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Three Basic Misrepresentations About Climate Concerning Australia

Written by Malcolm Roberts, Galileo Movement

It’s untrue that temperatures are rising unusually and alarmingly. Al Gore’s invented “Tipping Points” have never been specified (& 4); It’s untrue that a 97% consensus of thousands of scientists claims human CO2 is causing warming. Reality is 0.3-1.6%. Regardless, consensus does not determine science. Often, claims of scientific consensus and appeals to authority are used by people lacking evidence. Skull

Otherwise they’d present scientific evidence (http://joannenova.com.au/2013/09/ monckton-honey-i-shrunk-the-consensus/). PM Kevin Rudd and the UN IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri stated 4,000 scientists claim human CO2 will cause warming. UN figures reveal that among reviewers of the 2007 report’s sole chapter claiming warming attributed to human CO2 only 5 reviewers endorse the claim. Many thousands of scientists publicly state they disagree with the UN;

It’s untrue that at some unspecified future date there will be catastrophe unless humans cut CO2 output. There are no unusual weather events as claimed: sea levels, ocean acidification (oceans are not acidic they’re alkaline), droughts, floods, storms, extinctions, diseases, fires, snowfall, rainfall, … Many glaciers are growing. Not one city or ocean island has flooded despite Al Gore predicting cities would be shut down by 2000. SEAFRAME study proves no rise of sea at any south Pacific island in the last 20 years.

Al Gore said the Arctic would be ice free by the summer of 2013 yet Arctic sea ice is growing. Regardless, much of the Arctic ice cap is floating and if that melted sea level would not rise. While forecasting sea level rises Tim Flannery and politicians Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Greg Combet and Al Gore bought property adjacent tidal water (Appendices 4a & 12)
Beneficiaries of climate alarm pushing taxing and trading paper CO2 credits and derivatives (Appendix 14):


Major international banks eyeing trillions from trading paper CO2 credits;

UN campaign for unelected global governance. Maurice Strong, foundation Secretary-General of the UN Environmental Program and initiator of unfounded climate alarm repeatedly stated his aim of socialist global governance by unelected UN bureaucrats and abolishing national sovereignty. At the UN’s 2012 COP meeting UN climate chief Christiana Figueres admitted the UN’s “complete economic transformation of the world”;

Politicians pushing personal and/or political agenda (& Appendix 12); 

Income, appointments and status of prominent academics depended on supporting Labor-Greens government on climate. (& Appendices 9, 10, 11, 13.)

Government agencies, academics and universities receive government grants; 

Vested interests take renewable energy subsidies and other funds;

Extremists using unfounded fear and guilt fleece government and citizens;

Failing media networks using fear and sensational emotive headlines grab revenue;

Industry body executives personally endorsing government policy are rewarded by plum appointments on government boards; All beneficiaries are taking money from taxpayers.
Economy (Appendix 16): 

Electricity and mobility are not luxuries. Today energy is essential. Raising energy prices most hurts the poor. It’s a highly regressive tax causing fuel poverty and raising death rates;

CO2 ‘trading’ schemes are not market based. They’re arbitrary caps and rationing designed to control people by controlling energy use, making trillions for banks and raising government tax revenue in all parts of our life;

Standard of living falls as productivity decreases due to artificial cost increases;

Australia’s competitive advantage was low cost energy. It’s being destroyed. Our major competitors have no CO2 taxing/trading or much lower CO2 rates with industry loopholes. Aussie jobs are already being exported; 

Corruption in 95% of European paper “trading” of CO2 credits; 

Instead, cheaper, reliable energy increases productivity that produces wealth and raises living standards and lowers birth rates.
Environment (Appendix 16 and http://www.conscious. com.au/__documents/Thriving%20with%20nature%20 and%20humanity_single.pdf) 

Industry exiting Australia to third-world countries lacking modern scrubbing equipment increases real pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxides and particulates. Taxing Australian CO2 increases real global pollution;

Wasting funds on false UN climate claims diverts intellectual capital, money and resources from real and serious environmental challenges such as water, air and soil pollution and toxins;

Canadian environmentalist Lawrence Solomon shows CO2 trading schemes are the single greatest threat to the global environment because they make every ecosystem subject to manipulation for commercial gain; 

‘Licensing’ people who harm the natural environment is not a solution. That enables the rich to keep polluting and transfers license costs to the poor by raising product prices; 

Misrepresenting science lowers understanding of real environmental issues. Scientific understanding came from wealth created by efficient, accessible, cheap and environmentally responsible fuels containing carbon and uranium; 

Environmental, human health and economic costs of wind-farms;

Chopping forests and diverting food to subsidised biofuels needing huge quantities water; 

Modern power stations provide cheap energy to solve real environmental problems. Natural gas, coal, oil and uranium ended devastation of forests and whales previously used for energy and lighting.
Humanitarian (Appendices 16 & 14): 

Taxing/trading CO2 increases global poverty. Raising energy prices locks undeveloped nations in misery and high birth rates;

Wasting money and intellectual capital on the climate scam diverts resources from serious humanitarian challenges such as malnutrition, water quality, sanitation, HIV-Aids, mental disease, addictions, hypertension and health, …;

Spreading unfounded toxic fear and guilt, particularly among children, hurts humanity’s future leaders emotionally. Indoctrination of several generations of people on an anti-human and false assumption;

Wasting taxpayer money on inefficient “alternative energies” that are proving to be “alternatives to energy”;

Destroying science that liberated humanity from vulnerability to Nature’s variability and extremes;

UN bureaucrats restrict water, food, resources, travel, mobility, finances, energy and residences using unscientific and unsustainable UN Sustainability and UN Biodiversity pushed by unfounded fear of climate catastrophe (14) The UN’s Precautionary Principle is a rhetorical trick rarely applicable to the real world. Its use signifies lack of empirical scientific evidence. It prevents development and omits the enormous opportunity cost of failing to address real environmental and humanitarian challenges and continuing misery for billions of people.
Politics (Appendices 2, 12, 14, 16 & 17):

Greg Combet as Climate Change Minister oversaw tens of millions of dollars in subsidies to Pacific-Hydro wind power company owned by the union super fund he previously directed;

Stated or implied lies and/or misleading omissions by prominent politicians including Julia Gillard, Greg Combet, Kevin Rudd, Penny Wong and Greg Hunt. These people have not been held publicly accountable by MPs deferring to party powerbrokers;

Undermining national sovereignty through UN Agenda 21 bypassing our Federation of sovereign states;

Undermining national governance through UN Agenda 21. Duplication of state and federal bureaucracies;

Stealing private property rights and basic human freedom using UN Agenda 21;

Redistribution of wealth by UN carbon taxing and/or “trading”;

Connection to international bankers’ CO2 “pricing” scheme would cede Australia’s sovereignty and governance to bankers;

Despite their documented involvement in implementing UN Agenda 21 prominent politicians such as Greg Hunt deny detailed knowledge of Agenda 21;

All prominent advocates of cutting human CO2 are funded by government. Modern government is working against core responsibilities of protecting life, property and freedom. It has been hijacked by global vested interests; Prominent academics and government agencies funded by taxpayers are misrepresenting climate and science. (Appendices 6, 6a, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) The following advocate cutting human CO2 output and thereby cutting industry and jobs. All have no empirical scientific evidence for their advocacy. All contradict empirical evidence.

CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology. CSIRO Chief Executive is closely connected via past and current memberships of boards of major international banks benefitting from CO2 trading. At international conferences CSIRO scientists have advocated global governance (Appendix 6);

Prominent academics benefiting financially from advocating cutting human CO2: Tim Flannery, David Karoly, Will Steffen, Ross Garnaut, Ove Hoegh- Guldberg, Matthew England, Lesley Hughes, Kurt Lambeck, Andy Pitman and Stefan Lewandowsky. (Appendix 9);

Misrepresentation by some prominent university science departments depending on federal funding (Appendix 11).
Media advocating cuts to human CO2, industry and jobs (Appendices 13 & 13a-13g):

Analysis of ABC TV and Radio programs quantifies ABC’s bias and misrepresentations of climate. Correspondence from the ABC Board confirms that the Board condones staff misrepresenting climate and science;

Fairfax Media newspapers contradict empirical scientific evidence. They resort to false implicit smears including labelling of Jewish holocaust survivor, family and colleagues as anti-Semitic, intimidating sceptic journalists and suppressing free speech. By its inaction the Fairfax Board condones smears and lies brought to its attention in writing;

SMH Environmental reporter Ben Cubby has been requested to provide empirical scientific evidence for his many articles falsely pushing unfounded climate alarm and advocating cutting human CO2. His seven attempted responses fail to provide evidence. He tells lies publicly about those who disagree with his view and helps spread unfounded climate alarm. People suffer cost of living increases on essentials. Economic multipliers increase pain. People suffer through loss of national governance and sovereignty. People lose freedom through stealing of property rights and basic freedoms.

On climate, those advocating cutting human CO2 don’t use the scientific method, have no empirical scientific evidence of human CO2 causing global warming and contradict empirical evidence. Are they meeting needs for integrity? Do they care about and respect people, especially the poor and unrepresented? Do they fulfil environmental and humanitarian needs?
© Malcolm Roberts | Nov 2013 | malcolmr@conscious.com.au

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    “Fairfax Media newspapers contradict empirical scientific evidence. They resort to false implicit smears including labelling of Jewish holocaust survivor, family and colleagues as anti-Semitic, intimidating sceptic journalists and suppressing free speech. By its inaction the Fairfax Board condones smears and lies brought to its attention in writing;”

    Not clear what is meant by this. But here is the real deal: http://gaschamberhoax.com/films/

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