Erin Brockovich Law Firm Sues Over 5G Radiation Threat

Written by B.N. Frank

Erin Brockovich: The Real Toxic Avenger

Long before Ms. Brockovich became the subject of a blockbuster movie starring Julia Roberts, she was just another determined activist trying to stop a corrupt corporation from poisoning residents of an American community.

Unfortunately, corruption like this never seems to end.  The “Race for 5G” and all it requires could eventually expose the entire U.S. population to dangerous levels of Electromagnetic Radiation (aka “Electrosmog”) AS WELL AS create the potential for many kinds of other serious issues and events according to various credible sources (see 123).

Thanks to activist Liz Barris with The People’s Initiative Foundation for encouraging Ms. Brockovich’s law firm to join them in fighting against 5G and wireless radiation.

Click here for more details about the lawsuit.

Source: GoFundMe

Ms. Barris and The People’s Initiative Foundation have a solid track record of raising awarenessempowering citizens, and taking legal action.

For more information, you may reach Ms. Barris at [email protected]

Activist Post reports regularly about health issues caused by exposure to all sources of “Electrosmog”.  For more information, visit our archives.


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    Two thoughts come to mind with 5G:

    1) Cell technology definitely puts NEW energy into the atmosphere. CO2 does NOT put new energy into the atmosphere. So, if Warmists want to try to get the physics correct, they would be more accurate claiming that cells are “warming the planet”, rather than CO2. But they have no interest in accuracy.

    2) Something needs to be done about the rapidly changing technology. Requiring everyone to buy new devices every few years in counter-productive. Legislation to help the consumer should be considered, such as requiring the industry to support devices up to 10 years after the purchase date.

    (PS For pseudoscientists, cells can’t really heat the planet either!)

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      I completely agree with both points Geran! … although, I hate the prospect of a “legislative” solution to #2 .. but perhaps it may be the only way? … I just cringe when I hear the word “legislation”.

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        Yes Squidly, the best solutions typically come from the free-market. And, we’re seeing that in some startup companies offering transitions from old to new technologies, such as transferring old video tape onto newer formats.

        But, it’s hard for a startup to have the capital to maintain older cell tower equipment.

        You’re correct to cringe at the word “legislation”. Legislation too often makes things worse….

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          Tom O


          Actually, “we the people” can make the change by simply not following the pied piper. It is the gross stupidity that has settled on the human race that allows Wall Street and Madison Avenue to drive new, useless toys, down our throats.

          Who really needs to “look in the fridge from work to see if they have milk,” or start the wash cycle from the stop light at 33rd and Vine? Stupidity abounds, and has been getting worse for the last 40 years. Who really needs an AWD SUV when the only time it goes out side of the city is once a year to a campgrounds, or that 4 door full sized pickup for solo commuting to work? Why the Jones’ have one, so must we!

          All you really have to do is look at the rise in disease, any disease really, and see how well it mirrors the rise in the usage of higher frequency RF as well as the broader frequency range, to question whether it is a sign of a growing civilization, or one that is moving towards killing itself off. After all, carbon is a pretty good modulator, and everything on this planet is carbon based. We can blame everything under the Sun that we produce for all the issues in the environment, but it is the RF “pollution” that is destroying life on the planet, and will continue to create more and more physical problems for humans, and everything else, simply because frequencies and and subtract from each other in a modulator, and carbon based creatures do a pretty good job at modulating, so we can produce highly dangerous frequencies right in the middle of our own DNA, allowing potentially dangerous cellular mutation. Oh well. Does that matter more than being able to download that song you want to hear in 10 seconds instead of a minute? Not if you as as ignorant as a mushroom.

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