A Trick Question for Global Warmers

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul

Now here  is a trick question for you, and so that you won’t be tricked I am going to reveal the trick so that you won’t be deceived.

If I asked you ‘Can any object heat itself?’ you might be puzzled as to what I meant. So to clarify, ‘Can a slab of cold iron heat itself and make itself into a horseshoe?’ Well, of course, your answer must be No. You know very well that the blacksmith has to heat his forge to high degree and make the iron red hot before he can shape it into a horseshoe. If someone suggested otherwise, would you not think that they were somewhat simple or even plain stupid?

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So if I filled a pan with cold water and put some potatoes in and on a hob, would the water come to the boil all by itself?  Of course not, you would declare. You must light the gas or turn the electric current on in order to boil the water and cook the potatoes. But if someone put the pan on the stove and failed to light the gas or switch the electricity on, would you not think they were somewhat dim-witted?

Now the air we breathe is a mixture of gases, mainly Nitrogen and Oxygen, and a few trace gases, which make up what we call the Atmosphere. Agreed?

So here is the trick question, so you can answer with your eyes wide open.

Can the Atmosphere heat itself?

 That is the trick question. If you answer Yes, it can, then I am sorry, as you must be seriously lacking. However if you answer No, of course not, that is fine. You are then a Climate Sceptic.

Please, don’t be outraged and declare that the Warmists do not say any such nonsense as that the Atmosphere warms itself – I am sorry, but that is precisely what they do say.

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    Doug – who cares about what happens on Venus – this BS seems to be your “go-to Proof” !

    Most people who comment here do not believe the “cold heating hot” premises on which climate “science” is based and neither do they believe the absurd notion espoused by even Lindzen in their absurd simple single layer models that the solar radiation and atmospheric back radiation have equal heating power – yet YOU regularly cite this simplistic bullshit in support of your theories.

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