What To Do with ‘Uncorrectable Science?’

Written by Joseph E Postma

What happens if science is actually uncorrectable, or becomes uncorrectable?  This is the response I get from other scientists who I ask to consider the skeptical arguments which debunk climate alarm:

“since we expect climate scientists to trust our own work and expertise in astrophysics, then why wouldn’t we return that trust to the experts in climate science?”

And that is exactly how science and politics can be taken over with a simulacrum or simulation of science and merit.  Like Chicken Little, you scream that the sky is falling and you claim that all scientists agree with you and you don’t listen to criticism because of the Precautionary Principle, and etc.

Don’t they understand what can go wrong with that sort of naivety?  Are they truly that philosophically and politically and historically and even scientifically illiterate?  Politics has existed long, long before science ever did, and politics will certainly use whatever falsities it can for its gain of power.

If political climate alarm was a vehicle that was intending to do good for humanity, then I might be able to see myself supporting it even if I knew it was fraudulent.  Well…even then, if you have a good reason to do something then that reason can be stated on its own and can support itself, and there should be no need to deceive.  But if you read what the climate alarmists write, their writing is clearly hate speech and they openly state that their position and that their desire is to murder billions of people.  They actually, literally, write such hate speech openly, and believe it or not, proudly.  They simply seem to be a class of people, a class of mind, that is obsessed with genocide and murder and killing and they have invented and then tacked on to this idea of Chicken Little climate alarmism in order to justify their goals.

If you haven’t seen it yet but want the reference, check out the last few minutes of this video (the link is time-indexed so will bring you to the right place): https://youtu.be/G5bwaf9QXro?t=3885.

WARNING:  You might find the climate alarmist quotations discussed at that video link to be disturbing, scary, and threatening, and you definitely should not let your children see or watch it, or if you do, to watch it with them and explain to them that you will keep them safe and that these things won’t happen to them.  It’s just so truly vile to have to be exposed to these hate-speech thoughts of people who desire mass-murder and child abuse, so be warned.

I think that science has the potential to be correctable, whereas I know that when politics corrects itself it typically and readily has done so only at the expense of the death of millions and millions of people.  We do not want politics to do this again but this time in the name and with the supposed justification of science.

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