BBC – lying by omission again

Written by Roger Higgs DPhil Oxford

More needs to be done to help expose this typical example of contemptible disingenuity by the BBC  who have trumpeted another one of their ‘hottest day ever!’ fake claims upon an especially pleasant late August public holiday.
Prominently posted on the BBC website today is ‘UK weather: Hottest late August Bank Holiday Monday on record.’

“On Sunday, the record for the late August Bank Holiday weekend was broken, when temperatures reached 33.3C (91.94F) in west London”.

“West London”? Who are they trying to kid?  Do they think we’re all stupid?

The new record was set at Heathrow Airport, whose endless expansion (more heat-absorbing surfaces) guarantees new temperature ‘records’. The BBC further neglected to mention that the previous record was also at Heathrow.

The license-fee-paying British public is paying for this disinformation from the British Broadcasting Corporation.
Adding absurdity to dishonesty, the writer of the BBC item converted the centigrade value into Fahrenheit with two decimal places (91.94). “Phew, what a scorcher … that additional one-hundredth of a degree makes all the difference!”

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