134,458 Sign International Appeal to Stop 5G

Written by John O'Sullivan

Principia Scientific International (PSI) stands alongside the 135,000 STEM field experts (so far) who oppose the ill-conceived mass roll out of the new 5G wifi cell network.

No verifiable independent research on the safety of the new system has been undertaken and we perceive the risks to public health to be enormous.

We urge other related experts to also sign. As CEO of PSI I have put our names to it. You may do so as an individual here: https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/sign-individual

The petition reads as follows:

To the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe and governments of all nations,

We the undersigned scientists, doctors, environmental organizations and citizens from ( ) countries, urgently call for a halt to the deployment of the 5G (fifth generation) wireless network, including 5G from space satellites. 5G will massively increase exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation on top of the 2G, 3G and 4G networks for telecommunications already in place. RF radiation has been proven harmful for humans and the environment. The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.




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    Carbon Bigfoot


    Having attended the 5G Summit on line for the last 7 days the information available suggests that 5G and continued use of WIFI and 4G in unison could be a Species Ending Event for humans as male sperm count in Industrial Nations is 57% of what it was before the mobile telephony age. The event planners have an encore Summit provided free this coming weekend. The link is —-https://the5Gsummit.com/event. YOU MUST ATTEND.

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    Make that 134,459 .. where do I sign?

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