The UN’s climate body – Inconvenient Facts

Written by Malcolm Roberts, Galileo Movement

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was formed by two UN organisations (UNEP and WMO) and endorsed by UN General Assembly Resolution 43/53. It’s not a scientific body. Its charter restricts it to searching for human induced (global) climate change and to not consider natural climate forces.ipcc symbol Yet, it’s impossible to identify human influence unless natural influences and mechanisms are thoroughly known.

In practice the IPPC does not countenance any information or hypothesis not supporting its supposition of human causation. Climate change has been redefined to mean anthropogenic (human) climate change. The IPCC’s purpose is to find human climate change. Without that its bureaucrats have no job. The IPCC is accountable to no nation or UN assembly of nations. It’s controlled by systems overseen by a small clique of independent UN powerbrokers.

Documented facts on UN climate campaign (Appendix 2):

■■ The IPCC has no empirical scientific evidence or reasoning that human carbon dioxide affects global climate. Its key claims are based only on opinions and unvalidated computerised numerical models that its reports admit are flawed. The models are already proven wrong;

■■ The IPCC contradicts empirical evidence on climate and natural climate variability (Appendices 2, 4 & 4a);

■■ IPCC reports misrepresent temperature and CO2 and omit scientific data contradicting its claims. Reports rely on negligently and wilfully false data presentation. IPCC omits 90,000 reliable measurements of CO2 levels made in the last 200 years (2 & 4);

■■ The IPCC’s stated levels of certainty such as “95% likely” are arbitrarily and politically assigned to falsely imply they are scientifically and statistically valid;

■■ Authors in the Climategate scandal deliberately hid lack of warming and a temperature ‘decline’;

■■ Lead Author (2001) and Review Editor (2007) of the IPCC’s sole chapter claiming warming by human carbon dioxide is David Karoly. He repeatedly fails to provide empirical evidence of human causation and has never provided such evidence. He is co-author of a paper retracted under a cloud after analysis by Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre (Appendices 2 & 9, page 8);

■■ Corrupting, bypassing, preventing scientific peer- review has made it worthless. Key chapters blaming human CO2 are written by people who previously co- authored papers with each other. IPCC Chair Pachauri claimed 100% peer-review yet 2007 report cited 5,587 references not peer-reviewed, including newspaper stories, political activists’ campaign material and hikers’ anecdotes;

■■ Claimed consensus of thousands of scientists in 2007’s report was actually five reviewers and 53 authors. Their selection breached guidelines. Many have financial conflicts;

■■ Alarming IPCC projections have repeatedly failed. Some have reversed. Climate is the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions averaged over a series of years. If knowledge of weather is wrong, knowledge of climate is wrong. Despite satellites viewing and tracking weather systems it’s still not possible to reliably forecast weather beyond a few days. Yet the UN pretends it can forecast climate with 95% likelihood 100 years in advance. Long-range weather forecasters using solar, lunar and terrestrial factors have an acceptable success rate. They do not use CO2 to forecast weather.
Methods (Appendix 2):

■■ The world’s peak academic scientific body is the Inter Academy Council. Its August 2010 report on the UN’s climate body identifies: political interference, conflicts of interest, bias, claiming certainty in absence of evidence, vague statements not supported by evidence, management problems, …

■■ Each IPCC report (1990, 1995, 2001, 2007, 2013) is based on a core falsity contradicting and misrepresenting science and climate.

■■ IPCC guidelines force science reports to be changed to suit political reports;
Political agenda (Appendix 2):

■■ First IPCC Chairman, Bert Bolin advocated taxing CO2 before IPCC climate ‘science’ started;

■■ Climate alarm was born in UN Environmental Program responsible for 40 million human deaths by contradicting science in the 1970’s ban on the insecticide DDT. In 2006 DDT’s use in saving lives was restored The%20Eco%20Fraud_Part%203.pdf The politically driven UNEP has a history of intentionally misleading national and global leaders;

■■ Climate alarm is one of three parts of UN Agenda 21 global governance campaign beside unsustainable UN Sustainability and UN Biodiversity programs (Appendix 14);

■■ Political activists WWF and Greenpeace with annual budgets of $700 million and $300 million respectively have taken control of some IPCC report chapters and entire reports (Appendix 15)
Conflicts of interest: (Appendix 2)

■■ IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri’s many documented conflicts of interest (& http://;

■■ Extreme environmental activists posing as scientists wrote key chapters and a Lead Author misled USA Congress;

■■ IPCC contributors now seek immunity from prosecution for falsifying science and misleading governments. The IPCC spawned a massive global ‘industry’ of rent- seekers living off taxpayers. The IPCC does not follow the scientific method, has no empirical scientific evidence of human CO2 causing global warming and contradicts empirical evidence. Does the UN’s IPCC meet needs for integrity? Does it care about and respect people, especially the poor and unrepresented? Does it meet environmental and humanitarian needs?

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