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by Douglas Cotton

It is common to find proponents of the much publicised radiative greenhouse conjecture adopting smear tactics in an attempt to discredit ourselves and authors who have contributed papers and articles to Principia Scientific International (PSI).

On various climate blogs they monotonously ask questions like: “When are you going to have your paper published in a proper journal?” But to them, the only “proper” journals (or websites) are those which support their conjecture that carbon dioxide warms the world. Many of them have jobs to protect, research grants to obtain or perhaps valuable domain names and websites which may well crumble should the greenhouse tumble.

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Why would a member of PSI wish to support a journal which helps to propagate the very conjecture which virtually all of nearly 200 members here know to be false? Why waste time, and in some cases pay for reviews, when there is no chance of any papers being published if counter views are expressed therein? Why, in any event, should we imagine their “peers” are any more suited, qualified or knowledgeable enough to review PSI papers than any others, such as these from among our fast growing membership?

The carbon dioxide related “greenhouse effect” will one day soon take its brief place in history as the greatest scientific mistake of all time. Many within the ranks have now become aware that is was, in fact, a huge error initially dreamt up by a handful of people and then very successfully marketed upon the politicians and the general public, including young school children. This started over 30 years ago around 1979, and so now a whole generation has been brainwashed with watered down descriptions which the gullible lap up.

Websites such as Skeptical Science, WattsUpWithThat, Science of Doom and many more are set up by those with a vested interest in swaying public beliefs. School children and climatology undergraduates alike flock to these sites to arm themselves with arguments, which they then copy verbatim in order to rubbish any counter views expressed elsewhere. Frankly, it is amazing just how many people get involved in reading and writing the millions of comments on these climate blogs. It is little wonder that the owners of the above three in particular just simply delete comments with contrary views and ban those who post them, sometimes even blocking their internet access so that they can’t even read the pseudo science posts and comments.

The facts are that this is a science which, at its heart, requires a deep, advanced understanding of atmospheric physics, for it is all about heat transfer mechanisms and such are the domain of physics. But most climatology researchers have limited understanding of the physics involved. They have picked out a few equations from the first year textbooks, and then used such equations without understanding the very important limitations and prerequisites for these to be applicable.

They probably know that radiation has a dual particle and wave nature, but it suits them to imagine strings of identical photon particles crashing into the Earth’s surface like little hand grenades, always imparting more thermal energy to that surface. But radiation from a cooler atmosphere does not transfer heat to a warmer surface – not one little bit – ever.

The Sun’s radiation could never have heated Earth’s surface by the proverbial 33 degrees, nor the Venus surface by about 500 degrees, especially when we know that the Venus surface actually receives less than 10% as much direct solar radiation as does Earth’s surface. Mind you, the anonymous author of Science of Doom would like you to think it receives closer to 100% when he writes “The surface receives radiation from the sun, S. In the case of Venus this value would be (averaged across the surface), S = 158 W/m².” He could have found out that the Russians had actually estimated about 10W/m^2 (averaged across the surface) using measurements made with probes dropped to that surface. But, as is usual with Science of Doom, it’s all about what you can “prove” with voluminous computations that show how at most 10W/m^2 (or was it 158W/m^2 SoD?) of radiation coming back out of the Venus surface then gets its energy multiplied somehow up to 16,000W/m^2 due to a postulated “runaway greenhouse effect.”

Many climatologists don’t appear to understand the maximum entropy states required for thermodynamic equilibrium, nor the limited effect of radiation from molecules like carbon dioxide with few radiating frequencies, nor the gravitational effect on thermal gradients, nor exactly how the Stefan-Boltzmann Law should be applied, nor the diffusion process which is the only valid explanation for the high Venus temperatures. Then they ignore the consequences of non-radiative processes which transfer the energy from the surface into the ordinary nitrogen and oxygen molecules at the boundary. It is these molecules which then carry much of this energy from the surface into the atmosphere, until water vapour and carbon dioxide radiate it away to space. Nitrogen and oxygen are the real blanket: radiating molecules like carbon dioxide are holes in that blanket. Water vapour reduces the thermal gradient, and thus lowers the surface temperature for the new radiative equilibrium. But the IPCC will tell you that water vapour warms the surface, and so it supposedly has a positive feedback effect, multiplying the assumed warming by carbon dioxide.

The only thing it seems the climatologists don’t ignore is their marketing efforts in propagating what now smells much more like a fraudulent hoax than a mere scientific mistake. Do people get their information direct from peer-reviewed papers? Do school children? No. The children are brainwashed at school and the public is brainwashed by selective, biased media propaganda, carefully orchestrated by the establishment of the all-knowing IPCC rubber stamp mechanism.

If they really had valid counter arguments to the physics presented in PSI papers, then you would think that they would take advantage of the opportunity offered to anyone in the world to submit an attempted rebuttal for papers that are online for “Peer Review in Open Media” because that, we believe, is the way science ought to operate. Indeed, we await seeing their own papers subjected to open review by the “peers” who can so easily rebut them with science from the realm of valid atmospheric physics and related disciplines. We at PSI will take on any challenges in a spirit of open debate, such as on our forums, and we will investigate all official rebuttal attempts in the spirit of true science. For only then will truth prevail and the world be a better place.

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    It’s not just a matter of physics training. I’ve made nearly all of the points which you mention on my web site, and I’m a mushroom scientist. It’s really about rationality and honesty.

    Gary Novak

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