What is the Global Temperature Today?

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul

As the United Nation’s COP 21 climate summit continues in Paris Anthony Bright-Paul takes a critical look at one of the most fudged aspects of this pseudo-scientific jamboree: the concept of a known global temperature:

Here is the answer that I got by Googling this question. The answer is quite revealing.


One reason is that there are several different techniques for coming up with a global average, depending on how one accounts for temperatures above the data-sparse oceans and other poorly sampled regions.

Since there is no universally accepted definition for Earth’s average temperature, several different groups around the world use slightly different methods for tracking the global average over time, including:

Please note carefully the words – ‘…INSTEAD OF A SIMPLE GLOBAL TEMPERATURE?

Here we see that those organisations, which we can safely say are hell-bent on proclaiming anthropogenic global warming, in fact admit that there is no simple global temperature. Therefore I am happy to say that I am not alone in declaring that there is no Global Temperature, and indeed there cannot possibly be one. What they are saying and what is well known in scientific circles is that Global temperatures are expressed as a departure from a Norm – in other word with the use of anomalies. But do the general public know this? Do the general public know the number and the disposition of the Weather stations that are situated at some 5ft above the ground?

where temp measured

Let us be clear: these three above-mentioned organisations compile an average against a norm that is concocted, in cohort, by themselves. Is it surprising then that they all report a warming trend? It is declared loudly that last year was the warmest on record – indeed it was by their records and by their norms. But I had not noticed.

In fact as far as North America was concerned it was surely exceptionally cold. But the charade must be kept going. However miserably cold it gets we are informed that the globe is getting warmer and warmer.

But that is simply an average worked out by these magicians, and anyone can do anything they like with averages, especially with averages that are based on a departure from a norm that nobody else knows from where precisely this norm is derived.

What we cannot see from these dots on a small map is the exact location of these Weather Stations. Are they all uniformly at sea level? Are any of these 3,846 Stations at high levels? The fact is that the average layman does not know and even doesn’t want to know, and the magicians are happy with just that – that the populace keep on sleeping, accepting without question, asking no awkward questions.

The core of the Earth is now supposed to be almost as hot as the corona round the Sun. The crust of the Earth is hot, certainly the lava is. The oceans have a huge range of temperatures and warm currents, such as the Gulf Stream. The temperature of the atmosphere at 5ft above the ground is changing second by second as the Earth rotates.

Someone questioned my assertion that there are 3,600 changes in every location in every hour, as they change by a tenth of a degree, a hundredth of a degree or a thousandth of a degree. Great Nature does not obligingly jump 1 degree at a time just for the convenience of humans and their instrumentation.

At 33,000 feet up a Boeing 707 will report a temperature outside of Minus 50ºCelsius. That is near the Tropopause, only some 6.5 miles up, whereas the TOA, top of the atmosphere, is approximately ten times that.

Is the atmosphere part of the Earth? For the Warmists the atmosphere is part of the Earth, but only when it suits them. If the atmosphere is ‘trapping heat’, if the radiation from the Earth is being contained in a sort of mini-Sun in the sky about 6.5 miles up above the Tropics, they are happy. But of course, such a conception defies one of the basic laws. Oh yes! The science is settled, all right. And science declares roundly that hot air rises by Convection and cools.

No wonder that those eminent scientists who looked for a hotspot in the sky above the equator, no wonder that they never found it, since any hotspot would immediately rise up by Convection and cool. Another law: All the gases of the atmosphere without exception carry the heat upwards and away to Outer Space. Here we know that Water Vapour and Carbon Dioxide have a special role in radiating heat away, when Convection can do no more.

As the winter storms set in and a month’s rain falls within a few hours, when rivers burst their banks and homes get flooded with all the attendant misery, there is some justification for those who declare that Climates are changing. The answer of the Skeptics that climates have always been changing since the beginning of time is not very satisfactory to those who are shivering in community halls and who have perhaps lost both their homes and their livelihoods. Satisfactory or not, it is the truth. There have been huge, even gigantic climate changes, in the history of the Earth, which those with instant television pictures can barely appreciate.

The Deccan flats, the Black Sea, the formation of the North Sea, the legendary Atlantis, Pompeii and so on and so forth – Great Nature has performed in the past with a grandeur and ferocity barely contemplated today.

So ill-informed people cry out for ‘climate justice’, which in fact almost always means money, in the belief that man has brought all these disasters upon his own head, by burning fossil fuels and adding some Carbon Dioxide to an atmosphere where the content is but 0.04% of this same gas. Immensely wealthy Hollywood actors and actresses are amongst those who cry out most loudly that we must all change our lifestyles – as long as theirs are sacrosanct of course.

All of this aforegoing completely ignores two facts of our existence. One is the Orbit round the Sun, and the other is the activity of the Sun itself.

Here is a picture, which shows the size of the Earth in comparison to the Sun. If you happen not to see the Earth, look closely again. It is that little blue round sphere, barely visible. The Sun is immense with huge solar winds, with gigantic flares, with a temperature of 6,000º C. at its corona – so I understand. earth v sun

Like you, I have to take scientists’ word for this, that is, if all scientists, from both sides of the argument, agree.

Since we are careering through space at 66,000 miles per hour, spinning and wobbling at the same time – the Milankovich effect – it is hardly surprising that life on Earth is full of natural hazards. Since at the perihelion we are some 4 million miles closer to the Sun than at the aphelion, this fact alone is a far more satisfactory explanation of climatic phenomena and any warming than an innocent, transparent gas that is highly beneficial to plant life, and indeed to all life upon Earth.

So I repeat – the idea that man has the power to prevent the Globe warming by 2ºC – when in fact there is no such thing as a Global temperature is just lunatic fantasy.

How can one possibly talk of Global Warming without at first establishing a simple Global Temperature? And that is impossible.

What is possible is to make empirical observations of fact.

Only when we observe closely will we see the Cause and the Effect, since warming and cooling take place contiguously, in space and time.

Anthony Bright-Paul

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