UN Shock: Climate Talks Collapse!

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CFACT is reporting (June 13, 2013) on the surprise news that Russia has “derailed the treaty track” at the UN climate summit in Bonn, Germany.

Since opening in Germany last week Russia, along with the Ukraine and Belarus has successfully blocked any adoption of the agenda of the “Subsidiary Body for Implementation” (SBI). CFACT says “The SBI is the key negotiating track towards signing a UN climate treaty in Paris in 2015.”

UN Climate Conference collapses

The story continues:

The SBI has been unable to conduct any business in Bonn and has announced that it has suspended its business.  This has prevented the UN from considering, among other items, advancing the loss and damage mechanism (see CFACT’s report) that was perhaps the most significant outcome agreed to in Doha. “

The Russian gambit has effectively put a stop on many developing nations achieving the goal of a global warming route to wealth redistribution. But as many are now seeing, the man-made warming alarm is likely premised, not on science, but on a political agenda. The Voice of Russia reports that ”Global warming which has been the subject of so many discussions in recent years, may give way to global cooling.”

Principia Scientific International’s CEO, John O’Sullivan is less concerned about the politics and more focused on the actual scientific evidence. He commented, “This is possibly not such an unexpected development from the Russians being that their nation, like elsewhere across northern Europe, has seen a series of brutally cold winters followed by poor summers. The reality of thermometer readings this century proves that a whole generation of children have grown up not witnessing any measurable addition to alleged man-made global warming. Indeed, many leading astrophysicists, such as Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, are predicting our planet is now into a new mini ice age with decades of further cooling to come.”

CFACT adds:

If the UNFCCC successfully gets its climate treaty in Paris in 2015, the treaty will govern a tremendous portion of the economic activity of all mankind. Not billions, but trillions of dollars will be at stake. Nations will subordinate major portions of their sovereignty to the United Nations. Aside from whether the climate treaty is wise (it is not), can such a thing be created without due process? Without a vote? This would seem to contravene the principles upon which the UN was founded.

Those who stand for individual freedom and the due process which protects it owe Russia their thanks. Russia’s actions, however, appear to be largely self motivated. When al-Attiyah gaveled Russia down in Doha he wounded Russian pride – something Russia is historically willing to fight for. “

To read more visit CFACT.

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    Brandulph Christophersen


    If only people took the time to discover who established and sits at the helm of the IPCC,Ted Turner,that fact alone should be enough for anyone to realize that the whole CO2/global warming matter is nothing but a huge money making scam. The joke about taxation of the air we breath is no joke anymore!… and it is sad to observe once again how right Einstein was when he said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

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    I noted, while watching a documentary on the Second World War last night, that Russia also experienced bitterly cold winters in the 1940’s.

    Climate repeats itself – every 60 years or so – every thousand years – it’s all natural cycles. Nothing else.

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      I am from Malta. My father was a corporal during the war and he often recounted his experience about the extreme cold winter of 1942 when water puddles froze during the night, something which does not usually happen here.

      Another story was about when he was still a kid in the early 1930’s when Malta went through 3 years without rain. The 30’s were a time of global warming. I can recall as a young boy, the 60’s when it was also colder than normal. Winters were very cold compared with the 90’s. Now we are experiencing the ’60’s again.

      AGW was, at best, a scientific mistake; at worst a global scam.

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