CV-19 Autopsies Show Blood Clots: A ‘Bacterial, Not Viral Disease’

Written by John O'Sullivan

Doctors in Italy, Germany and India who autopsied patients found many COVID-19 cases are actually BACTERIAL rather than a virus. Many cases point to thrombosis as cause of death. Recommended treatments should include blood thinners such as simple aspirin.

In Italy doctors who broke with the World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols were able to effectively treat COVID-19 once they recognised many cases were nothing other than “Disseminated intravascular coagulation” (Thrombosis).

Having discovered this diagnosis, the Italian Ministry of Health immediately changed the coronavirus treatment protocols and began to administer to their CV-19 positive patients Aspirin 100mg and Apronax. These patients began to recover and as a result of this new method, the Ministry of Health released and sent home more than 14,000 patients in a single day.

Italian doctors report success in combating COVID-19 with “antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants”.  Indeed, nothing more than ASPIRIN, is shown as very effective, indicating that this disease had been poorly treated.

Italian doctors affirmed this treatment after autopsies on deceased patients showed blood clotting as cause of death. According to Italian pathologists,  “The ventilators and the intensive care unit were never needed.”

Meanwhile, doctors in India affirm CV-19 is most likely a bacterial disease – it does not appear to be a virus – which explains why the WHO protocols for treating the pandemic as a virus have been ineffective.

Dr Jaideep Dogra, MD and in-charge of CGHS in Jaipur and Dr Luvdeep Dogra, DM-F Nephrology at Osmania University is reporting that in India they are having most success when treating the disease as a normal bacterial pneumonia infection.

The Tribune India’ (May 24, 2020) in ‘Co-existence of coronavirus with bacterial pathogen a major cause of fatalities’ tells us that:

“This ‘Chlamydia pneumonia’ is present in several heart patients, and around 10 per cent of the general population in the dormant stage. When COVID-19 attacks a person— breaking the immunity quotient—a process of blood coagulation initiates in pulmonary arteries leading to a cardiac arrest or Hypoxia in which the patient succumbs to the dual diseases.” [1]

‘The Tribune India’ continues:

“Researching ‘Chlamydia pneumonia’ for over two years on heart patients in Rajasthan, Dr Jaideep also published a paper in the International Journal of General Medicine.

“Eighty-five per cent of Covid-19 patients having normal Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) symptoms get treated, while 10-15 per cent of patients develops sudden breathlessness and land in an emergency. In such patients, C.penumoniae probably gets activated when COVID-19 breaks down the patient’s immunity. This bacterial pathogen has a tendency, it gets activated, causes arterial thrombo (coagulopathy)”, they said.”

Quoting a postmortem study on COVID-19 victims done by Italy, they found:

“Autopsy studies on 38 subjects from two hospitals in Italy who died of COVID-19 were systematically analysed. A relevant finding of the presence of platelet-fibrin-thrombosis in small pulmonary arteries, which fits into the clinical context of a ‘Coagulopathy’ was present in a majority of these patients (86.8%, 33 out of 38). And, this was the turning point in the management of COVID 19”.

“Similarly, ‘Happy hypoxia’ of COVID-19 disease in which young patients succumb suddenly as their hypoxia goes unnoticed can be explained by the autopsy reports from young soldiers of Korean War and Vietnam War reporting an incidence of 45-77% of Coronary atherosclerosis in the mean age group of 26 years. This indirectly co-relates with the known observation that chlamydia pneumonia is present in young populations too”, they hypothesized.

“However, why only 10-15% of patients develop sudden breathlessness and land in the emergency room is still an unsolved puzzle. Moreover, while on positive pressure ventilation the condition of these patients paradoxically worsened. While those who got simple non-invasive oxygen delivery did show recovery. We may argue that the ventilated patients were inherently sicker but then is there something beyond that too?” they explained.

“Evidence has been accumulating on the role of Chlamydia pneumoniae-a species of Gram-negative obligate intracellular pathogen (the link between virus and bacteria) which causes a spectrum of lower and upper respiratory tract infection in humans and has been implicated in etiology/ pathogenesis of artery blockage”, the duo said.

A widely used anti-bacterial drug Azithromycin for COVID-19 patients is giving positive results. Doctors assume it is controlling the virus, but this may be a wrong notion, Dogras said, adding, Azithromycin has long been used for ‘Chlamydia pneumonia.’

Hence, the action of this anti-bacterial drug may lie in not curing a deadly virus (SARS CoV 2) but killing Chlamydia and preventing the mortality associated with the disease, they opined.

If Azithromycin is administered in early stages of Corona infection in the optimum doses, the mortality risks of this dreaded disease may be minimised“, they further stressed.

‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ (6 May 2020) in ‘Autopsy Findings and Venous Thromboembolism in Patients With COVID-19’ reported on autopsies performed at a single academic medical center, as mandated by the German federal state of Hamburg. They affirmed the prevalence of thrombosis in deceased COVID-19 patients. [2]

As has been the case worldwide, the mortality rate is highest among the elderly with multiple comorbidities. The report stated all patients autopsied had:

“preexisting chronic medical conditions, such as obesity, coronary heart disease, asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, peripheral artery disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, and neurodegenerative diseases.”

They concluded:

The high incidence of thromboembolic events suggests an important role of COVID-19–induced coagulopathy.”

The German study strongly recommended autopsy as a means of increasing understanding of the disease. They wrote:

 “Despite modern diagnostic tests, autopsy is still of great importance and may be a key to understanding the biological characteristics of SARS–CoV-2 and the pathogenesis of the disease.”

[1] ‘The Tribune India’ (May 24, 2020) in ‘Co-existence of coronavirus with bacterial pathogen a major cause of fatalities’

[2]See: ‘Autopsy Findings and Venous Thromboembolism in Patients With COVID-19’

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    Zoe Phin


    This is very interesting and surprising to me.
    Thanks, John.

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    Hi John and thanks for highlighting the complex web that surrounds cv19.
    It does appear that far more is going on than a simple cold/flu season! with differing co symptoms! but also points longer term to the slow deterioration of lifestyle/environmental contributing factors that increase susceptibility to disease expressed in the variety of symptoms exemplified by regional variation.
    As a short term reactive solution I would concur that aspirin/+ seems to mitigate symptoms.

    Possible longer term preventative measures might include magnesium supplementation.

    Other alternative helpful co factors might also include gingko biloba which is a better and safer medicinal and alternative to aspirin as it is a mild blood thinner, but unlike aspirin, it enhances oxygen flow throughout the body.
    Apparently beetroot has a positive effect on the blood, helping to rebuild and enhance
    Additionally, iirc (medical) O3 ear insufflation or consuming sufficiently ozonated water is purported to be of benefit preventing platelet agglomeration.
    Still, I would maintain that health starts in the soil and the post petrochemical industrial revolution changed that.
    Centralisation ( does not address these problems, nor does mass vaccination.

  • Avatar

    John O'Sullivan


    Thanks, Dev. Useful links. Am all for natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals wherever practicable. Prevention being better than cure.

  • Avatar

    Mario M


    At the beginning of the “Covid outbreak”, autopsy was discouraged or forbidden in Italy and corpses were cremated. Courageous doctors and researchers that investigated the real cause of death and gave important advice for the correct treatment were:
    Stefano Manera, Stefano Montanari, Salvatore Rainò, Diego Tomassone, Stefano Scoglio, Paolo Bellavite, Giuseppe Di Bella, Fabio Franchi, Loretta Bolgan, Dario Miedico, Gabriella Lesmo.

  • Avatar

    Sonny Thorgren


    If this turns out to be true I think it is scandalous. There is easy accessible, functioning medicin any doctor with some wit would prescribe for pneumonia – and instead patients with acute respiratory symptoms are put to sleep and treated with something that increases their problems – because of alarmistic rumours regarding a “new” virus?
    If so, I sincerely hope the doctors around the globe are deeply ashamed.

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    Well, that finally explains why the Azithromycin might be useful. The only thing that seems odd to me about this is that doctors didn’t immediately suspect Chlamydia pneumonia (or other bacteria) from its symptoms and attempt to treat it as such. Identifying and treating secondary bacterial infection once something else has knocked the immune system down is basic medical practice. I suppose doctors on the front line could have been misdirected by the spectre of this being a “novel” virus, but most doctors I know are clear headed and will spot symptoms like this as matching patterns they’ve learned in their years of clinical experience. Can someone shed any light?

  • Avatar

    Herb Rose


    I wonder if the damage to the immune system comes from the HIV potion of the virus.

  • Avatar

    Andy Rowlands


    If Covid is shown to be bacterial and not viral, it suggests the whole approach to dealing with it is fundamentally flawed.

  • Avatar

    William Kay


    Eight identifiable areas have had extraordinary death-counts during this pandemic. The higher the death count – the higher the nursing home percentage of that death. (New York is simply lying about their NH death count.)
    At least 5 (probably all) areas with atrocious nursing home death-counts ran weeks-long government programs of distributing C-19 suspected patients to unprepared nursing homes – en masse (at times in dollops of 50 patients). Few of these patients were tested. They were chosen because they were suffering some type of respiratory infection – any type! What spread through 500 homes in New York was a stew of micro-organisms including bacteria and C-19.

  • Avatar

    Bev M


    I think more information is needed about the treatment undergone by the autopsied deceased. If they were given ventilator treatment, it is possible that the treatment introduced a bacterial pneumonia – I gather there is a known risk of this. Therefore, if a bacterial pneumonia is the true cause of death, then it is possible that the treatment caused death. This is important information that should be available in the public arena. There was a doctor in New York who suggested a few weeks ago that ventilation was the wrong treatment – PSI blogged that article. Whoever is suppressing / censoring this information should really be indicted.

  • Avatar



    I have one question assuming this is true….
    How much longer do I have to stay locked down for given that the search for a vaccine is to combat something that doesn’t exist and could therefore take for ever?

    • Avatar

      Claire Elizabeth


      Indefinitely on knockdown, until new world order is up and running…with our one world government and one world religion…and total control of the remaining humanity in place.
      Covid 19 is and was a false flag operation to usher in the planned agenda.

      Check out agenda 21, agenda 2030, id2020 and Commitee of 300, Conspirator’s Hierarchy

  • Avatar

    Ellen Smol


    So WHO protocol was broken and then truth comes out. What if WHO new it was no Virus but a bacteria? What if this can be proeven? Truth is coming out and WHO will go down!

  • Avatar

    Doğan Ünal M.D.


    Virutic infection co-existing with bacterial infection had known for a long time. Some clamydia pneumonia bacteries may have resistance against Azithromycin. My opinion and advice is obtain routine bacterial culture and antibiogram, having with old antibiotics, such as ‘Tetracycline Hcl’.

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