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How Much of Last Century’s 0.8 degrees of Warming was Natural?

Written by TL Winslow


image source: https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/world-of-change/DecadalTemp

Regarding World of Change: Global Temperatures;This figure claimed by NASA Goddard, one of the key tentacles in the leftist politician-run U.N. IPCC tries to stamp the word “DUMB—-” on our foreheads. Why?

Because thermometers can’t measure temperatures with that much precision, only about +/- 2F, hence a worldwide network of thermometers can’t either. It’s GIGO (garbage in, garbage out). So you guessed it, their scientific claims are unfalsifiable and indistinguishable from natural variation.

see: Global Average Temperature – The Corbett Report

Why do they try it? Because the real goal of the U.N. and its IPCC of kept scientists, academics, journalists, and politicians is to frame CO2 emissions on causing global warming in order to scare the world into dismantling the fossil fuel industry that underpins capitalism, paving the way for them to foist global Marxism, which wants to mess around with our lives forever with no way to stop them.

TL Winslow’s answer to Climatology: Why is climate change politicized?

All along atmospheric CO2 can’t melt an ice cube because of physics, but the IPCC doesn’t want you to know it, and hopes you can’t understand an explanation because you’re not a scientist.

Here’s the explanation, requiring undergraduate-level physics training. You can be sure that I can only gain a small platform to tell truth to power, because the IPCC with its big platform doesn’t want you to read it, so why not mess around with their big plans to take over the world with a scientific hoax?

So if CO2 doesn’t do diddly to warm the Earth, how does the climate work? Simple. It’s the Sun, which warms the Earth’s atmosphere and surface daily, after which the atmosphere vents the heat back to space harmlessly to give us our moderate livable climate. The Earth’s atmosphere isn’t a greenhouse that traps and piles heat in the sky and threatens global warming, it’s a giant chimney that only works in a 1-way direction to keep the Sun from overheating us. If an IPCC apologist tries to pander the word “greenhouse gas” on you, run for cover.

TL Winslow’s answer to 3 million years ago, the CO2 levels were the same or higher than now, and we had global warming without any industrial intervention. Today, is it a coincidence that we are contributing, or would it have warmed up naturally?

TL Winslow’s answer to How come when there is a record breaking cold day it isn’t called “global colding” or “global cooling”?


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