German City Destroys 600 Acres Of Forest To Build Wind ‘Farm’

Written by Pierre Gosselin

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What follows is an example of how German decisionmakers go about protecting the environment: chop down hundreds of acres of forests and pour thousands of tons on concrete reinforced with hundreds of tons of steel on huge beds of gravel, all hauled in by hundreds of truckloads.

Then install skyscraper tall industrial bird-killing monstrosities.

Result: an idyllic forest gets turned into an industrial complex that can be seen and felt from miles away – in order to protect the climate.

It would be a gruesome task to calculate the environmental and CO2 budget for the following described wind park project in the Münsterwald forest near the western Germany city of Aachen.

When finished it will consist of seven 200-meter tall turbines in what once was a natural, forested area and undisturbed biotope.

To get to the site, a “gigantic” swath of forest had to be cut through the heart of the forest. According to the ZDF public television report (see below), “alone here 1000 trees had to be cut down.

Largescale Deforestation

And according to top Rainer Hülsheger of the state association for natural landscape protection: “At least 12,000 square meters of forest needed to be cleared in order to build one wind turbine alone.”

Angry environmentalists say that the forest simply was never even suitable for a wind park to begin with. Yet, the ZDF reports how the forest belongs to the city, and so the revenue-generating project got the green light.

A Threat To Endangered Species

The ZDF report shows the sheer insanity that it takes to install wind turbines in the middle of forests, and how they endanger rare bird species such as the black Storch and red Kite.

Entire Biotope Severely Damaged

For the wind project in Euskirchen, according to the ZDF (2:35): “The planned 24 wind turbines in the so-called Kammerwald cut through an entire biotope system from Rheinland towards Belgium.”

Forest Is The Best Place, Says Aachen City Official

Why are the turbines being installed in the forests? According to Aachen city official Elmar Wiezorek, placing the turbines in fields posed an even greater environmental hazard: “The forest had the least problems.”

But Herbert Klinkenberg of a citizens initiative protecting the wind projects calls it all “a catastrophe.” ZDF sums it up: “Climate protection at the expense of nature.”

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    It is well known that the capacity factor for these onshore mills is hardly 20 %. The remainder to be provided by flexible backups, i.c. gasturbines. Moreover, due to environmental concerns, these mills will be put on idle when bats or birds are detected in the neighborhoods. In praise of folly ! 😲

  • Avatar

    Dork of Cork


    This is happening everywhere
    The uplands on the Cork Kerry border (Ireland) have been very compromised by these gigantic turbines.
    The amount of fuel wasted to create these horrific modern art sculptures is quite something.
    The entire skyline had been industrialised.

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    Andy Rowlands


    Monstrosities is the right word. Alarmists are so frightened by the rise of carbon dioxide, they install wind turbines, and in the process remove large amounts of CO2-eating trees. Lunacy.

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    Vance Lunn


    Look on the bright side. There will be plenty of wood to use for heat in fireplaces this winter on days when there is not enough wind to power the electric heat.

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    Geraint Hughes


    Windfarms, especially land wind farms, just dont make any money. They are all subsidised and normally at a rate which is three times the market rate.

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