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Coldest January Day Ever in 25+ Australian Locations – Media Silent

Written by Cap Allon

Parts of South Australia have just shivered through some of their coldest January days on record — with Adelaide missing out on beating its 1970 record by just 0.7C.

The temperature at Adelaide’s West Terrace weather station reached just 16.6C on Sunday — about 13C below the average for the time of year, and below the city’s previous lowest January max temp on record, the 17.1C from 1970.

However, because of the controversial way the BOM now measures Australia’s maximum temperatures “as the highest reading during the 24 hours to 9am each day,” an observation of 17.8C at Adelaide’s West Terrace site just before 9am on Monday has gone down as the official max for the 24 hour period.

So Adelaide may have narrowly –and conveniently– missed out, but more than 25 locations across South Australia have just endured their coldest January days on record, as reported by www.adelaidenow.com.au and quietly logged by the BOM.

Just look at the temp departures during the first week of the year:

Temp departures, Jan 4th

And looking forward, by mid-Jan vast portions of the country, particularly to the south and west, look set to suffer temperature departures some 20C below the seasonal average:

There are far bigger contributing factors to the intensity of wildfires than temperature — trade winds being one, although the key issue this time around is likely the dire mismanagement of the forests. A myriad of controlled burns have been reduced in scope or even cancelled altogether over the past few months, as the greens have had their way.

But facts like these matter little in the emotional debate that is climate change. Everything I’ve written above has little hope of competing against a photo of a burning koala bear. But regardless of any spin, the fact remains that Australia is currently anomalously cold. There can be no debate there. And so in what we’re being fed as a heat-induced climate Apocalypse, many locations down-under are currently the coldest they’ve ever been for the time of year.

Predictably though, the MSM has remained silent.

Instead, their front pages are dominated by that horde of self-centered, ill-informed puppets crying at the Golden Globes.

THIS is the state of modern climate science:

Thank God for Gervais:


Intensifying swings-in-extremes are in the weather forecast globally, for all of us, as historically low solar activity continues to weaken the jet stream, reverting its usual tight zonal flow to more of a wavy meridional one:

And depending on what side of the jet stream you’re on, you’re either in for debilitating polar cold or anomalous tropical heat.

Recently in the northern hemisphere, for example, the majority of North America is suffering well-below average temperatures, while much of Europe is experiencing unusually mild conditions. And in the southern hemisphere, it’s Australia’s turn to suffer anomalous cold, while South Africa currently bakes.

The full picture is never revealed by the MSM, their agenda-driven reporting allows only for one side of the story — heat and drought. But the truth, regardless of what side of the jet stream you’re on, is that both of these setups can negatively impact crop production. And we’re already witnessing dramatic falls in yield and quality across the breadbaskets of the world — the price of wheat, for example, is now at a four-and-a-half year high, and rising fast.

An intensification of this meridional jet stream flow is in all of our futures, and the phenomenon isn’t caused by increasing –and wholly beneficial– atmospheric CO2 levels.

No, it isn’t you or me that’s causing this climate shift, it’s the sun — as it always has been:

Overall, global average temperatures are falling in line with this historically low solar activity, and glacial advance has once again kicked-in. Heatwaves will always still occur –the evidence suggests they could even become more extreme– although the waves will be short lived and/or localized to regions residing ‘under’ the jet stream.

Don’t fall for NOAA’s/the Met Office’s/the BOM’s politicized, warm-mongering, UHI-ignoring temperature datasets.

Read more at electroverse.net

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    Raymond Vyse


    Are you serious? You say global temperatures are falling. More details please.


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    And so you agree climate change is real. Solar activity plays a role in it. So probably does the destructive actions of humans. What do you suggest we humans do about adapting our lives and planet to it? Nothing? Your article actually supports the arguments on extreme changes in weather which need to be addressed not ignored.


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