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UK Government to Approve New Energy Study: ‘Frakking is Safe’

Written by James Kirkup

Senior UK government minister tells the Daily Telegraph (James Kirkup, November 8, 2013) that a water industry study confirms that ‘frakking’ to exploit Britain’s shale gas reserves is “safe.” Kirkup reports as follows:

Households “right across the South” should prepare for gas fracking to begin in their areas, a senior minister has warned. Michael Fallon says that in the next few weeks, a study by the water industry will conclude that fracking will not contaminate the water supply.

Frakking Protesters

He told The Telegraph that places such as Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex will become centres of the potential source of energy. The Conservative minister, who has posts at the business and energy departments, said Britain had the scope to emulate US states such as Texas in exploiting shale gas.

The article continues:

 Fears about the process are “myths” and it could provide “the most exciting home-grown source of energy we’ve seen for years”, he said. Fracking is a method of extracting small pockets of gas trapped in rocks by pumping in pressurised water. Advocates say it could produce large amounts of cheap energy, but critics fear it will cause environmental damage.

Water UK, which represents water companies, expressed fears about fracking earlier in the year and began a study.

Mr Fallon said its report will conclude that fracking is largely safe, and will say there is no risk of contamination of water supplies. The report will be part of a drive by the Government to dispel fears about shale gas, which have led to protests against energy firms considering fracking — protests backed by some Tory MPs.

The water industry study follows research from Public Health England which said last month that fracking did not pose a serious medical risk.

“There are genuine concerns, but there are also myths and we are tackling them,” Mr Fallon said. 

Read more at The Daily Telegraph.

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