, in which he warns against the death-cult that is environmentalism, whose adherents now inhabit the highest political, social and cultural offices and positions, and who are widely regarded as the vanguards of morality. Huge money fuels environmentalism, because it is a source of profit and therefore an industry. Thus, celebrities tout it, experts hector us with its “facts,” politicians tax us over it and legalize it – and it is now a towering Moloch, to which all must bend knee, and into whose maw we must toss our humanity.

Godefridi’s original, French title was posed as a question, L’écologisme, nouveau totalitarisme? (“Ecologism, the New Totalitarianism?”). The answer to which is a ringing, “Yes!”

But this is totalitarianism in the true sense of the word, not in the muddled way that this term is commonly tossed about in popular parlance. Ecologism (or environmentalism, as is more usual in English) seeks to take total control of all aspects of human life, even to the extent of determining how many people may actually live on this planet.

Such totalizing means that human life itself can no longer be possible outside the parameters established and policed by environmentalism. Thus, the various curtailments of human liberty that we now agree as acceptable – hate speech lawsrights legislationindigenization, the green initiativefewer births and declining populations – these are all slow entrenchments of totalitarianism, where humanity is purely defined by the logic of environmentalism. But notice that this creed is always clothed in the appearance of morality, as being the “right” thing to do. And people for the most part love such clothing, because there yet remains a deep hunger for morality, despite avowed atheism. As such, environmentalism is the new religion whose tenets Goidefridi thoroughly explores.

The English translation of the book, recently published, bears a more sinister title, The Green Reich. The question in the original has now been transformed into a cogent warning, wherein the future is hyper-Hitlerian, in which all of humanity will be held in the same contempt as the Jews in Hitlerian ideology. And Godefridi makes it very clear that the grim program of the environmentalists is far more comprehensive and thorough than anything Hitler could imagine. But the aim is similar; only the labels have shifted – to return purity to nature, to the planet, through the destruction of verminous humanity.

Two common presuppositions that undergird all aspects of environmentalism are that the planet is over-populated, and therefore, there is overconsumption of resources. This results in harmful waste, especially CO2.

These Neo-Malthusian assumptions then proceed to fashion “solutions,” which must be implanted, in order to combat the glut of humanity. Thus, the population of the planet must first be reduced. This will greatly lessen the consumption of natural resources, which will eliminate C02. Therefore, very few humans, and perhaps none, should live on this planet, in order for earth to continue to live on into the future. Nature now is far more important than humanity, because humanity is seen as inherently unnatural, entirely alien to the planet. In effect, mankind is a terrible disease, from which earth needs to be cured.

Stark choices always construct the most powerful narratives, because they demand totalizing solutions. Thus, the deeply ingrained Christian habit of the Western world, of trying to be moral in action and thought, is weaponized against humanity, by making morality an efficient tool to achieve the goals of environmentalism. Humanity has gravely sinned against the planet and now must sacrifice itself in order to give an afterlife to mother earth. Here is the devastating consequence of Western Godlessness – sublimating redemption into self-annihilation. Thus, humanicide is the cardinal virtue of environmentalism. Since humanity is the greatest threat to the planet, humanity itself must find ways to limit its own potential to do harm. And the best limitation is self-elimination.

The book opens with a rather chilling dialogue, set in a stark future, between a father and son, after the “Great Stop” (i.e., the world, as we know it, has been stopped). It is a zero-carbon dystopia, where humanity proudly wears the badge of “Accursed Parasite,” and therefore the human population is slowly but surely being wound down. A nation of sixty-million now has 24 million – and counting.

Each human is allowed monthly CO2 rations, which means there is no travel, you must eat what is allowed, and live in prescribed accommodations. There are no schools or labor of any kind – what would be the point, since there is no world to build, let alone a future generation to prepare to inhabit it. Rather, the world is only there to be unbuilt. And the earth is worshipped as the goddess, Gaia, the all-wise mother, in whose praise the impieties of historical “Terracide” are remembered as piety, from a time when humanity was barbaric and given to robbing the earth of its wealth. Such is the new “holy” wisdom. Each human properly belongs to the “Official Altruistic Death Program” that encourages people to voluntarily “humusate” themselves (that is, made into humus, which is so very useful to Gaia). When the last human is thus composted, the planet finally will be able to recover from the destructive human presence and rejuvenate itself. Gaia utterly cleansed of humanity is the highest virtue.

The points in this dialogue are based on actual studies put out by environmentalist “scientists;” none of it is fantasy; only the conceit of the dialogue is imagined. In effect, environmentalism is an anti-human death-cult. To that end, The Green Reich makes some very disturbing connections, which should really make people question the kinds of politics that they are advocating when they hand power over to ideologues who say they want to “save the planet.”

Godefridi points out that the environmentalists’ only talking point is the vilification of CO2. Few people (voters) understand what is at stake here. Humanity is carbon, as is all of life – the very act of breathing is the constant emission of CO2. All life needs carbon; earth is dead without it. So, phrases like “carbon-neutral,” “decarbonization” and “carbon-free” become code-words for a human-neutral, dehumanized, human-free planet.

Once these code-phrases become part of everyday thinking, humanicide itself becomes that much easier to implement, because people will actually want to have a future that will have zero CO2 emissions – that is, a future without human beings.

The first stage of this program involves the end to all fossil fuels, the burning of which is held to be the greatest crime, or catastrophe. Here “local” takes on a drastic meaning, for you will only be able to travel as far as your own two feet can take you, the combustion engine having been outlawed. Thus, no cars, ships, planes or trains. And once herded into state-designated locales, humans will be that much easier to cull. Do you see how much more efficient this is over Hitler’s ghettoization of the Jews? For example, there are some environmentalists who object to relief aid for famine-stricken areas – because they see famine as a boon to the life of the planet. The more humans that can be wiped out, the better.

A localized humanity will also have to eat differently, because animals raised for food emit far too much CO2. This means that entire industries and livelihoods will be dismantled and eliminated, and a vague sort of veganism will be mandated. Food will serve no purpose, because life will no longer have intrinsic worth, which means that it will become harder and harder to justify human life as a good in itself.

Next, given the elimination of entire food groups, human health will undergo a drastic shift for the worse, as nutrition and medicine will become pointless – the end-game being depopulation. Keeping a human alive for years on end will serve no purpose whatsoever, especially since said human needs and sheds CO2 constantly. But the dystopia is not over just yet.

As already stated, the fundamental premise of environmentalism is its anti-human agenda. Thus, the direst disaster that human beings bring upon this planet is to give birth to more human beings. Babies are the greatest enemies of environmentalists, as these little, new humans produce too much CO2, and besides are guarantors of the CO2 cycle grinding on well into the future. Therefore, births must be reduced, if not eliminated, where child-bearing will be a moral and legal crime. Ultimately, environmentalism is a purified form of antinatalism, purified because human life is seen as harmful in its very essence, not simply because of its actions, or its outcomes. It is no longer about too many humans – the very fact that human life itself exists is bad – because humanity is a parasite upon the earth.

Godefridi describes the environmentalist ethic as “physisist,” where the being of the planet is more valuable than human beings. This down-grading of humanity as the least desirable type of life-form means that nature is the preferred value which supersedes any and all value that humans have given to themselves. It is now the job of environmentalist “thinkers” to brainwash humans into disavowing their own value. The planet cannot be saved with humans on it.

Such self-loathing is delivered for consumption via the education-media-culture conglomerate, where “norm criticism” (that pusillanimous mental exercise that sees every form of Western thinking to be inherently evil and fit only for eradication) is the ideology de rigueur. Thus, a habit of self-loathing is now the proper way to “think,” which makes environmentalist propaganda a breeze to disseminate. Hatred now is the most valuable cultural currency.

There are also various offshoots of antinatalism that derive their moral justification from environmentalism, such as, the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement and the Church of Euthanasia, both of which, as is obvious, work to rid the planet of humans, though Godefridi does not get into these. Such movements may seem laughable and loony – but notice that they are offered no real opposition. People simply accept the lie that there should not be to many people living on this planet. And it really is an elaborate lie.

This is because no objection to antinatalism is now even possible in the West, given the normalization of abortion, and now transgenderism and pedophilia. Everybody has already bought into the premise that there are too many people on this planet, and therefore people really must have fewer and fewer babies.

No one questions this assumption, let alone seeks to destroy it. No one in power disputes it – because such politicians are put into office by voters who have already accepted the Malthusian presuppositions of environmentalism. So, who will truly have the last laugh?

Many are the “philosophers” who promote this anti-human agenda, such as, Peter Wessel ZapffeMichel OnfrayThomas LigottiMartin NeufferJean-Christophe LurenbaumE.M. CioranDavid BenatarGunther Bleibohm, and Julio Cabrera. Their etiology is rooted in the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer. What they advocate is now no longer unimaginable; it even passes for “scientific” truth – the Chinese one-child policy is the perfect example of what can be done with the right kind of “help” from the government. Again, the basic tenets of environmentalism are accepted without question by the voting public.

It would have given Godefridi’s argument fullness if he had spent some time examining the deep connections that environmentalism has with antinatalism. However, his book is more of a philosophical essay rather than a history of those ideas that are now preparing us for mass extinction.

And, as such, Godefridi has written a stirring and urgent call to action for all humanity. We need to abandon the differences that always play so prominent a role in how we manage this world. Instead, we need to unite and confront the true enemy at the gates – the death-cult that is far too quickly gathering momentum and adding devout and powerful believers into its folds. If we do not come together and defeat this pernicious ideology, we may not survive the looming Holocaust that environmentalism is now preparing for us. This is Godefridi’s urgent message.

Indeed, environmentalism has had great successes. It has convinced the majority of the public that what it claims is scientific truth. It has convinced governments to implement anti-carbon policies, which are anti-human policies. It has convinced people not to have children. It has convinced people to panic whenever the environment is mentioned (eco-anxiety) – high emotions are the best way to bring about quick change. It has convinced people to work against their own humanity, not only their own interests.

Only time will now tell how willingly people will allow themselves to be humusated, for humanity has largely accepted the Great Myth that it is the source of all problems that are said to face the planet – because it is the “Accursed Parasite.”

Perhaps it is for this reason that Godefridi chose a more ominous title for the English version of his book, wherein the “logic” of Hitlerism concerning Jews is now extended to include all of humanity. In the emerging Green Reich, we are all indeed Jews. And for us, who constitute the Accursed Parasite, there is only the Final Solution, the ultimate Holocaust, so that the noble planet may at last be purified of its most pernicious disease. It would seem that most humans have now been conditioned to agree, because they accept everything that environmentalism preaches as the gospel-truth. Therefore, most have already decided that people really do need to disappear.

All hail the Green Reich!

The photo shows, “Doomsday Abstraction,” by Zdzislaw Beksinski.


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  • Avatar

    Jack Spinner


    Excellent subject and glad to see this posted. Just like the real Third Reich, too many people are willingly accepting what the elite tell them. Climate protests show an exact replica of the blind leading the blind. However, this is only the case in the so-called western world, Australia included. Travel to Asia and nobody is in the slightest bit concerned, carrying on regardless and creating real pollution that goes unnoticed except when it comes to plastic waste ending up in the oceans. As with the real Third Reich, hype and emotional blackmail are the currency of the green elitists, happily aided and abetted by the media who love selling scare stories – that’s their main purpose after all: make money. Best sceptical tactic remains to publish, publish and then publish some more words about what the climate scare is all about: hot air.

  • Avatar

    jerry krause


    Hi Jack,

    Excellent comment. The problem is the failure of USA educational system, which at one time (the time of the one room school house in the rural areas which still existed at the time of WWII) was the best in the world. For practical knowledge and physical work was essential for one’s survival.

    Have a good day, Jerry

    • Avatar



      Hi Jerry.
      the above is an erudite comment.
      I can foresee a promising future for you.
      Kind regards Matt

  • Avatar



    The problem with the US educational system is the democrat party. They have destroyed public education. So much so that it is better to home school than to put your kids in public schools.

  • Avatar

    T. C. Clark


    Comrades, it is not CO2 that is the villain….it is that O2 hiding there behind it….O2 is burning our forests and cities….why it even attacks noble metals like iron and turns it into dust…you cannot have CO2 without O2 so we must eradicate O2 completely….crush those plants that are spewing the stuff out….Big Brother is Watching.

  • Avatar

    Andy Rowlands


    Great article, Tim Ball has been warning about this for years.

  • Avatar



    Pardon me, but the graphic of human remains above is in fact as close as we get to the alleged human remains of the so called “holocaust”.
    Remember, it is claimed by “holocaust historians” that ‘6M Jews and 5M others’ were killed by either gassings (of which the alleged ‘gas chambers’ were scientifically impossible as alleged) or immense mass shootings. These same “holocaust historians” also claim that the human remains from these alleged millions STILL EXIST in huge mass graves in KNOWN locations. Yet those remains do not exist.
    Even though there have been excavations at the alleged sites. We see nothing.
    Don’t let the righteous cause of rejecting Marxist “global warming; nonsense be hijacked by propaganda which certainly does not stand up to scientific, forensic inquiry.
    Only lies require censorship.

  • Avatar

    John Doran


    Essentially this author is correct: the worthy environmental movement has been hijacked by antihumanists.
    Their wet dream ambitions are:
    1) Depopulation, by as much as 95% if freako multibillionaires like Ted Turner get their way.
    2) deindustrialisation: this is the reason for the attack on plant food CO2. It’s an industry byproduct. The 1%s multibillionaires dream of an agrarian feudal future of Lords & just enough serfs to service them.
    3) A one world totalitarian govt.

    These 3 motives are laid out clearly in climatologist Dr. Tim Ball’s great little 2016 handbook for the layman:
    Human Caused Global Warming The Biggest Deception In History.
    Only 121 pages, an easy weekend read, reveals all: the science & scandals, the politics & profiteers. Names names.
    Names, among many others, Rockefellers & Soros as among the main pushers of the failing fraud.
    Sounds a bit far-fetched? The plotters reveal themselves:
    Click on Quotes.

  • Avatar

    John Doran


    Another must read book is by Robert Zubrin, nuclear PhD engineer with 9 patents granted or pending: Merchants of Despair.
    In addition to showing the monster Malthusian & racist Darwinian roots of the antihumanist movement, Zubrin shows how modern Communist perverts have flooded into the “environmental” movement, capturing Greenpeace for example.

    Zubrin shows the massive depopulation crimes against humanity this mindset has led to:
    China’s one child policy, for example. Go on youtube & put in The Dying Rooms.
    There’s a 38min & a 1hr 42min version. A dreadful holocaust of their own, mostly girl children. & in our own free democratic West? In June 1972 William Ruckleshaus, head of the US EPA, ordered the “banning” of DDT. The result was the dreadful deaths by malaria of about 100 million people, mostly women & children in the 3rd world. Another dreadful holocaust. Save the environment, kill people.

    & it’s not necessary. Zubrin shows clearly that human population growth has historically served as a spur to greater prosperity & longevity. His graphs & charts demonstrating this do rely heavily on the work of master economist Julian L. Simon, author of the great book The Ultimate Resource 2.

    The Ultimate Resource is human ingenuity, & this coupled with Man’s accumulating scientific & technological knowledge are why we should be on an ascending path of progress. We are not: we are being held back.

    Zubrin shows this most clearly in the nuclear field: the cleanest safest form of power generation we have is demonised by the 1%s owned fake news MSM, buried under layers of govt bureaucracy & underfunded to halt progress. We are being herded back to medieval windmills.
    Zubrin’s is a grim book, but we face a grim reality: they’re trying to kill us.

  • Avatar

    John Doran


    Another book I highly recommend is Population Control by genius journalist Jim Marrs.
    He details the various methods by which population, & thereby progress is being held back.

    in fact I recommend all Jim Marrs (RIP) books.
    Oliver Stone’s movie was based on Jim Marrs’ book of the JFK assassination.
    I particularly like his Our Occulted History & Alien Agenda.

    Jim Marrs was a mind opener, not just an eye opener.

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