The Science Theory of Functional Relativity

Written by Dr Gerald V. Todd

The true definition of Capitalism is in High-Finance’s role as the servant of Science, Commerce, and Investment in vision and courage; in personal and family savings and philanthropy! Science can advance, when a Capitalist is convinced to help for profit and the common good. Totalitarians have a penchant for integrity-compromising pre-conceived outcomes to advance their power.

My theory is far from scientific, rather a road map for long term scientific accomplishment for the greatest number of individuals working in the chaos of human interaction.

About two years ago, I started seeing a series of causes and effects in human interaction that first sparked my imagination in the political arena, then in the debate between social and equal justice, and most recently in the field of science. There are three groups of three philosophical ideas that suddenly fell in like a Conga Line. Their plausibility is easily seem when starting with finance and ending with beauty or the reverse, starting with beauty and ending with finance. The end results are dramatically opposite.

P = Σ(T+A+O) [1]

1The quality or state of being relative.

2A state of dependence in which the existence or significance of one entity is solely dependent on that of another.

Executive Summary

The Science Theory of Functional Relativity is an exercise in realignment of political and philosophical priorities. The purpose is to clear the way for greater freedom to explore, discover, and develop new ideas; and to improve on the older ones. These processes have their own trials and challenges. It shouldn’t be necessary for the government and financiers to stand in the way of real achievement, that both will ultimately profit from.

Scientific advancement has always required inquisitive, visionary and persistent explorers, experimentors and developers, who can draw from the wealth of discovery from those who went before. They require an environment where exploration and experimentation can take place within the bounds of human dignity. 

Human dignity can only begin at conception and end at natural death. Anything less, requires some indeterminate power to judge an individual’s personhood and economic value as a measure of value to the human race – or even the environment. Like Liberals and Conservatives, where both seek the best for themselves and their children from different directions, Science and Faith both seek Truth from different venues, and from different directions. One never negates the other.

It is the “progressive” that seeks to undermine both Faith and Reason. That fact is fundamental as it becomes the camel’s nose under the tent of prosperity and happiness. This is about as political as this Theory expects to get. We just need to know what has worked in the past, and will continue to work for the common good today.

A key part of scientific endeavor is the means to explore and experiment to reach a visionary goal. That requires money, access to resources, and freedom to act. The American political structure, based on her original Declaration of Independence setting a simple, and  beautifully moral, spiritual, and philosophical basis of the Constitution, combined with Ethics, require/provide the Logical protection of the Bill of Rights.

Today’s scientific and academic environment has seen growing political influences that demand predetermined results. Science is just as subject as any other pursuit, to the stultifying inanity of political correctness that has developed in Academia in recent decades. Predetermined scientific results can be found in a myriad of fields from climate change, to carbon dioxide, to oil exploration, and recovery to crop production methodologies, to population control, to human experimentation to the everyday activity of making parts and devices, for advancing scientific work and the enjoyment of daily life. 

Money must never be the Master of Science, Reason or Faith

Money and Finance is best involved, as the servant of human endeavor and the pursuit of happiness and philanthropy. If money is more a master than a servant, through hedging, speculation, unfair taxation, and debt creation to cover for its failures, it is the first clue that change is needed before utter moral, spiritual, scientific and fiscal bankruptcy results…. A return to horse manure and flies!

The Science Theory of Functional Relativity is designed to show how the commonly accepted norms of backing scientific development could be enhanced with a new set of priorities – a 180 degree flip that better fits the pattern of successful and enduring human development.

There are three sets of cause and effect elements in three related groupings. These groupings produce nine key elements of a functioning scientific endeavor. Not the science itself, as these elements and the fruit of intuition, hard work and determination, yield opportunities that are as infinite as the undiscovered mysteries and the determination of the explorer, the examiner, the perfecter and the entrepreneur that brings these accomplishments to the marketplace.

How Relativity is prioritized and defined determines whether the scientist will be free in his or her work, or under subjugation to produce a preconceived result. The choice often comes down to whether creative and collegial, or subservient and accommodating, are the price of integrity. Even a scientist working for an independent business, large or small, is given the charge and means to achieve a defined goal within the bounds of true science. When the scientist is faced with reporting an achievement that is neither accomplished or even close to being subject to honest peer review, he or she must never be forced to publish a lie to advance the agenda of the government, it’s agencies, or a company eager to push a new, but faulty product.


180 Degree switch: To turn from serving pre-conceived outcomes demanded by non-science forces to satisfy academic, monetary or political agenda’s and demands.

Turning an Outhouse of Predetermined Outcomes into a Functional Tower of Scientific Opportunity and Prosperity

True capitalism starts first as money created out of the earned human and exploited [harvested] natural resources of the nation – free of debt that is tied to creation of the medium of exchange – money. 

It rushes upward to wash down over the levels starting at beauty, enlivening every level below. True capital is ever the servant at every level of human progress and generosity; where vision, opportunity and need are revealed and served. The outcome is not predictable, because of the infinite range and variety of opportunities and chance meetings that result from the free exchange of ideas and knowledge without class distinction.

Dr. Thomas Sowell in his 2002 book “Conflict of Visions” defined the features of constrained and unconstrained visions. Constrained vision includes reverence, respect and open-mindedness, and the basis of beauty and true progress. The unconstrained vision is where anything goes, but is overloaded with rules, regulations, debt and lawsuits in a successful attempt to deny all the more peaceful waters of constrained vision.

Science Functional Relativity consists of three sets of three priorities that can be identified in applying the philosophical, political and spiritual priorities of a people and those who rule them. It breaks down to three relative stages- How we Think, Act and Operate.

How do we Think?

Beauty, Ethics and Logic (The equally important normative sciences of Philosophy applied in this order idealize the myriad scientific endeavors that have succeeded in our Constitutional Republic.) Seek the Beauty of Creation and human endeavor first, then Ethics of true science will be defined and the Logic of Scientific Proof will protect the discoverer and his integrity.

How do we Act?

Subsidiarity, Solidarity and Chaos (First we take personal responsibility for our ideas and theorems, expect the unity of “e pluribus unum” , and enjoy focused or chance meeting and challenges from the chaos of unexpected opportunity, advancing the work of others, or by teaming up to achieve a larger goal.) Most scientists are accustomed to working in a sometimes lonely subsidiary manner. Most work today, requires cooperation and the sharing of ideas and data leading to the solidarity of the greater whole. Positive Chaos in a free society is unexpected opportunities, chance meeting, cross fertilization of ideas and technology from which Harmony ultimately creates growth and prosperity.

How do we Operate?

High-Touch, High-Tech and High-Finance (Intuition, Reason and Enablement). It defines how we are inspired, how we resolve problems, and how we gain the means to execute.

No one Point is more important than the others. Each is as important as the next. They are meant to build on one another – for good or evil. All that went before was designed to establish an ideal for exploration, discovery, development and a fruitful life for all whom the work of the scientist affects. The key is their priority of application in human discourse, discovery and application, for good or for evil. Choices are the reality of the work of the scientist, the philosopher and the theologian. We hope the Science Theory of Functional Relativity helps achieve a rethinking of our priorities.

The Nine Related Parts of Science Relativity – See accompanying chart

Beauty, Ethics and Logic – From the works of America’s greatest philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce – 1839-1914, Aesthetics (Beauty), Ethics and Logic is the ideal prioritization of these equally important philosophical norms. Scientists may be familiar with Peirce for his theories are the basis of most work in Artificial Intelligence.

Subsidiarity, Solidarity and Chaos –The principles of Subsidiarity and Solidarity are keys to scientific success if applied together. These are the basis of what made the American economy the most successful in history. Success is more likely in an environment of often unpredictable chaotically, open windows to ideas and associations, and the freedom to rise above one’s station in life – even to fail and try again. Personal responsibility far exceeds “progressive” entitlement. The work of the Scientist in the chaos of searched for answers, ultimately turns the Chaos into the Harmony of a well run system. Then on to the next challenge!

High-Touch and High-Tech and High-Finance – complete the necessary threesome or trinity of values. One of these equally important elements must dominate the others with predictable results. “High-Touch; High-Tech and High-Finance” are the ideal order for “How we Operate.”

Rene Descartes and Charles Sanders Peirce had different views on the realities of scientific and theological research. Peirce’s views best explain the foundations of this Science Theory of Functional Relativity.

Descartes’ and Peirce’s Realities Compared




(Beautifully Correct)

Beginning >>>>

Universal Doubt

Intelligent Origin

Certainty Test >>>

Individual Consciousness

Multiple Source Confirmation

Truth Inference >>

Single Thread of Inference

Inference from many Fields

Mysteries Revealed >>>>>>

Can only be Logical

Interpret in terms of Intelligibility

The comparison between Descartes and Peirce’s views on the nature of inquiry and scientific endeavor is a good indication why there has been divisive debate between Faith and Science. Both seek to deal with the search for Truth through Reason. Though they often do not agree, the existence of both stimulates the full human mental process – combining the functions of the left and right brain hemispheres. The chances of yielding positive results in scientific inquiry and the things of beauty and faith, are greatly increased in a full-mental process environment at the individual and communal levels.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why it is easy for “progressives” to pick up on one unproven idea, however well meaning, and draw seriously flawed conclusions from it. It wouldn’t really matter if they weren’t so determined to force their inane ideas on the rest of us – at our expense, especially that of solid science. Pity the scientist who is forced to reach pre-conceived conclusions in order to gain funding.


 todd fig 1

Following is a chart of the three sets of three stages of how we tend to Think, Act and Operate.  It starts at the top and works down, all with predictable cause and effect results. 

todd fig 2

Finance is always important, but as master or servant? Both will always be profitable to the banker and investor. The question for beauty is it to be prime in our living environment or in the sewer of debt and depravity? We as a nation and a world do have choices.

There is little joy in being dominated by finance – currency manipulation, taxes, rates, and hedging, but much when it is first guided by beauty and its Author. The American experiment is the greatest example of achievement potential in history. That is because her founding documents are rooted first in beauty with the solid ethics of the Constitution and the logical protection of the Bill of Rights.

Fundamentally all three boil down to what dominates the field of science – finance or beauty? Which gives the scientist, the child or the politician the most freedom and the brightest future?

[1] P = Prosperity; T = How we Think; A = How we Act; O = How we Operate. There are 3 Cause and Effect elements in each that are prioritized in different cultures. The ideal orders are those shown. (The “formula” shown is more decorative than definable – designed to illustrate how a change in attitude can result in a change in results and the challenges and joys that come with discovery, development and application.)


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    I don’t see lending practices changing much, except usury would be under better control.The key is the creation of new money by spending it into existence against true value, not forcing the Value Creators to pay interest (Tribute) for the privilege.

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    Thanks for your interesting observation. I hope with healthy exchanges, I can make my points more clearly.

    First, IMHO science and religion are both in a quest for Truth. We owe it to both to allow them their calling – maybe even learning something from the other. The key point is to act on what works. In the case of the founding of the American system that proved to be the most prolific scientifically, there is a humble acknowledgement that men are not gods and that there is a higher motivating Power. That same Power enlivens the spirit of man to be generous to one another in time of need. That too is a hallmark of the American religion – too often in spite of her governing class.

    Second, socialism is the last thing I would proffer as a solution to any problem. Governments have proven its failure time and again at the cost of millions of lives. Nazism and Marxism are classic examples. Placing Subsidiarity ahead of Solidarity implies personal responsibility – the exact opposite of the ever popular Entitlement of the socialist norm. The follow on in the Subsidiarity-Solidarity sequence is Chaos. That is the chaos of unexpected or unplanned discovery or meeting, leading to the harmony of perfected technologies and methodologies that serve us well.

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    In brief- another exhortation for science to serve religion, and capitalism to serve socialism. There are many fine sounding phrases here, but Beauty is not Truth.

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