Breaking: Now Michael Mann Threatens Pastor with Lawsuit!

Written by John O'Sullivan

Litigious climate fraudster, Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann threatens ANOTHER lawsuit after newspaper correctly reports he lost the ‘science trial of the century‘ versus Dr Tim Ball.

A mere two weeks ago, Penn State’s dodgy climate professor saw a judge dismiss his 8-year, multi-million-dollar libel suit versus the renowned Canadian skeptic climatologist.

But, it appears Mann hasn’t learned his lesson and is making more legal threats to anyone who publishes the truth about his failed escapade.

On September 06, 2019, Mann succeeded in pressuring the Wyoming Tribune Eagle in Cheyenne, WY into taking down a post reporting on Tim Ball’s courtroom triumph.

Ball’s allegedly libelous statement that Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn State” was, in effect, vindicated by the judge’s Dismissal of Mann’s multi-million-dollar claim. The author of the latest article suffering Mann’s ire is Pastor Jonathan Lange,

Anyone who reads Lange’s piece ‘Is man-made global warming Mann-made?’ can see for themselves that it fairly mirrors my article, which broke the news of Tim’s win. No such empty legal threats from cowardly Mann to me.

Lange immediately contacted Principia Scientific International (PSI), the science body that backed Dr Ball throughout the Mann-v-Ball case, when he got Mann’s threatening ‘take down’ notice.

Lange wrote:

                                                  “I have recently published an article concerning the end of Dr. Mann’s lawsuit against Dr. Tim Ball.

This morning, I published a shorter version of the same material in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle in Cheyenne, WY. Within 4 hours, the newspaper received an email from Dr. Mann accusing me of libel and defamation. The newspaper has removed the article from the website. “                                [Pastor Lange, Sept 06, 2019]

For reporting the facts, Pastor Lange of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, within four hours, had the following email from the irate Professor Mann:

The Claims Made In The Piece That Our Data Are Not Available Or That We Did Not Provide Materials Requested By The Court Are Provably False. And They Are Libelous.

It is easily verified that the data and computer code behind our analysiis [sic] and has been available for more than 15 years.”                    [Michael Mann Sept 06. 2019]

The data that Mann released 15 years ago, before suing Ball, is neither the subject of the lawsuit or of Lange’s article. It is, rather, about whether he has produced enough additional evidence to satisfy the judge. Mann’s statement blatantly contradicts why he ultimately lost his lawsuit versus Tim Ball!

Learning of Mann’s threat of a lawsuit against Pastor Lange, Dr Ball wrote to PSI to clarify the following:

“The court threw out Mann’s case because he failed to provide any evidence to support his claims. The specific data he claims he presented was not presented. The court also agreed with us that Mann had had from 2011 to make his case and failed to do so. In fact, we had a trial date scheduled for February 20, 2017 but Mann postponed the trial and we heard nothing from him since.”                                       [Dr Tim Ball, Sept o6, 2019]

So, Mann’s weasel words are designed to deceive. Yes, Michael Mann released plenty of data but NOT the most essential numbers (his math ‘working out’) that would prove he had criminal intention to defraud when creating his infamous graph.

Quite simply the facts in the matter are as follows:

  • Mann has NEVER made his r2 regression numbers available for open review;

  • Mann is a proven liar and fraud who hides his numbers out of fear of criminal prosecution;

  • Dr Mann lost his case versus Dr Ball because he showed ‘bad faith’ in breaching the binding “concessions” agreement that required him to release the above “computer codes, which are my intellectual property…” [1]

Michael Mann: Scienter Not Scientist

Mann’s duplicity just gets worse. He should no longer be considered a scientist but a ‘scienter‘ – someone who intentionally deceives others for personal benefit.

His statement(s) are fraudulent misrepresentations. The delinquent Penn State professor cannot have it both ways – if he withholds key data for his graph because it is his “intellectual property” how can he also claim it is all in the public domain?

Indeed, legal experts may argue that if Mann follows through on his baseless threats to sue he places himself in legal jeopardy for wilful intent to deceive, abuse of process and malicious prosecution.


If anyone else receives similar threats from the flaky ‘professor,’ please do submit them to PSI and they will be added to the file of material we are compiling to submit to federal authorities in support of a RICO prosecution.

In addition, if Dr Mann proceeds to sue PSI, myself, or Tim Ball (again), we have in place plans to countersue for abuse of process and malicious prosecution.

[1] “My computer program is a piece of private, intellectual property, as the National Science Foundation and its lawyers recognize. It is a bedrock principle of American law that the government may not take private property “without [a] public use,” and “without just compensation.”“—Dr. Michael Mann’s letter to Congressman Joe Barton (7-15-05)

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    Andy Rowlands


    I was wondering what had happeend when the article appeared two days ago then vanished 🙂

  • Avatar

    John O'Sullivan


    Andy, yes, we took it down temporarily while all legal avenues were considered.

    • Avatar



      Doug Cotton, why don’t you get on topic?

      Thread crashing is rude to on anyone, the topic is about lawsuits and threats, why not leave and take your never ending unwanted comments with you?

  • Avatar

    Sonny Thorgren


    I have not read all comments from you, DJ.C but I do not understand what your comment has to do with this? I am from Sweden, as is Greta Thunberg, and probably equally competent, namely not. Please explain to me what you mean?

  • Avatar

    K. Kaiser


    Dr. M. Mann appears to be “doubling down” when things don’t go his way.

    Upon the rebuke by the Norwegian Nobel [Peace Prize] Institute ( ), his official Penn. State Univ. (PSU) website/CV quickly changed to reflect reality.

    Presumably he hopes to get bailed out by PSU if or when the charade comes to a close.

    A few years ago, I have myself been threatened (by another “climate-guru” in another jurisdiction) to be sued “into financial oblivion.” That guru wised up not long thereafter — have not heard from him since.

    Pastor Jonathan Lange is to be congratulated for his informative and un-biased report!
    Quoting from that: “The entire ‘hockey stick’ scenario remains a private revelation given to Mann and Mann alone.”

    Blessings to Pastor Lange!

    • Avatar

      Matt Holl


      Exactly right Dr. Kaiser.
      Blessings to Pastor Lange.
      I will even break the mould and pray for him.

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    Hi Doug.
    This is a very unfortunate comment you have made on this article.
    The global warming belief system is heading down a path to humanities’ partial catastrophe or worse and reading your vexatious comment when there are such important legal precedents being reported on makes one wonder if you should be thrown in the brig or should have been dispatched at birth.
    Have a nice day.
    Matt the benevolent dictator..

  • Avatar

    olav ankjær


    An intelligent person said, I am certain that there is too much certainty in the world.

  • Avatar

    John Nicol


    “Mann hath no fury like that of a spin star spurned” – with apologies to William Shakespeare!!

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    Mann’s crass and dumb idea of taking Tim Ball to court was ridiculous enough and spurred many (including myself) to agree with Tim Ball’s quip that Michael Mann belongs in the state pen. not in Penn. State (University).
    However this ill-conceived idea he now has — going around threatening all and sundry who pass opinions and comments, that he dislikes, about the outcome of that trial — shows that the pen state is not the place for him. No, instead Mann should be immediately referred to a quiet sanatorium for the bewildered, as he shows no adequate mental composure as a responsible person.

    There is a tide in the affairs of Mann.
    Which, taken as legal threats, leads on to misfortune;
    Committed, and all rest of his shallow life
    Is bound in courtroom voyages of miseries.

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    I think that Michael Mann has lost the plot. He now needs to be kept in a safe place until her majesty decides he is sane enough to return into society.

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