Average Age of Italians Who Have Died From Coronavirus is 81

Written by Jim Holt

It appears Coronavirus is a Deadly Senior’s disease. The Italian government released numbers on the coronavirus last week.

There were 1,809 new cases of the deadly disease reported in Italy on Sunday. The Italian government also recently released the percentage of deaths by age group.

90+ years old: 6% of deaths
80 – 89 years old: 42% of deaths
70 – 79 years old: 35% of deaths
60 – 69 years old: 16% of deaths

These numbers came from the World Health Organization YouTube page.

99% of the coronavirus deaths in Italy are people 60-years-old and older.

And according to the BBC the the AVERAGE AGE of those who have died is 81!

These are stunning numbers.

The coronavirus website still shows NO DEATHS in the 0-9 age group and .2% of deaths in those 10-39 years-old

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    T. C. Clark


    Taiwan…..Taiwan has apparently done the best job of handling coronavirus. Taiwan started screening air traffic from China in January….early testing and quarantine.

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    Herb Rose


    Since the young don’t seem to have extreme reaction to covid-19 wouldn’t it be smarter to quarantine old people and have covid-19 parties like the old chicken pox parties? They could get an immunity that would last a lifetime (unlike vaccines) and the vulnerable population would be protected. This way we wouldn’t have to face this crisis every year.

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