CO2 Can’t And Doesn’t Warm Water

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Imagine That, Temperatures Match Water Vapor NOT CO2

Two of the above graphics are of ocean temperatures, one is of atmospheric temperatures above the oceans. Can you tell the difference?

We’ve pointed out umpteen times, CO2 can’t and doesn’t warm water. The only mechanism by which CO2 can affect climate change is through the thermalization of LWIR between 13 and 18µ, that is it. Those wavelengths don’t penetrate or warm water.

Temperatures Match Water Vapor NOT CO2

CO2 supposedly evenly covers the globe in a 400 ppm ‘blanket.’ In scientific language, the ΔCO2  between hemisphere, altitude up to 70km and over short time periods is 0. Differential equations don’t work with CO2 over the short run because it doesn’t change on a material basis. If it is a ‘blanket’, it is a CONSTANT. You can’t have a ΔTemperature if you don’t have a ΔCO2 in a causal relationship. NASA publishes a time series graphic that simply destroys the myth that CO2 alters temperature.  The time series video clearly shows global temperatures having large variations, and those variations are highly correlated with water vapor. There is 0.00% correlation between CO2 and temperatures because once again ΔCO2 = 0. Anyone seeking the truth as to what is causing climate change and global temperatures is graphically detailed in NASA’s video. You will note that NASA chose to compare temperatures to water vapor, not CO2. Often you can learn more from what people don’t say than what they do.

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    Ronald Verhoeckx


    CO 2 does not create heat rather heat creates CO 2.

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    “”The only mechanism by which CO2 can affect climate change is through the thermalization of LWIR between 13 and 18µ, that is it.””

    Bear in mind that slightly less than half reaches the surface so can only delay cooling by about 9%. No warming. Anywhere.

    Also in the upper stratosphere if molecular speeds exceed 3,000 ms atmospheric molecules could reach escape velocity. Planet Earth would rapidly lose all non-radiative molecules except for the cooling effect of CO2, a ‘greenhouse gas’!

    Also how does a cool gas molecule like CO2 get so high up in the atmosphere?
    It doesn’t need to. 14-CO2 is created up here and does a nice cooling job before eventually falling to the surface to allow carbon dating techniques to work so nicely.

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