Carbon Is Not Synonymous With Carbon Dioxide

Written by Dr Jay Lehr

From the very day that Al Gore signed his name to the well-known book, An Inconvenient Truth, the general population was told that carbon emissions were going to destroy our planet.

Gore, more or less, coined the term “carbon footprint” (while always hiding the enormity of his own footprint). Gore and his cohorts were never actually talking about carbon.

They were talking about carbon dioxide.

Initially, they understood that most people recognize that they exhale carbon dioxide and plants absorb it in order to live. Not a dark thought.

So in a universally evil desire to scare the populace, they seized on using the term carbon as a synonym for carbon dioxide, knowing it would conjure up visions of soot, lampblack, and coal dust, none of which were warm and fuzzy.

Carbon is a solid element. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas, though while containing a single atom of carbon, bears no other resemblance to elemental carbon.

The public around the world has unwittingly accepted it without realizing their minds were being manipulated toward negative thoughts. It is possibly the best example of subliminal brainwashing mankind has encountered.

Those desiring to delude the public make no concession to this fact because it is not really their goal to mess with the planetary weather.

Rather it is their goal to do as H.L. Mencken, the sage of Baltimore, once said: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence clamorous to be led to safety by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

Global warming has been among their very best hobgoblins.

Perhaps the most diabolical of all the aspects of this deception is how major Fortune 500 companies have jumped on this bandwagon to show their greenness in an effort to remove the lifeblood of our planet from our planet.

Currently, every day on radio and TV you can witness ExxonMobil touting their efforts to make their industrial plants like a real plant, plants that absorb deadly emissions from the very products their companies produce, petroleum.

It will be a cold day in hell when we buy their products in support of the blatant lies they are using to promote their company.

Surely one of the biggest fossil fuel companies in the world knows they are conning the public just as everyone is who is using the term carbon in place of the completely different molecule carbon dioxide.

Deceit is the name of the game.

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    It took a couple of stooges from the Club of Rome to come up with this fantastic story. The fact is they knew back in the 70s that we would be facing a climate crisis due to the waning magnetosphere and solar cycles. They knew that by 2030 we’d be be shoulder deep in a cooling cycle that would threaten our very existence. Push warming was a great plan as it hastened the cooling process by reducing Co2. Now Bill Gates and Harvard U want to bring it on even faster with their own chemtrail plan starting in 2020 designed to block out the suns heat. We’re climbing up solar cycle 25 right now and the sun is quiet. Hold on folks, it’s gonna get bumpy.

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      Boris Badenov


      Do you buy your aluminum foil in bulk from Costco?

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    Mark L Miller


    Do you have something constructive to say Mister Fake Name???

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